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Aidan C.09 Jul 2020
4.5 /509 Jul 2020
I really enjoy the packaging, size and quality of the food. I enjoy the freshness and variety of the food as well. I would prefer if they made more delivery dates available.
Morakoth N.09 Jul 2020
4.1 /509 Jul 2020
The meals are so tasty. I especially enjoyed the different cuisines and the ability to choose the size of meals. Customer service team were so attentive and were so pleasant when dealing with them.
Tori H.09 Jul 2020
4.7 /509 Jul 2020
Great variety of meals, gives all The macros on their website to build into your diet. Can deliver in the day or night so are ready for when I woke Up. Last 7-10 days in fridge or can put in freezer. Super tasty unlike others I’ve tried.
Dylan O.09 Jul 2020
5.0 /509 Jul 2020
Have been using My Muscle Chef for about a month I purchase 10 meals a week, there’s heaps of benefits when it comes to this company such as a wide variety of food types, they vacuum seal the meals which keeps them fresher for longer, they deliver 3 times a week, local shops carry a variety of meals (in case you need extras) the amount of protein in the meals is very high which meets my dietary requirements and on top of all of that the meals are cheap. I can’t think of really any improvements other than some more meals with with more protein around the 80-100g amount would be great
Andrew S.02 Jul 2020
3.5 /502 Jul 2020
I had MMC for about 6 months until I found another. Good range of food, and very convenient. The meal sizes were just too small on average, and they eventually had a "sameness" about them.
Lachlan N.02 Jul 2020
5.0 /502 Jul 2020
I started buying some mmyc meals at my local IGA when I was feeling lazy. I liked them so much I decided to go on a 28 meal a fortnight plan. It has been about 3 months now and I am still super happy. The taste, convenience and variety are the best out there. I have tried other such as core powerfoods but I didn't like them as much. When you buy for 2 weeks at a time the meals work out to be about 7 dollars each which is amazing value. Very happy so far
Cameron L.02 Jul 2020
4.5 /502 Jul 2020
My Muscle Chef have a few really great vegan meals that are high protein/low calorie, and it was super convenient for me to pick one up from the IGA on my walk to work. Other than a soup or a rice I can’t think of anything else that I would microwave that tastes any good... I’ve had microwave meals before, and it’s usually got a real economy-aeroplane-food texture, and to be honest it’s pretty hard to find any half decent on-the-go vegan meals to even complain about. These things are not like other microwave meals. The way they use the microwaveable bag must help. It tastes like actual fresh food. It is not like the best food in the world, but it’s pretty good! And it’s a microwaveable meal that tastes like a regular fresh meal. The only frustrating thing is that My Muscle Kitchen are only sold in certain stores, or by subscription, and aren’t in the big supermarket chains’ stock.
George M.02 Jul 2020
3.8 /502 Jul 2020
Matt M.02 Jul 2020
4.7 /502 Jul 2020
They got so many meals so choose from and all so tasty! Doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet when I’m having their meals :) also their containers are known to be more environmentally friendly so that’s a plus for me
Yevette H.02 Jul 2020
2.9 /502 Jul 2020
The range of food available is good. Minus presentation, food taste and portion is pretty good too. Still can't get over their delivery inedequateness. Convinience is key too. Price... Could do a little cheaper for frequent purchase.
Samantha M.02 Jul 2020
4.4 /502 Jul 2020
Was hesitant to try them, but after my 1st order, every single meal I got was outstandingly delicious, customer service was on point, delivery was great and the meals are so convenient! I've now subscribed for a delivery every fortnight!
Todd M.02 Jul 2020
4.1 /502 Jul 2020
I like the idea of being able to track my macros easily whilst eating nice tasting food with great variety. I have not had a pre packed meal or a microwave meal that would compare to the taste of muscle chef.
Lucinda S.02 Jul 2020
3.7 /502 Jul 2020
These meals were delicious, affordable, fresh and sooo easy to control your calories as every meal has the exact calorie count. The only negative thing I can say is some of the meals has far more meat than others (for me it was too much meat, whereas for others it might be what they need). It’s basically a matter of trying them all and finding out what you like. There’s also some really amazing vego/vegan options. Highly recommend.
Joe C.02 Jul 2020
4.5 /502 Jul 2020
Great tasting low-cal meals options which is normally hard to find in this saturated market. Relatively few ingredients though prepared & cooked well for an overall high value meal in my opinion!
Jacqui F.02 Jul 2020
3.5 /502 Jul 2020
Claire K.02 Jul 2020
4.3 /502 Jul 2020
Muscle chef is the best tasting meal prep service I've used. The chicken tastes like actual chicken like you would cook at home. I only dislike the cost to deliver so i normally only purchase in store at an IGA.
Carla L.02 Jul 2020
3.2 /502 Jul 2020
I appreciate that the trays are recyclable, though I am unsure about the rest of the packaging. Meals are a fine substitute for home cooking and definitely save on time.
Daniel M.02 Jul 2020
3.4 /502 Jul 2020
Peter H.02 Jul 2020
4.0 /502 Jul 2020
I think overall the food is great. I chose them due to macro requirements - the website is easy to use and I order as I go (as opposed to a subscription) - other providers don’t allow as much flexibility. This way I don’t waste any meals due to expiry. I like the variety of meals, and most are good, however I’ve tried some meals that I’d never order again due to a horrible taste/texture. They are also available in physical stores so that if I run out before my next order arrives I can buy some to tide me over. My favourite Meal is the lasagne hands down!
Rosalind Z.02 Jul 2020
4.0 /502 Jul 2020
I have had a couple of instances where I have needed to contact My Muscle Chef. Once they sent the incorrect meal, another time the meal had gone bad. Bothe times they responded quickly, resolved the problem and were very friendly.
Kasey L.02 Jul 2020
4.2 /502 Jul 2020
Elenor L.17 Jun 2020
3.8 /517 Jun 2020
Muscle chef meals are terrific to have in the freezer as an alternative to takeout when we’re pressed for time, or can’t be bothered cooking! PROS: high protein, great man-sized portions, good variety and high quality. CONS: plastic containers are black which makes them unlikely to be picked up during the recycling sorting process.
Rebecca L.24 May 2020
4.3 /524 May 2020
The flavours are great, the packaging is intelligent and I appreciate that the online service is easy to use. As well as this, the meals are easily available from a number of independent retailers. I’d recommend these for anyone who wants healthy meals that taste great and those who are macro conscious.
Logan S.22 May 2020
4.8 /522 May 2020
My muscle chef is my favourite meal prep. Not along do they have a tasty range, but the nutritional information is easy to understand. I love that the macros are displayed as well, along with being categorised.