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Michelle W.05 Aug 2020
3.5 /505 Aug 2020
I generally enjoy all of the meals from Youfoodz. I have quite liked their recent edition of larger meal options when wanting a higher protein option. Sometimes after a longer stint of using the meals, the range can feel somewhat repetitive.
Cassie P.05 Aug 2020
4.3 /505 Aug 2020
kate D.03 Aug 2020
4.2 /503 Aug 2020
Very cheap with the 9 meals for $69 free delievery. I have certin dietary requirements and i still had a good choice to choose from. Im looking forward to my next order.
Renecca W.02 Aug 2020
4.3 /502 Aug 2020
The clean options are great compared some others. They also aren’t too rich in flavour or have any effect on my sensitive tummy. I now stick to a select 5 or 6 options during the week, with the fish and satay chicken my top favourites. Snack wise, I’m loving the peanut snack bars. Comes with two and one is certainly enough for a pre workout or just a mid meal snack. Great flavour. For breakfast, I stick to the oats and add extra protein powder and a small banana after a big workout. Great flavour with the goji berries and dried blueberries. Overall it’s easy to track what I’m eating each day and with the clean option leaves enough room for cheat meals.
Tegan M.02 Aug 2020
5.0 /502 Aug 2020
Absolutely amazing. I have lost over 10 kilos using Youfoodz and I have got majority of my friends onto using Youfoodz meals. The convenience and weight loss control is what sold Youfoodz to me.
Kristen K.02 Aug 2020
3.4 /502 Aug 2020
I like that the food is fresh and hasn’t been frozen for months, tastes pretty good, although my second order wasn’t as good as my first one which deterred me.
Jacky S.27 Jul 2020
5.0 /527 Jul 2020
YouFoodz has a great taste, regular meal deals, sale items on offer. I don’t believe I have paid full price with coupon codes & survey incentives in the 6 weeks I have been ordering with them. They have free delivery, good sized portions & excellent communication with customers. The website ordering system is easy to use, it has pictures & ingredient explanations. The only thing they could improve is to make all dishes available in a large option.
Sonya B.25 Jul 2020
3.7 /525 Jul 2020
Alicia O.21 Jul 2020
4.2 /521 Jul 2020
Their meals are a good size and taste fresh. Only one I didn’t enjoy was their mushroom risotto the rice is very undercooked. If they fix that issue I will say every meal I have ordered has been an 8/10
Justin G.21 Jul 2020
4.1 /521 Jul 2020
Emily O.19 Jul 2020
3.1 /519 Jul 2020
I think youfoodz used to be great. But I think over the years the value and quality have gone done. I have also had a lot of experience with missing items or damage to items. I live off youfoodz for a long time and recommend to everyone. Now I won’t even buy reduced to clear at coles.
Kirby A.17 Jul 2020
3.2 /517 Jul 2020
I struggle to motivate myself to eat in stressful situations. These meals are great to keep me on track and eating nutritious meals when cooking seems too hard. My kids also love Nonna's Spaghetti, any meal that is child approved is a gift to a Mum in isolation. Would love a "kids meals" section in the future 🙂 I like how easy it is to navigate the website and view my cart, others I looked at weren't so user friendly.
Annelise S.17 Jul 2020
5.0 /517 Jul 2020
Absolutely love YOUFOODZ!! Came across it on facebook and it’s super quick, convenient and healthy! Love how easy it is getting sent to my apartment and the meals are so yummy!!
Charla M.16 Jul 2020
4.3 /516 Jul 2020
I really enjoy Youfoodz for a few reasons, firstly the quality of the meals, they use good produce that tastes clean and fresh. All the flavours and sauces I enjoy. The variety of the meals is great. A lot of meal plan companies use a lot of tomato, as I’m allergic to tomato this is an issue. Youfoodz is one of the few companies that doesn’t have so many meals with tomato. The delivery system is fantastic with choosing dates and tracking with delivery times. It’s packed well. Delivery is above and beyond. The price is good too. Meals stay fresh, last a good amount of time. There’s no minimum or maximum etc. They are easy to heat and eat.
Viivi N.14 Jul 2020
4.2 /514 Jul 2020
They always discount codes so it's not so expensive. Also that they have low calorie options, they could do more vege and fish though. Especially low calorie fish and other seafood too! They don't have any prawn dish. That would be great.
Jen M.13 Jul 2020
3.8 /513 Jul 2020
Customer service and delivery speed is excellent. Food is good for premade meals in comparison to other providers. I’ve ordered from them heaps of times now. Very happy with the variety and handy to have them in the fridge for work lunches.
Kimberley C.13 Jul 2020
3.7 /513 Jul 2020
I like the variety of the food, I was very easy to make in the microwave and still tasted good. The website it was easy to pick the foods. My whole family enjoyed it.
Mel M.11 Jul 2020
2.9 /511 Jul 2020
Stephanie A.08 Jul 2020
3.1 /508 Jul 2020
When I first started using them they has a more narrow delivery window and always arrived before I left for work. Now they arrive after 930 am and end up sitting outside for the whole day with me hoping that they will not have been stolen when I arrive home from work. I cannot have them delivered to my workplace and this has led to me cutting back on my orders. Also the meat in the lamb shank meals lately has been minimal and what is there is very fatty. The addition of flavor enhancers to tomato based dishes has really turned me off them. The taste is overpowering and unappealing and has reduced the number of meals that I purchase from them
Jessica M.06 Jul 2020
4.2 /506 Jul 2020
Great and simple ordering service with free shipping and quick delivery. Love that the meals are fresh and not frozen and most are really tasty. Love that there is a big variety of meals to choose from so if you don’t particularly like one it doesn’t matter. Also love that the have different discount codes 9 for $69 etc regularly
Tracy F.06 Jul 2020
5.0 /506 Jul 2020
These guys are by far the best I have eaten and used in the past love them! Won’t go anywhere else they are tasty and I’m losing weight
Prue H.04 Jul 2020
4.2 /504 Jul 2020
Sophie K.02 Jul 2020
4.0 /502 Jul 2020
I've been using youfoodz on and off for about a year now. They have a great variety and change up their meal options regularly which is great. They used to have good promotions but I havent noticed as many promotions lately. I'd prefer the broccoli to be cooked more too so it's not hard.
George M.02 Jul 2020
2.9 /502 Jul 2020
Shai M.02 Jul 2020
4.1 /502 Jul 2020
Youfoodz meals are delicious and convenient, they take the hassle out of meal prep and the cost is more than reasonable. Would prefer they came on a Monday than a Wednesday, and if the lower cal meals were a tiny bit bigger. Very tasty!