User Reviews (14)

Jessie N.10 Jul 2020
3.5 /510 Jul 2020
This was an affordable, healthy meal. It saved me cooking, however wasn’t big enough for me. I like more vegetables, but to be fair, I’m very active and eat a lot. It was tasty, fresh and convenient. I would recommend over takeaway.
Brenda H.07 May 2020
1.5 /507 May 2020
More than disappointing - expensive slop, for this price I do not expect my food to come pre-chewed. All of the meals I have had are like thick lumpy soup versions of the meal they are meant to be. Will never buy again, save you money and go with a different company!
Cathy S.09 Mar 2020
4.2 /509 Mar 2020
Be Fit food is so convenient. I have been to the Mornington store and it's always well stocked and the service is amazing. Bit more expensive but well worth it.
M R.26 Feb 2020
5.0 /526 Feb 2020
Yummy and healthy meals accompanied by free dietitian support when you purchase a program - it was fantastic to keep me on track! 9.5kg lost total after 3 weeks on Be Rapid!! I now jump back on the program every few months to maintain my weight loss along with my own healthy eating and I sometimes use the meals for a healthy dinner through the week! So easy and convenient
Alex B.26 Feb 2020
4.7 /526 Feb 2020
I buy their meals to have in the freezer for the days where I cannot be bothered cooking! The girls in their retail store in Mornington are always super helpful, and if I can't make it down there I can order online and have it delivered to my door. Very convenient and easy , if I ever have any grievances the customer service team are quick to help and always come through with a fantastic solution!
Zoe J.26 Feb 2020
4.3 /526 Feb 2020
Did Be Fit Foods Rapid weight loss program and lost 2.5kgs in a week! Continued to lose another 4kgs over the next month with just healthy eating and incorporating their meals as convenience 🤗
Michael R.22 Feb 2020
1.6 /522 Feb 2020
The Be Fit Food website was atrocious, I had to call to confirm that my order had gone through as there was no online confirmation or email receipt. The food itself was full of water, every meal was like a soup even when it was not supposed to be anything like a soup! The taste was very bland, they all had the same fridgey stale taste. I was particularly disappointed because the website made it out that these were fresh meals but they were actually frozen meals. Their customer service was terrible - a marketing person answered the phone and didn't know how to answer my questions. I was offered a $50 voucher for my troubles but then the website couldn't accept it and when I tried to call about that they sent me another of the same vouchers that also didn't work.
Jane S.19 Feb 2020
3.6 /519 Feb 2020
I understand that with convenience comes cost, however, their plans could be better priced. I can shop and prep all meals and snacks for far less and the difference in cost isn’t worth the convenience.
Adelle W.05 Feb 2020
3.1 /505 Feb 2020
Missed items from delivery, flavour was off and did not like frozen food. Impressed with the eco friendly packaging but not enough to make me go back. Ordering was a little confusing as well.
Clare S.05 Feb 2020
3.5 /505 Feb 2020
Some options taste really bad but when you find the ones you like it's great because they're so low calorie, fill you up and are full of veggies, low carb and low sodium
Marco B.21 Jan 2020
3.0 /521 Jan 2020
Pretty straightforward, nothing special, but nothing too bad either. The food was good and seemed healthy and appropriate for my fitness needs. I would try them again because of the service.
Tom A.21 Jan 2020
3.6 /521 Jan 2020
Food was good, fit my expectations and most importantly fit my tailored diet. Taste of the food was good, price was a bit high. Overall I would recommend them again.
Jessie N.21 Jan 2020
4.3 /521 Jan 2020
I'm very impressed. I do a lot of exercise and like to eat healthy and nutritious foods without compromising taste. This was the perfect option! It keep me full, gave me the energy I need to go about my day and tasted great. Would definitely recommend for those wanting healthy, convenient and nutritious food!
Lisa N.21 Jan 2020
3.3 /521 Jan 2020
Be fit foods caught my eye during my social media scrolling, in particular the range of healthy alternatives that the mela delivery service offered. With options for paleo, keto, and low-carb diets, as well as meals for those who suffer with dairy or nut allergies, it not only catered to my dietary requirements but also my husband. Determined to start and stick to a clean and healthy lifestyle, I gave it a go! nnThe menu regularly changes, meaning plenty of variety when it comes to meal time and hubby and I were not left bored! The choose of portion sizes is also offered to suit current lifestyle and personal appetites - one size does not fit all! This was great as I could control and adjust the sizes as I wanted! My husband has a larger appetite than me so this came in handy. Meals could also easily be mixed n matched which allowed me to choose and try a larger variety of food. Pricing was fair and affordable. nnIn terms of the quality and taste of food, it was variable. Some meals tasted good while others quite bland and boring. They did taste better than the awful u2018lean cuisine' microwaveable meals but nothing outstanding, however I shouldn't expect too much from pre-made meals! I am yet to find a service with meals as good as a freshly cooked lunch or dinner.