User Reviews (17)

Grant M.02 Jul 2020
5.0 /502 Jul 2020
I am a very happy first time customer, highly recommended. Especially if you are looking for fresh, good size portions that really taste great! I have given serval preprep meals company's a go! though Core Foods are well above other well known brands, awesome quality with plenty of choices. Cheers, will be a repeat customer for sure 😁!!
Sachini W.20 Feb 2020
5.0 /520 Feb 2020
LMP have always provided amazing food and help me keep track of a healthy diet! Love their variety and flavours. Will always recommend LMP for anyone wanting great choice and taste
Rodney N.20 Feb 2020
5.0 /520 Feb 2020
So started using Lifestyle Meal prep after a recommendation from a friend. Absolutely love the variety of the meals and the quantity at the price point is very reasonable. Deliveries are convenient and everything is packed nicely. My favourite meals are the ones with sliced beef, it's so tasty and tender.
Miguel R.17 Feb 2020
5.0 /517 Feb 2020
I love the service from the team at LMP. The flavours of meals definitely satisfies along with the convenience, and the variety of options. I have been regular with my orders, and definitely rate them as my favourite meal prepping service.
Sarah M.17 Feb 2020
5.0 /517 Feb 2020
I have tried other meal prep brands and nothing compares to Lifestyle Meal Prep. All the meals are delicious and tasty! My favourite is the Thai Basil Mince Pork, yummm! I like the fact that there are three different sizes to choose from. I usually get the medium size meals and it keeps me full. I also really enjoy the convenience of the rotational menu. The customer service is exceptional. Very prompt and friendly! Highly recommend!
Lauren E.17 Feb 2020
5.0 /517 Feb 2020
Cam P.16 Feb 2020
4.7 /516 Feb 2020
Lifestyle meal prep has provided me with tasty yet healthy food which has increased my Energy levels , helped with my skin issues and is helping achieve my goal on gaining muscle mass. Absolutely would recommend to give them a go as it also great value!
Tom D.14 Feb 2020
5.0 /514 Feb 2020
Have to say, I’ve tried other companies and Lifestyle meal prep suites me best. Their system works well for me, weekend deliveries, their cycling menu and also I can be picky, which they are always happy to customise meals for me. Definitely don’t see my self changing anytime soon. Thanks guys!
Lan N.14 Feb 2020
4.4 /514 Feb 2020
Lifestyle Meal Prep has been a real game changer for me and my diet. I've struggled to eat well for quite some time due to getting sick of meals but with lifestyle meal prep the variety and quality of the ingredients are amazing. The meals leave me full and satisfied and i look forward to my meala being delievered each week. The team are super friendly and knowledgeable and have been assisting me on my journey for some time. Would honestly recommend
Carmen L.14 Feb 2020
5.0 /514 Feb 2020
I have been ordering LMP for last 9 months and it’s made my life and staying on track so much easier. There’s a lot of asian flavours which I love. Their rotational menu is so easy I don’t even think which meals I need to pick and order. There delivery is always prompt too, quick response time when asking for an ETA. Highly recommend :)
Peter D.13 Feb 2020
5.0 /513 Feb 2020
The meals were exactly what I needed to watch my diet. The natural sources of protein and freshly used ingredients made me only want to order more and eat more constantly.
Chloe D.13 Feb 2020
4.3 /513 Feb 2020
Michael H.13 Feb 2020
5.0 /513 Feb 2020
Lifestyle Meal Prep (LMP) is an absolutely awesome meal prep service in Melbourne! I have been with a couple of other providers in the past and they don't even compare with LMP. LMP offers a rotating menu that keeps you eating different things each week. Furthermore, they are able to cater to your specific requirements or adjustments to their menu, for me for example, I asked if they can provide substitute white rice for brown rice instead. They also offer free delivery right to your door on top of the awesome meals. The meals are absolutely affordable for those that are on a budget. I also loved the fact that they offered a service during the bushfire crisis to help clients deliver donated goods to FoodBank Vic and they even donated part of their profits to help those in need during a time of crisis.
Anthea R.13 Feb 2020
5.0 /513 Feb 2020
Best meals I’ve ever had!! Every single meal I love and I love the way they change the menu every week. They make dieting and sticking to your macros so easy!
Andrew C.13 Feb 2020
5.0 /513 Feb 2020
The provider has fantastic source of food variety and hits the macros and healthy standards. Delivery is always on time and great packaging. Also they are great to talk to regards to what you want in your dietary requirements!
George Z.05 Feb 2020
4.8 /505 Feb 2020
These are like hearty homestyle meals with controlled macros. This is the 3rd week now and loving all the rice based dishes. I’ve recommended a lot of people i know to try them 👍