Warning We have received reports from our users this provider is not fulfilling orders since late January 2020 and looks like they have shut.

User Reviews (3)

Sarah H.05 Feb 2020
2.1 /505 Feb 2020
I ordered with them for the third time- I've loved them until today. Unfortunately today I went to pick up my order- now where to be found. They did not deliver it!!! I've tried to contact and they haven't got back to me. Crazy!! Do not order!!
Sarah H.21 Jan 2020
3.3 /521 Jan 2020
Fitness meals are plain meals filled with customisation. They offer a good variety but not necessarily super flavoursome. It's good that they offer add ons but they're not always super tasty. Generally quite simple.
George Z.13 Jan 2020
4.1 /513 Jan 2020
Always liked muscle meals for their variety and portion sizing. I'm not a fan of their new packaging and prefer the individually vacuum sealed approach they use to take, but I can see how it's reducing environmental impact.