User Reviews (19)

Kel G.02 Jul 2020
4.1 /502 Jul 2020
I enjoy the lack of nasties and preservatives that they use, recyclable containers and variety slash macro combos. Not just bulked out with sauce and green beans. Many options let you put sauce on yourself which I love.
Claudia P.27 Apr 2020
3.4 /527 Apr 2020
Pretty good experience - easy to pick the meals & plan wanted, good varieties to pick from. The only issue I had was the amount of packaging! The cooler boxes the meals come in don’t get taken back by the company, and they’re pretty hefty to be throwing out 1 or 2 a week. I wish they were recyclable or taken back for reusing 👍
Krystyna E.18 Apr 2020
3.5 /518 Apr 2020
First delivery missed two meals. Only deliver once a week so I had the two meals refunded on my next order. Quality is good and they look after dietary requirements when most other meal prep companies don’t.
Grace F.31 Mar 2020
3.1 /531 Mar 2020
I was attracted to macros from good reviews from fitness instagram influencers; their sustainable packaging and healthy appeal. I was disappointed by the really bland recipes. I really believe healthy food doesn’t need to be bland. Most of the time it was meat and 3 Veg with no flavour - for example their buttery beef strips - were beef chunks with no seasoning , potato and beans with a horrible sauce. Wouldn’t purchase again.
George C.18 Mar 2020
4.4 /518 Mar 2020
post transplant patient in north west tasmania very time poor to cook meals. found this great service online with good reviews. gave them a go thus serive loads of info about whats in their meals and dietary info too. haven't look back repeat customer. thanks macros
Nicole L.10 Mar 2020
4.5 /510 Mar 2020
The variety of meals is amazing and being able too control the portion size and fat, carb, protein and calories is great. Also the option to pause your delivery and restart when ever you like is a bonus!
M U.19 Feb 2020
2.6 /519 Feb 2020
The chicken was plain and on many occasions very dry. There was not enough flavour on the chicken, just a bit of seasoning could’ve been good since some sauces made me feel sick. The meals only would last in my fridge for about 4-5 days which wasn’t enough when I didn’t want to have food arriving twice a week. The red meat provided by Macros was of a poor quality, it always had quite large sections of fat in it and on many occasions, so dry that I couldn’t eat it. I’m not very picky with meat as I will often eat the parts that no one else will eat, it this was not possible to eat.
Sophie D.12 Feb 2020
2.9 /512 Feb 2020
Some of the meals were great, sone were difficult to eat due to tough, dry meat and undigestible green beans. Unlike other providers, the meat needed to be cut with a knife which can be messy with the small plastic containers. Not enough sauces which made some meals quite dry and sometimes bland. Sauces or dressings were inside the container in separate plastic containers when included which was messy. Some meals weren’t big enough, they are smaller than MMC meals
Dakota S.12 Feb 2020
3.6 /512 Feb 2020
Love my meals, but the only thing is I dislike they go off with still a day to go until I get more delivered. Shows how fresh they are though! Otherwise heaps of variety considering I’m ceoliac and the gluten free options are so tasty.
Natalie S.08 Feb 2020
2.0 /508 Feb 2020
Every meal tasted pretty much the same. I was starving after every meal. Never again. They also don’t have much of a variety or an option for breakfasts. That would have been helpful.
Natalie K.08 Feb 2020
3.3 /508 Feb 2020
I liked the convenience of having meals delivered each week. I think some more options in regard to lower carb meals would be nice. I ultimately stopped using this because of the plastic waste in the individual meals but also in the delivery box and freezer bricks.
Ana M.06 Feb 2020
3.5 /506 Feb 2020
I loved that the foods came clearly printed with calories, macros and ingredients. Simple and tasty foods but didnt seem repetitive like others. Great choices and great sizes! Would definitely buy again! You could see through the top of the package to see the yummy meal within!
Sarah S.05 Feb 2020
4.4 /505 Feb 2020
So delicious! Sri Lankan curry (pictured) was so full of flavour and just the right size! I did a lot of research into meal prep companies and this lot had such a great variety of foods with excellent numbers so I was very comfortable choosing from the selection. I was not disappointed!
Valentina D.05 Feb 2020
3.1 /505 Feb 2020
The food was delicious the first week but their wasn't that much variety in meals and after the second week, I got really sick of the meals. The macros were great and really easy to scan into a food tracker app. The portions were okay but sometimes I needed 2 meals for a main meal. they felt like they were snack size options. fresh veggies were used but needed more veggies.
Jackie C.05 Feb 2020
3.9 /505 Feb 2020
I first tried Macros 6 months ago as a part of my weight loss journey. I found the meals to be convenient as I work full time and train after work, I don't have the time to meal prep. I also found them to be affordable and it has helped me with my diet as I can still have those foods with the higher carbs but they are proportioned so it won't affect my weight loss.
Michelle G.05 Feb 2020
3.7 /505 Feb 2020
Good variety of meals as long as you eat meat, not many options for vegan/plant-based. Caters to dietary requirements and provides ability to filter by dietary requirement which makes it much easier to find the right meals. Great flavour and quality of food. Have continued to order from this company for a few months now.
Lauren R.05 Feb 2020
3.4 /505 Feb 2020
Positives - Good variety, transparent ingredients without numbers and weird stuff, good customer servicenNegatives - Not enough vegies in the meals, meat is not great quality in some, no full breakdown of micronutrients which would be helpful.
Ben M.21 Jan 2020
3.6 /521 Jan 2020
Meals are quite fresh and clean, can't fault them if you want plain and simple. Some meals aren't as good as the name suggests / photos show and you can get over having the same ones if you forget the change your meal plan. Hate the subscription factor and how long you need to book and advance.