User Reviews (6)

Penny C.02 Jul 2020
4.9 /502 Jul 2020
I’ve been using Dinner Twist for years and never had a repeat recipe. The ingredients are always superb and I love the ‘twist’ on the classics. It always feels as though I’m eating restaurant quality food at home even though the recipes are super easy to follow.
Michelle K.31 Mar 2020
4.7 /531 Mar 2020
Love that all ingredients are used up, no exceptions. Not having choice of meals is a small compromise that's well worth it. Wish I could order wholesome box but have dairy free option (since I eat meat), but vegan box works well and is dekicious most of the time! Great packaging - minimal waste and they recycle the soft plastics
Mary L.16 Mar 2020
4.5 /516 Mar 2020
We have been attempting to go plant based and we’re getting frustrated with trying to think up meals with no knowledge! Dinner Twist provided us with all the help!!! Lovely ingredients locally sourced in WA and has made our transition to plant based eating so much easier!!! Thanks Dinner Twist
Kendal E.16 Mar 2020
5.0 /516 Mar 2020
The best meal prep I've used so far, very decent amount of food, value for money, great quality local produce and variety makes it so exciting to cook, they are healthy meals too! Definitely restaurant quality foods and I love that they are conscious of the environment with their packaging etc.
Sarah M.11 Mar 2020
4.1 /511 Mar 2020
My main problem with meal boxes like Dinner Twist is that it isn't the shopping that is the hard part of meal planning/cooking/preparation - would really prefer some sort of prep already done (e.g. onion already chopped, pumpkin already peeled etc.). Meals are delicious but it takes long enough to prep and cook for me to put it off and get takeaway...
Kylie H.04 Mar 2020
3.8 /504 Mar 2020
Love that there is a wholesome pack, much more interesting meals in this one. It's great that they have a plant based option too. They are a locally owned company which is important to me. I would love to see them offer more flexibility in the meal selection, I don't always require the full four meals every week.