User Reviews (4)

Laura B.22 Mar 2020
4.3 /522 Mar 2020
We started using Dinner Ladies after having our first baby who was demanding and never gave us time to cook. We got into bad food habits and Dinner Ladies saves our meal times and waistlines. We have placed numerous orders and will continue to. The delivery service is very good with texts to tell you when they are a couple of stops away. We have loved most of the food we have tried and like that there are some classics to return to whilst having a variety of new dishes each time. In terms of packaging - there is plastic used but they are constantly trying to improve and make it more sustainable and you can leave out all the delivery packaging for them to collect when they deliver your next order.
Amy H.09 Mar 2020
4.7 /509 Mar 2020
Love all the food. They change the menu every week so lots of variety. Good kid friendly meals as well as great tasing adult ones. Delivered in great condition. Great communication
Rachael B.27 Feb 2020
3.1 /527 Feb 2020
Food was mostly good, but not consistant. We had two serves of the same dish that tasted different. Food could be made a lot cheaper at home. However the convienience is nice.
Rebecca B.05 Feb 2020
3.7 /505 Feb 2020
I wish there were more gluten free AND vegetarian options, at the moment there is a very limited selection of meals to choose from. If there was more choice I would order a lot more often