User Reviews (2)

Clare W.16 Jun 2020
4.7 /516 Jun 2020
From the website to the customer service to the taste, Thrive is a great source for easy and great tasting nutritious meals. I have stated their 8 week program and along with the meals you receive a comprehensive booklet outlining nutrition (and not just about buying their foods) as well as exercise. I’m looking forward to seeing where I am in 8 weeks!
Rebecca L.24 May 2020
4.7 /524 May 2020
I have been eating thrive meals on and off for years, but recently over the last few months made the decision to order them weekly and I don’t regret it at all. The meals are so healthy, innovative and the flavour has really improved since they first started making meals. The shipping is always free, the packaging is professional and environmentally friendly and I would recommend them to anyone.