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Top 10 Most Popular Meal Providers in Australia – August 2019

UPDATED ON Jul 12, 2022

It’s interesting to see what meal providers people search for online as it’s a reflection of how popular the brands are. Here’s our data for August 2019 based on Google search volume for the past month.

Brand only

RankProviderMonthly SearchesTypeAudience
1Youfoodz97,000Ready to eatEveryone
2Marley Spoon40,000Meal kitEveryone
3HelloFresh34,000Meal kitEveryone
4My Muscle Chef7,700Ready to eatFitness
5Muscle Meals6,700Ready to eatFitness
6Be Fit Food6,100Ready to eatFitness
7Dinnerly5,400Meal kitEveryone
8Dinner Ladies3,900Ready to eatEveryone
9Macros3,800Ready to eatFitness
10Dietlicious3,200Ready to eatFitness
10THR1VE3,200Ready to eatFitness

We should point out that these do not include variations of the search i.e. HelloFresh & Hello Fresh are different. The search volumes in this table is exactly what is returned using the provider names listed in the table.

Review searches

RankProviderMonthly SearchesTypeAudience
1Youfoodz Review2,600Ready to eatEveryone
2Marley Spoon Review1,400Meal kitEveryone
3My Muscle Chef Review400Ready to eatFitness
4Dinnerly Review150Ready to eatFitness
5Be Fit Food Review150Ready to eatFitness
6Dietlicious Review150Ready to eatEveryone
7Gym Food Australia Review200Ready to eatFitness
8HelloFresh Review250Meal kitEveryone
9Soulara Review150Meal kitEveryone
10THR1VE Review150Ready to eatFitness

Review searches is also an interesting one, and again there is a difference between HelloFresh Review & HelloFresh Reviews (plural). We chose Review as it contained more searches overall.

Discount code searches

RankProviderMonthly SearchesTypeAudience
1Youfoodz Discount Code3,200Ready to eatEveryone
2HelloFresh Discount Code150Meal kitEveryone
3Marley Spoon Discount Code150Meal kitEveryone
4My Muscle Chef Discount Code80Ready to eatFitness
5Be Fit Food Discount Code60Ready to eatFitness
6Dinner Twist Discount Code50Ready to eatFitness
7Eat Fit Food Discount Code50Ready to eatEveryone
8Gym Food Australia Discount Code20Ready to eatFitness

There’s a bunch of different modifiers that can be used. i.e. HelloFresh Discounts, HelloFresh Codes, HelloFresh Coupons etc. The following table shows all the keywords based on the more common Discount Code keyword modifier.

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George Zhu
George Zhu
Digital marketer. Gains and cuts the same weight every year.
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George Zhu
George Zhu
Digital marketer. Gains and cuts the same weight every year.
Have a question? Contact us