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Corinne H.Today
4.5 /5Today
Decided to try dinnerly whilst hubby was away with work for a few weeks. Great tasting products and enough variety to cater to a legume intolerance (harder to cater for than it sounds!) Still using dinnerly now that hubby is home and it's encouraged him to try new things - no mean feat 😝
Emma G.05 Aug 2020
3.8 /505 Aug 2020
I like how it was packed, less packaging than other meal deliveries. Simple recipes that don’t take too long. Could have a little more flavour though. More reasonably priced than other companies especially with the discount I received off the first few boxes.
Hollie M.05 Aug 2020
3.0 /505 Aug 2020
Meat is cheap cuts eg beef strips, chewy and hard to eat. Veggies aren’t the freshest. Fills you up with cheap carbs (rice, cous cous etc). Some really nice meals. Some very bland. Some small servings (burgers literally 1 burger) then the pizzas they give you 2 each so not super consistent. Good while it’s cheap at introductory price but don’t think it’s worth it at full price
Amy A.03 Aug 2020
2.5 /503 Aug 2020
The food for the whole week was just dumped in the box. Not sorted into daily meals and there were no menu cards so unless you had your device going the whole time you were just cooking blind really. It was terrible.
Jessica C.29 Jul 2020
3.5 /529 Jul 2020
There was a lot of plastic packaging - surely some things could go in paper. The vegetables lasted a long time which was a good sign of freshness. We ordered 3 dinner meals - the chicken tenderloins were barely enough for 2 let alone the intended 4 serves. The lamb mince was very fatty. We also had sausages and expected regular sausages but they were pre-boiled bratwurst which we would never have chosen if we knew that was included.
Sam H.15 Jul 2020
4.0 /515 Jul 2020
I liked the price and how everything is packaged - less plastic or nonrecyclable materials than other similar providers. I felt some meals were too simple or not enough food.
Ashleigh W.10 Jul 2020
2.6 /510 Jul 2020
I tried this as a cheaper alternative but it wasn’t worth it. I buy these meal delivery services for convenience but I would rather buy groceries myself if it’s just all in one box together and I need to look up the recipe on my phone.
Grave M.09 Jul 2020
2.6 /509 Jul 2020
Jessica R.09 Jul 2020
4.5 /509 Jul 2020
Dinnerly is by far the best meal prep box out ever! The produce is always fresh and delicious, any concerns and enquires are dealt with swiftly by the great staff who strive to satisfy their costumers.
Lilian Z.02 Jul 2020
2.8 /502 Jul 2020
Pros- - Cheapest of the meal prep boxes. - owned by Marley spoon and hello fairly reliable - Good for those who don't like having paper recipe cards (you need the app to get recipe instructions) - no issues with delivery Cons- -ingredients are all tossed in a box and you need to find the ones you need for a specific recipe. -you need to cut and clean veggies yourself. -bad for those who don't want to be constantly touching your phone as you cook (no recipe card). - food is not what I would consider healthy
Sylvia W.16 Jun 2020
3.6 /516 Jun 2020
Overall I am really happy with Dinnerly. It provides value for money meals and takes the stress out of menu planning each week. The deliveries arrive in a timely manner and have always included all of the ingredients. Would love to see a better quality beef and lamb mince provided to customers and perhaps introduce some fish based meals added to the mix.
Jo H.16 Jun 2020
3.6 /516 Jun 2020
I love the simplicity of dinnerly, but would like it if there was more variety in their vegetarian options. There are different recipes so it looks different, but the same core ingredients are used repeatedly.
Marion L.16 Jun 2020
4.2 /516 Jun 2020
I've found Dinnerly to be great quality for the price, amazing variety, simple recipes but can be a bit bland and smaller meal sizes than other providers. Good quality ingredients. Mainly recyclable packaging and not overly packaged (not individual meals like other providers) . Would recommend for family's as mist recipes are child friendly.
Samantha D.16 Jun 2020
3.1 /516 Jun 2020
Victoria D.03 Jun 2020
4.5 /503 Jun 2020
A great experience however I felt like having one or two vegetables per meal wasn’t enough for me. It was a very cheap kit, but have two vegetables in a stir fry for example just wasn’t enough to hit daily requirements
Renee C.18 May 2020
3.5 /518 May 2020
One of the cheapest options I've tried. I appreciate the non-inclusion of meal cards as a packaging-saving method, but it did mean regularly checking back on my phone while cooking. Individual meals weren't packaged, all ingredients were together. While this again reduces packaging, it makes meal prep less convenient and several bits of produce were damaged in transit.
Jehanna S.27 Apr 2020
2.6 /527 Apr 2020
We had ordered Dinnerly for about two months. In that time, 90% of the time it was delivered. On two occassions, the driver took it to the wrong address and one another occassion claimed he 'could not find the house' despite us having had orders before.
Brittany S.26 Apr 2020
3.6 /526 Apr 2020
I am used to the convenience of other meal delivery services like hello fresh and Marley spoon. It was a shock upon opening the box to realise Dinnerly doesn’t divide up the meals into bags or come with easy to use and reuse recipe cards. All in all much cheaper than the rest but definitely something to consider and a bit of a turn off tbh.
Jennifer C.26 Apr 2020
4.0 /526 Apr 2020
In terms of convenience, freshness and variety, you can’t go too wrong with Dinnerly. It was great to see a variety of meals and has given me some good inspo! The packaging is less than other meal delivery providers which is great to see, but I’m sure could be improved yet again to include more biodegradable products. Not as expensive as other boxes either, so more affordable to do more frequently.
Joanna L.24 Apr 2020
4.0 /524 Apr 2020
It’s cost effective, good portions and easy to cook with fresh ingredients provided. Efficient delivery and easy to communicate website. You get to gift someone a free box too!
Jamie H.23 Apr 2020
4.0 /523 Apr 2020
Rebecca H.22 Apr 2020
4.9 /522 Apr 2020
I liked that the portions were big enough for the family, sometimes enough for lunch the next day. The meals were suitable for young kids and could be adapted to be what they like. I liked the pricing as it was affordable and similar to what I would spend on family dinners from supermarkets
Sarah M.21 Apr 2020
3.2 /521 Apr 2020
Most ingredients are good but beef mince is consistently bad and vegetables are hit or miss if they last more than a few days. Spice packets are good and make the meals
Christie H.19 Apr 2020
3.1 /519 Apr 2020
Bon P.19 Apr 2020
3.6 /519 Apr 2020
The simplicity of dinnerly appealed to us, and the meals were great. The fresh produce and mostly minimal packaging was great. The meals were a little too simple for our style unfortunately.