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Chrystal M.Today
4.9 /5Today
Hello fresh have been amazing if something was not in season would send great products in replacement or if something was missing (this only happened once over 13weeks of meals) refunded straight away. The meal variety shows easy and simple meals through to complex tastes which have become house hold favourites. Would 100% keep going.
Rebecca R.07 Aug 2020
4.1 /507 Aug 2020
I love the food, everything is delicious. The only issue is sometimes on a weeknight after working all day it's a bit too much work. I use several of the recipes now when I have time to cook.
Joanna M.06 Aug 2020
3.6 /506 Aug 2020
Good variety of food options generous portion size. Was disappointed with the quality of fresh good provided with quite a few vegetables mouldy. This ultimately led me to cancel my subscription.
Ava N.06 Aug 2020
4.0 /506 Aug 2020
Becc N.05 Aug 2020
3.1 /505 Aug 2020
I have had a few issues with the quality and freshness of vegetables in the meals I receive in this kit. Customer service is usually pretty responsive - they tend to provide a credit if something is wrong, however this doesn't help when ingredients are missing/rotten and are not replaced. The meals themselves are quite nice, a lot of garlic is used in pretty much every recipe. They're not too difficult to make and lately I've been seeing a lot more new meals that I haven't seen before - I previously took a break from the subscription because every few weeks I was seeing similar or the same meals, or very bland options.
Courtenay Z.05 Aug 2020
3.5 /505 Aug 2020
Easy to select, order and prepare, love the concept, but the meals are actually quite high in calories with minimal fresh vegetables in most, so many breads, meats and cheeses, that type of thing
Daniel T.05 Aug 2020
3.1 /505 Aug 2020
Decent food, a bit too much packaging. The variety wasn’t bad but could see the repetition after a few weeks. The protein size wasn’t great - esp for fish. Lots of chicken dishes.
Mitch S.05 Aug 2020
4.2 /505 Aug 2020
Thought the food was really good and interesting. Great variety and easy to follow recipes. The portion control was on point, but thought the packaging could be more environmentally friendly.
Julie N.04 Aug 2020
4.8 /504 Aug 2020
Courtney B.04 Aug 2020
4.3 /504 Aug 2020
A great company,always happy when i get my delivery. Tasty meals and lots of variety. They have snacks and brownies for a extra snack to add on also 👍. I. Would like more seafood options tho as i really love all seafood 😋
Amanda S.04 Aug 2020
3.8 /504 Aug 2020
We absolutely love the convince of hello fresh. The meals are always delicious and the whole family loves it and we all jump in and help cook. Makes it easy to decide what to have from the list each week. That was always the most daunting part of dinner time is deciding what to have and thats no longer a problem with Hello Fresh
K W.03 Aug 2020
2.6 /503 Aug 2020
I like that the recipes were simple and the extra things that I needed (utensils, ingredients) were mostly things I had. The ingredients were wilted and extremely old (I had sweet potatoes that had sat in a shopping bag for 3 weeks that were far fresher than their ones!) I didn't hear the delivery arrive, in spite of being near my door the entire time, so when I checked at the end of the delivery time slot, some of the fridge ingredients were room temperature in spite of being in a special cool bag.
Isabella R.03 Aug 2020
4.4 /503 Aug 2020
I’ve used hello fresh a few times now and I really enjoy how many meals there are to pick from. The ingredients are fresh and the seasonings are very tasty. There’s lots of options like balanced, vegetarian, low carb, family friendly etc
Kelly H.02 Aug 2020
4.1 /502 Aug 2020
lisa H.01 Aug 2020
4.5 /501 Aug 2020
It saves me money as Im not wasting ingredients or going to the shops everyday to get one thing for dinner and spending $80 dollars. The meals are great. Would recommend to families like mine.
Elizabeth H.31 Jul 2020
3.7 /531 Jul 2020
Great variety in meals and great taste. Can be quite high calories at times, excessive use of oil and butter. Could be a lot more environmentally friendly, decreasing unneeded packaging.
FARHANA I.30 Jul 2020
5.0 /530 Jul 2020
I absolutely love hello fresh! So convenient to come home and cook the dinners with family ! Lots of options, creative flavours, fresh ingredients and always fulfilling! Large portion sizes, delicious!
Tory D.30 Jul 2020
3.7 /530 Jul 2020
Really liked the simplicity of the meals and the ethos of protein, carb and veggies. I would usually add a lot more veggies to my meals though and have at least 4. Usually 1-2 veggies each meal
Marija B.29 Jul 2020
3.8 /529 Jul 2020
Ingredients were fresh, food was delicious, and the convenience factor of not having to think or plan meals was the best part! Everyone in the family enjoyed the meals, no complainers. Arrived on time.
Yiying W.29 Jul 2020
4.1 /529 Jul 2020
If it wast for discount I wouldn’t try. They food quality is good and fresh, however price is not cheap. I can buy more food with the amount of money I paid
Courtney H.27 Jul 2020
4.1 /527 Jul 2020
The meals were delicious I just don’t have time everyday to cook, loves the variety and how cost effective it was. I’m single person so the meals had enough for my lunches the next day.
Kai Bin L.27 Jul 2020
3.6 /527 Jul 2020
Food items shipped to my door with instructions and cooking guide provided. I like the items are for 2 and they provided a discount for first time purchase. The ingredients were fresh and packed neatly in containers. However the paper bags used were not visually appealing.
Belynda H.27 Jul 2020
4.0 /527 Jul 2020
Meal variety and taste was fabulous. Save time on shopping minimal produce waste.Dont need to search for recipes to please family with gourmet taste Downside is occasional produce damage. Lots of packaging and veggies have short lifespan compared to those provided by my usual fruit and veg delivery company It is not cheap but I like the recipe cards . I don't want a digital recipe and cheaper companies recipes did not appeal to me after the fancier ones from Hello fresh spoilt me.
Julie W.26 Jul 2020
4.1 /526 Jul 2020
Great company to deal with any mistakes with the order and they credit you dollars 💵. A lil expensive once its full price but usually share codes so works out reasonable price in the end. Dishes are healthy and tadte great
Claudia B.26 Jul 2020
3.1 /526 Jul 2020
It was good but lots of packaging ! It could also be a bit cheaper for what it is but the price is okay. Also delivery times are a bit odd !