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Courtney Q.Today
3.6 /5Today
Easy and convenient. Made cooking easy for once. Can be a little pricey but good for meal ideas as well! Good to skip some weeks to fit schedule. Tasty meals with good variety
Caitlin P.11 Jul 2020
4.0 /511 Jul 2020
Loved the recipes, great variety for vegetarians! However, there is so much excess plastic! Would love to see a more earth-friendly packaging style. Food was usually very fresh, and when I did receive produce that was not fresh, HelloFresh were quick to apologise and appease the situation. Very happy with their customer service.
Melissa M.10 Jul 2020
4.0 /510 Jul 2020
Meals are lovely tasty and delicious but it’s certainly not worth the full price that is charged. I only purchase when special price or deals available. The meal cards are handy to recreate the meals also
ciara H.10 Jul 2020
3.5 /510 Jul 2020
It was really good to start with, very easy to follow meals but after a few weeks constantly items were missing and the quality of produce went down. Even though when you complain they will compensate you a few dollars here and there is affected the meals.
Mea G.09 Jul 2020
3.6 /509 Jul 2020
Phoebe H.08 Jul 2020
4.0 /508 Jul 2020
Couldn’t find my address and tried again every day for a week.. ended up just giving me a refund No vegan options only vegetarian and a lot of ingredient repeats
Jordan B.08 Jul 2020
4.5 /508 Jul 2020
The meals offered by HelloFresh have a wide variety and I like how the instructions are easy to follow. Most meals are simple to cook and the ingredients come always fresh. With discount codes you get good value for money. Delivery is excellent; always on time and the packaging is great for keeping all refrigerated items cold. Love it ! They could improve on giving the option to choose to skip or pause meals on a month-to-month basis, rather than only allowing to skip 3 weeks in advance.
Sarah C.08 Jul 2020
4.2 /508 Jul 2020
Food is great and fresh, always tasty. Excellent variety each week on the menu. Options are healthy also, meals are often packed with veggies which is great. Downside is there is often a lot of preparation and cleaning afterwards
Jessie W.07 Jul 2020
4.1 /507 Jul 2020
Fantastic experience, learned so many new cooking techniques and tried foods I wouldn’t usually choose for myself. Excellent customer service and easy to use app. Love the way you have access to all the recipes via the app so I can cook my past favourites that are no longer available. Very rare but sometimes veggies are not so fresh, but usually not a problem. 9.5/10 intend on continuing to order for a while.
Kerry S.06 Jul 2020
2.9 /506 Jul 2020
It wasn't as easy as hoped for. The sauces and other items they called pantry goods weren't supplied. I expected all items needed for the meals to be Included.
Jade P.06 Jul 2020
2.5 /506 Jul 2020
Poor value for what you pay. Ingredients do not last long at all. After the 2nd day veggies are limp etc. taste is okay but could be better. Expect you to have uncommon ingredients on hand for some recipes. Some recipes are very involved and take much longer than the time they state
Grace H.02 Jul 2020
4.1 /502 Jul 2020
I really loved my Hello Fresh experience. I loved how easy it was to change meals on the website, loved the delivery, and loved the taste of meals plus how easy it made it to try out new recipes! The only thing holding me back from ordering regularly is the cost (its very expensive without a discount code). I wish you could see in advance what recipes were on offer for the coming week so that you could pick & choose your weeks based on food offered.
Zachary K.02 Jul 2020
4.0 /502 Jul 2020
I got the 5 meals of 2 servings package, a good selection of around 15 - 20 meals was available. One of the sauce containers had been damaged in transit, but on contacting Hellofresh they provided a 10 dollar discount for the next delivery. The meals were all quite good, recipe instructions are clear and easy, and you can keep the recipes to make during weeks you don't order. 8/10
Linda C.02 Jul 2020
3.8 /502 Jul 2020
The meals were exceptionally tasty and very well sized. Following the recipe cards to the letter seemed to make preparation a lot longer and caused a lot more dishes. A lot of oil used in recipes
bevis L.02 Jul 2020
4.3 /502 Jul 2020
i used hello fresh for a trial period and found it quite good but missed my old meals i will use them again once the winter is over thanks hello fresh
Aydan C.02 Jul 2020
2.8 /502 Jul 2020
Although the ingredients are fresh and the meals are easy to make, there is way too much plastic packaging and the cost for 3 meals a week being $120 a week. It is not cost effective at all and that is why i have stopped using them
Ramona M.17 Jun 2020
4.1 /517 Jun 2020
HelloFresh has great variety to choose from and really delicious meals. Unfortunately there’s still a bit of packaging to go to landfill but a fair bit is recyclable. The portion sizes are more than satisfactory and they provide the right amount of ingredients for minimal food waste. A few time’s though there has been items missing.
Sam M.16 Jun 2020
3.1 /516 Jun 2020
Way to much packaging way to much olastic, also some. Meals plain and simple that I could cook for less myself so some meals I beleive were expensive for whsg they were
Caitlin R.16 Jun 2020
3.8 /516 Jun 2020
I tried HelloFresh because someone I knew bought it and HelloFresh gave them the option to “gift” a week of free meals to someone to try. I ended up getting five meals (two serves each meal) at about $110 for free which I loved but would never ever pay. In comparison I pay $80/week on my grocery shop to feed two people all their meals for a week. So, value for money was very poor. Packing was very impressive, reusable, recyclable, not overpackaged but an option to return the freezer packs would be good. Someone else I know gets HelloFresh every single week and their freezer is just exploding with freezer packs. As for the food, through the magic of there being two people in my household, we did the free trial twice. Once vegetarian as we like to eat vegetarian three times a week and once non-vegetarian. I was honestly really impressed with the food both times. Was every single meal a winner? No, but they were diverse and enjoyable and most of the time quite good. As for customer service we had one instance where the delivery people were a bit rough with the package and some things were broken. We contacted customer service in hope of replacements - they could not do that but ended up issuing us with $11 credit to our account which I thought was more than fair for the two small items that were broken. As for delivery, we opted for Wednesday morning delivery but noticed that both times our package arrived just after midnight, so I guess technically Wednesday morning but I don’t love the food just sitting in my driveway until morning. Recipes? Easy to follow, sometimes a little off (stir fry this broccoli for two minutes - broccoli is still rock hard) but I loved that they came with nutritional information. Ingredients: a lot of mistakes, one recipe called for a red onion and I was supplies a brown. One called for two medium sweet potatoes, I was supplied with two very small ones. Portion sizes: surprisingly huge despite that.
ANNA H.16 Jun 2020
3.6 /516 Jun 2020
They were ok. They had a promo that said we would have 3 boxes for $30 each (from what I recalled) and when it got to the last box we were charged more. We couldn't be bothered contacted them to get a refund so we stopped using them.
Heather B.16 Jun 2020
4.9 /516 Jun 2020
Perfect solution when we had our first baby and needed easy, fast and healthy dinners. Was ideal not having to shop for dinner items and enjoyed every meal. Bon appetite!
Marion L.16 Jun 2020
4.0 /516 Jun 2020
Fantastic food, large meals, quite complex recipes. More gourmet so not overly suitable for children, relatively expensive although the quality of the meals was worth it. Not overly environmentally friendly, recipe cards rather than online and each meal separately packaged so lots of packaging. Big meals so some wastage in mybhome
Isabelle D.16 Jun 2020
3.7 /516 Jun 2020
Ingredients are always fresh and recipes are tasty. It's definitely more expensive than you would pay for the same stuff at the grocery store but I feel it's worth it to not have to worry about what to cook. There is a lot of plastic packaging, which is the one downside.
Sarah J.16 Jun 2020
3.5 /516 Jun 2020
This service definitely helped in terms of providing healthy and pretty easy meals for my family. The garlic rice recipe was especially my favourite and we cook it at least once a week.
Samantha D.16 Jun 2020
4.8 /516 Jun 2020