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Em M.12 Jul 2020
3.7 /512 Jul 2020
I buy these when on special for work lunches. Taste is great especially the smoky meatballs. They are high on the carb count though. The vegan protein should be packaged differently to more easily identify it. Takes the work out of macro calcs and I can work the rest of my day around it.
Karla A.11 Jul 2020
3.8 /511 Jul 2020
Haven’t ordered from Core powerfoods before but was enticed by their $6.60 meal promotion. Their “going nuts” is perfect as a yummy post-workout meal and the naked chicken is great for a satiating meal that helps me stick to my calories goals. The delivery was on time and easy, ordering was super easy. Just wish their was slightly more range but I’ve already ordered again!
Kirsty S.10 Jul 2020
5.0 /510 Jul 2020
Core Foods have the most flavoured meals which are so delicious and even better they are healthy. Perfect serving for lunch and dinner but just love the variety to choose from
Chris D.09 Jul 2020
3.5 /509 Jul 2020
Although they have a very limited range I found the meals to be quite tasty and certainly fit when counting macros. The pizzas were fantastic and the delivery turn around was quick.
Ryan M.09 Jul 2020
3.8 /509 Jul 2020
Luke H.08 Jul 2020
3.3 /508 Jul 2020
Meals are possibly some of the most affordable out there. Variety is limited, as you also get 6 x whatever flavour your choose so if you don't like it then you've got a bunch to deal with. Overall food was decent, but it's very much your typical gym-bro style meals of meat / rice / veg. Delivery was super fast, it actually came a day or two before the advised delivery window, which wasn't a problem for me but might be for some. The delivery tracking was real janky though, didn't send through until after I'd already received my meals and seems to be tracking for someone else's delivery.
Maksim V.07 Jul 2020
3.7 /507 Jul 2020
The meals are good and most of them are filling enough. I found that many other providers such as youfoodz have Toby portions barely enough for babies. Excellent promo 18 meals for $99. But delivery was really bad. They just left it on the street outside of the APARTMENT building... and didn’t even bother to notify or call intercom.
Cameron B.06 Jul 2020
4.4 /506 Jul 2020
Quick delivery and great to get to taste so many different flavours. $6.60 per meal was reasonable and the meals were convenient. 7 mins in the microwave made life super easy for me and I’ll almost certainly buy again.
Andrew B.06 Jul 2020
3.6 /506 Jul 2020
Jodie K.04 Jul 2020
3.8 /504 Jul 2020
I have 2-3 meals of these a day, consistent always. I buy them from coles but would prefer if they would deliver to my area. I read a lot of bad reviews about salmonella etc but I haven’t had any issues and have found their food very high quality.
Robert Q.02 Jul 2020
4.0 /502 Jul 2020
Was hoping for them to expand their range and then found out they had added more flavours a few days after so that is a good positive, maybe they could make the pizzas microwaveable and not oven bake as the rest of the range is microwave friendly for ease
Melissa M.02 Jul 2020
4.4 /502 Jul 2020
Great service and great price with delivery same week we are eating for the week ahead. My teenage son loves these so they go twice as quick but I’m happy he’s eating well
Madeline P.02 Jul 2020
4.9 /502 Jul 2020
My god, I tried out the core powerfoods from Coles, and never have I had a meal that was in my macros that tasted like a cheat meal! Hooly dooly. AMAZING!
Rick M.02 Jul 2020
4.4 /502 Jul 2020
They are actually quite tasty and branded well, if you want to see what it looks like just head to YouTube. Core Power Foods review, I’ve started reviewing them this week!
Jason M.02 Jul 2020
5.0 /502 Jul 2020
Core power foods meals are amazing, Great price advertised at the moment, 18 meals for $99. The protien content is so high that's why I chose them, I did not expect to enjoy them at all but every meal really does taste fantastic! Great service and quick delivery!
Ash J.02 Jul 2020
3.5 /502 Jul 2020
Christien B.02 Jul 2020
3.2 /502 Jul 2020
Very basic macro based meals. Not the greatest and sometimes a bit "hit and miss". For the price (around $7) not bad when you just need something to chow down on that's clean and simple. You could definitely make it at home for a fraction of the price but it's convenient when stocked at the gym.
Daniel B.02 Jul 2020
3.8 /502 Jul 2020
It was great value for me since I used one of the deals I saw advertised on Facebook. Excellent, clean, well portioned meals. Still eating the Moroccan lamb pizzas and loving them.
Wei Han L.02 Jul 2020
3.7 /502 Jul 2020
I am an aspiring mens physique competitor and their $ 99 for 3 cartons; each consisting of 6 boxes really piqued my curiosity to see if this could be a convenient alternative to constant cooking during the preparation to obtain my trophy 😁
Wei Han L.02 Jul 2020
3.7 /502 Jul 2020
I really enjoyed the fact that the macronutrients for most of their meals were quite stringent, i think most apposite to individuals engaged in contest prep, like myself. There wasn't a diversity of options which I simply found amusing to be well adapted to my requirements during contest prep as a method to curb any inquisitiveness to indulge.
Susan S.16 Jun 2020
2.3 /516 Jun 2020
I thought I had found a convenient meal for work that fits the requirements of my keto diet. And it would have been fine, I am sure. But for the fact that I followed the cooking directions on the pack (even adjusted by cooking for one minute less, for our microwave, as the packet did not mention a wattage for cooking times). Unfortunately the result was chicken that could have been mummified and been juicier and veges that were so soft they were like mush.
Sam S.23 May 2020
5.0 /523 May 2020
These guys have finally figured out how to make frozen meals taste home made. Do yourself a favour and try Deep South Chilli, Holy Meatballs and Going nuts- you can thank me later!
Jim P.21 May 2020
5.0 /521 May 2020
These guys tick all the boxes for me, great quality meals, super helpful customer service and fast delivery. My favorite if you are looking to try them is holy meatballs for sure!!
David J.19 May 2020
5.0 /519 May 2020
Took a chance on a frozen meal, will be buying this again every week! Tastes like home cooking but with the hassle -best back up for staying on track with my goals!
Simon P.19 May 2020
5.0 /519 May 2020
These meals are a game changer for me- I was spending more money on food when I was prepping than if I eat these for lunch and dinner, and I get half my weekend back!!