User Reviews (74)

Emily T.10 Jul 2020
3.2 /510 Jul 2020
It’s a bit too expensive for our budget but good to try. It arrived in a cardboard box with no dry ice or anything to keep the meat cool. The meat was vacuumed packed so it didn’t expire for a long period, which was great. Most of the vegetables were fresh. We ordered the box through a promotion where your friend can gift you a box so we only paid shipping. The usual price is $70 + shipping for 3 meals (2ppl).
Joy S.02 Jul 2020
3.2 /502 Jul 2020
I liked the taste and the variety. The deliveries were on time too. But it wasn’t quite enough for my partner. We ended to having to cook side dishes to make up.
Alice B.16 Jun 2020
4.3 /516 Jun 2020
Absolutely delicious! Super easy, simple and worth every cent! The quality is great too - best range of meats and vegetables! Love that they don't use too much packaging either... quick and efficient service too.
Liz H.25 May 2020
3.4 /525 May 2020
Recipe cards were easy to follow and a good selection of available for a vegetarian. Unfortunately we received food that was not fresh and non sealed products (pasta packets) multiple times and this marred the experience for us. I’d be willing to try then again if we got a discount on the meals or a promotion. For the quality of the food the price is much too high. I’m sure there are better meal providers with fresh unopened products available.
Sandra H.16 May 2020
4.1 /516 May 2020
Exactly as they advertise. Meals were delivered on time without fuss. Recipes were easy to follow pantry items that were needed were emailed during the week so you could purchase in advance. Portion sizes were perfect and a bit on the large size, two big meals or three smaller meals per packet.
Louisa W.28 Apr 2020
3.6 /528 Apr 2020
Marley Spoon was great for us when we lacked time to meal plan or shop - and fantastic when we wanted some easy inspiration for our weekday meals. We wouldn’t get it for every meal but maybe 3 meals per week and then supplement with things from our freezer or pantry. The Marley Spoon ingredients were fresh and instructions easy to follow. Like the variety of meals on offer each week though have noticed recently the size of the salmon on offer was been diminishing lately. Otherwise Marley Spoon is our favourite meal kit service and we have tried all other major competitors.
Megan W.26 Apr 2020
3.7 /526 Apr 2020
A nice and convenient way to try some new types of food. I wish there was a way to return the ice bricks as I can only fit so many in the freezer to reuse, otherwise they get thrown out.
Aleshia T.19 Apr 2020
3.4 /519 Apr 2020
Would be good to have more vego or pescaterian options with a child in our family it does make life harder to cater for their food likes. Would also be amazing if all the veggies where pre chopped and packaged making cooking the meal even quicker
Vy L.15 Apr 2020
3.6 /515 Apr 2020
Great variety of meals to choose from. 30 options each week i think. Recipes are easy to follow in general and good taste. Ingredients are fresh upon delivery. I rated pay for packaging as i feel like lots of waste with the cooling bags but can’t do anything about it I guess.
Danielle G.14 Apr 2020
3.4 /514 Apr 2020
Honestly just bland and boring for me. The price is on par with competitors like hello fresh, yet for me after a week of meals I was not over the moon about the taste. Compared to hello fresh which are damn tasty!
Kelly W.12 Apr 2020
3.1 /512 Apr 2020
The service and packaging were great but I found the variety lacking - too many similar meals and also was very disappointed in freshness of ingredients for example carrots rubbery and turning black the day after delivery. I also found portion sizes smaller than other providers.
Elise B.07 Apr 2020
3.1 /507 Apr 2020
A lot of plastic in packaging. Not a lot of choice as I am vegetarian. A lot of canned options and beans. Not a lot of use of meat alternatives.
Samantha U.06 Apr 2020
4.7 /506 Apr 2020
I love Marley Spoon, so much variety and the flavours are great. Always something I'm not sure about, mixture of flavours etc, will turn out the best!!! Have tried multiple other meal providers and Marley Spoon is my favourite!
Mel M.05 Apr 2020
3.2 /505 Apr 2020
I found Marley Spoon to be too time consuming. I wanted some quicker options after a day at work. I also found the instructions less clear than they could be.
Jaimee B.05 Apr 2020
5.0 /505 Apr 2020
Convenient and delicious meals delivered to your door. I love cooking and eating fresh food so this was a nice change from frozen meal services. Would love to see a greater variety of vegetables included.
Wendy R.02 Apr 2020
4.1 /502 Apr 2020
Great options, delicious food and easy to make. Order was easy to submit online. I just wish there were more delivery options or that the times were more convenient. Would be great if payments could be made monthly.
Caleb W.02 Apr 2020
3.0 /502 Apr 2020
I didn’t like the meals that were offered. The prep time for the meal was too long and often used a lot more dishes then worth. On the expensive side compared to other meal prep companies
Alicia S.31 Mar 2020
3.5 /531 Mar 2020
We did Marley spoon for over a year, the food was pretty hit and miss. Sometimes it was absolutely amazing and others it was just not for us. The portion sizes were always more than we expected which made it easy for the three of us to eat off what Marley Spoon deemed as two portions. We rarely ever had any issues with delivery or missing ingredients but when we did the response from customer service was always quick. If I could change anything it would be the suppliers of the meat and cuts. Sometimes the meat was chewy or grisly and others the cut was just not appropriate for the meal.
Rachel W.31 Mar 2020
3.5 /531 Mar 2020
Was gifted a free box to try. Food was probably a bit fancier than we eat and kids didn't like the meals. I found the steps a bit more time consuming
Henry P.29 Mar 2020
4.2 /529 Mar 2020
Marley Spoon have great customisations and varieties in their recipes, and good portion sizes too. Never issues with service either, as Ja Rule once said, they are always on time.
Kelly E.27 Mar 2020
3.7 /527 Mar 2020
Great product although a little expensive but is so convenient and I love the variety of meal choices are absolutely delicious And healthy. Takes they hassle out of organising a menu and the shop for a week.
Kate W.23 Mar 2020
3.7 /523 Mar 2020
For us it’s all about the convenience of already having meals in the fridge - we don’t have to decide what to eat, then decide if we need to go to the shops, then decide if we can be bothered cooking. It’s mildly more expensive than doing it all ourselves, but the reduction in mental load is absolutely worth it!!
MOLLY M.22 Mar 2020
4.5 /522 Mar 2020
Great for portion control, learning new recipes and when suffering from a lack of creativity with home meals. Also love how they provide the recipe files for everything so you can recreate the ones you love and adapt them if you want something slightly different. We ended up ending a little extra seasoning to some of the proteins in the recipes, but other than that everything had great flavour, texture and balance.
Louise W.22 Mar 2020
4.5 /522 Mar 2020
I have been using Marley spoon for a couple of years. The produce is so fresh and beautiful and they have a beautiful range of food and a large vegetarian range.
Beth B.18 Mar 2020
4.3 /518 Mar 2020
Marley spoon always has massive variety of dishes to choose from and very rarely do you see the same recipes repeated. The ingredients are usually bang on and the packaging uses as little of plastic as possible and is compostable with its cool bags