User Reviews (20)

Aaron C.29 Mar 2020
3.6 /529 Mar 2020
I used their custom build for my meals this time around. You get to choose the types of animal and the exact portion, as well as all the different veg you want and how much of each. I chose 300g of peri peri grass fed beef with 450g broccoli, cauliflower and squash. Exactly what i wanted and tasted great.
Emilia M.02 Jul 2020
4.4 /502 Jul 2020
Great meal prep company to go through. I enjoyed the option of picking the sides you wanted to go with the protein, rather than having to have the sides allocated to each meal (e.g. you can pick between rice, rice + veggies or veggies as sides!). Price wise, about the same as other places, so I would order 2 weeks worth (freeze half) to save. I do recommend these meals.
Simmone C.15 Apr 2020
4.9 /515 Apr 2020
A full time mum, with 2 Businesses to Run, And very little time to meal prep or focus on controlled Eating. Finding the time to shop, cook & clean was hard and expensive. Having Food 4 Fitness meals delivered at my door, for the whole family, kids too, has been a money saving, time saver without any hassle all at the click of a button. It’s Fresh, Delicious and the variety to suit the Family including my 2 year old daughter. A healthy family is a happy family
George Z.23 Mar 2020
4.8 /523 Mar 2020
I ordered $200 worth of their signature meals and they are TASTY. If you have poor self discipline like me, you’ll end up eating more than you should and gain weight. I like how they have different containers for different meals. Some that separate the proteins with vegies. If you order 7 days worth of meals like I did, you probably need to freeze some - unless you eat them all in 4 days like me 😅 The lasagna and meatballs were my favourites.
Cara S.05 Mar 2020
5.0 /505 Mar 2020
I’m a single mum of a toddler and I work full time. Time is something I don’t have a whole lot of so having my meals made for me has saved me so much stress and rushing around trying to do groceries and prepping meals every night - it’s given me a lot more time to relax! The meals are tasty & fresh! Worth it!!
Ness H.02 Mar 2020
5.0 /502 Mar 2020
Food4fitness has made life so much easier - especially for someone like me who does shift work, and also competes! My comp prep meals are always ordered perfectly to my macros and amounts, meaning I get more time to relax and not spend hours in the kitchen twice a week preparing my food. Legit game changer for any competitor looking for a good meal prep company!
Adam W.02 Mar 2020
5.0 /502 Mar 2020
Justin W.29 Feb 2020
5.0 /529 Feb 2020
Quality, fresh meals that taste great, tailored to your exact macro requirements, with the convenience of being prepared for you and delivered to your door. Makes sticking to a meal plan very easy. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to everyone, regardless of your goal.
Maria T.28 Feb 2020
5.0 /528 Feb 2020
I have lost close to 70 kilos using Food 4 Fitness! The variety, convenience quality and value for money is unrivalled. I enthusiastically recommend them to everyone as they cater for everyone with their fully customisable options! I say without hesitation that Food 4 Fitness helped save my life and keep me on track with all my health and fitness goals as I also have Multiple Sclerosis and now feel the best I have felt in many years! Whatever your goals/ reasons are for seeking out a service such as this I can say with the utmost confidence all your expectations will be met and surpassed.
Lyndsay G.28 Feb 2020
5.0 /528 Feb 2020
Absolutely amazing! I Reccomend Food4fitness to all my clients, friends and family. Always fresh, delicious and make it so easy for me to stay on track with my macro goals. Highly reccomend 🤤
Nathan S.28 Feb 2020
5.0 /528 Feb 2020
Kristina A.28 Feb 2020
4.8 /528 Feb 2020
I am a fitness competitor who chooses a flexible dieting approach. I love F4F! the variety, convince and ability to build meals to suit my macros is exactly what I need!! A locally owned and run business to bring quality and tasty pre made meals to the market. AND - they deliver to CANBERRA!
Chad H.28 Feb 2020
4.8 /528 Feb 2020
I first tried these meals at a bodybuilding show. I was blown away by the flavour and how fresh it tasted. They dont taste like a reheated meal at all. Now i order them weekly to save time.
Paige T.28 Feb 2020
5.0 /528 Feb 2020
After trying multiple meal prep companies and being underwhelmed I was hesitant to trust a new company but I heard nothing but amazing reviews. I trusted Food4Fitness to prep my meals during my entire bodybuilding show prep, and I even went to the effort of weighing my portions to check the accuracy and I was blown away at how precise they were!! I love this company and how they aim to give 100% to every aspect from meal variety to quality of ingredients to delivery process. I highly respect and love this company and so do all my friends/clients I have recommended them to!
Jess S.28 Feb 2020
5.0 /528 Feb 2020
The best meal prep company! Always fresh, always tasty, always satisfied with my orders! Ordering is easy and I love the convenience of having so many meal options all delivered to my gym. I always recommend Food4fitness even for people who aren’t gym goers. My whole family loves the meals!
Christine R.28 Feb 2020
5.0 /528 Feb 2020
Food 4 fitness is seriously the best food company going around and I have tried a few! They have a huge variety and are always fresh !! The customised section is my favourite !!
Nat V.05 Feb 2020
4.1 /505 Feb 2020
They didn't have enough options at the time, so I was getting repeat meals, luckily I loved the herbed chicken. It wasn't macro balanced at the time but was tasty and convenient and the fish was good too
Michelle H.05 Feb 2020
5.0 /505 Feb 2020
Meals are all so delicious and plenty of variety so I never get bored. Each week the delivery and flavor is consistent and I love that they're fresh not frozen and you can heat and eat in under 2 minutes! It's an added bonus that they have dietary options too as I like to take breaks from Gluten & Dairy and the meals that cater for that are so good! I am not sure if I'd ever change from using them as my meal provider.