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Mel M.11 Jul 2020
2.9 /511 Jul 2020
Stephanie A.08 Jul 2020
3.1 /508 Jul 2020
When I first started using them they has a more narrow delivery window and always arrived before I left for work. Now they arrive after 930 am and end up sitting outside for the whole day with me hoping that they will not have been stolen when I arrive home from work. I cannot have them delivered to my workplace and this has led to me cutting back on my orders. Also the meat in the lamb shank meals lately has been minimal and what is there is very fatty. The addition of flavor enhancers to tomato based dishes has really turned me off them. The taste is overpowering and unappealing and has reduced the number of meals that I purchase from them
Jessica M.06 Jul 2020
4.2 /506 Jul 2020
Great and simple ordering service with free shipping and quick delivery. Love that the meals are fresh and not frozen and most are really tasty. Love that there is a big variety of meals to choose from so if you don’t particularly like one it doesn’t matter. Also love that the have different discount codes 9 for $69 etc regularly
Tracy F.06 Jul 2020
5.0 /506 Jul 2020
These guys are by far the best I have eaten and used in the past love them! Won’t go anywhere else they are tasty and I’m losing weight
Prue H.04 Jul 2020
4.2 /504 Jul 2020
Sophie K.02 Jul 2020
4.0 /502 Jul 2020
I've been using youfoodz on and off for about a year now. They have a great variety and change up their meal options regularly which is great. They used to have good promotions but I havent noticed as many promotions lately. I'd prefer the broccoli to be cooked more too so it's not hard.
George M.02 Jul 2020
2.9 /502 Jul 2020
Shai M.02 Jul 2020
4.1 /502 Jul 2020
Youfoodz meals are delicious and convenient, they take the hassle out of meal prep and the cost is more than reasonable. Would prefer they came on a Monday than a Wednesday, and if the lower cal meals were a tiny bit bigger. Very tasty!
Mat C.02 Jul 2020
3.5 /502 Jul 2020
I use youfoodz for convenience mainly as I dont like cooking for myself. I used to eat takeaways more often but youfoodz in the fridge was much easier. I also like how I can see the ingredients before I purchase as I cant eat cheese.
Alana D.16 Jun 2020
3.6 /516 Jun 2020
They have some great deals for meals. Range is good but could do with a larger range of both plainer foods & out there styles. I think regular reviews & asking their consumers what different ideas they have about different flavours/meal ideas. The only real negative I see is their variety in meal sizes is minimal.
Leeanne B.16 Jun 2020
4.3 /516 Jun 2020
I buy these from Foodland all the time. Great for convenience and can be freezed without it effecting the taste and quality. Great for a snack or lunch would need a larger portion of for dinner. Good selection of meals to chose from.
Pooja C.02 Jun 2020
3.8 /502 Jun 2020
It was good, but not amazing in meal choices. Delivery is as always on time and just in time on a Monday morning for me to pick and go to work.
Jess H.02 Jun 2020
4.2 /502 Jun 2020
Online orders are delivered THE NEXT DAY. No waiting for scheduled delivery days. You get email and text confirmation of your delivery and all packaging is minimal and nearly all recyclable. Food is tasty and easy to take for work lunches.
Chelsea P.01 Jun 2020
4.3 /501 Jun 2020
Dean M.31 May 2020
4.0 /531 May 2020
Meals are good. Calorie count is good. Portions aren't huge, and a little light on veg at times. But, it's tasty food. Good variety. Love ordering the week's meals the night before.
Nicole P.25 May 2020
4.2 /525 May 2020
- Great and fresh food with good portion sizes. - Probably could come in a smaller box if I'm ordering 6 or less meals, feels wasteful. - They sometimes remove meals / snacks without warning from the site and never bring them back. - I generally only ever order if I have a discount code, as they can be quite expensive without any discount. - I've ordered many times and will continue using the service - fast delivery and always fresh meals.
Caz G.11 May 2020
4.4 /511 May 2020
My elderly mother had previously bought some of Youfoodz in store for convenience. However, once living in lockdown Youfoodz became a “lifesaver” . She was no longer shopping in store so she was able to have more meals delivered regularly to her home. She loves the reliability of the service, the quality and taste of the meals. Free delivery was an absolute bonus, but unfortunately this is no longer. It would be great if there could be some kind of loyalty scheme with rewards of free delivery. Another area for improvement to consider- the large insulated box that the meals are delivered in , is somewhat difficult for elderly living on their own to lift/ manouvre. A handle of some sort would make handling easier.
Alice B.03 May 2020
3.0 /503 May 2020
I really liked these meals! They were complete macro-wise and actually filled me up! I would have liked more variety and the packaging is very plastic-filled. A biodegradable packaging would have made me much more likely to purchase more....
Amy B.01 May 2020
3.8 /501 May 2020
I used to get Light n Easy, but there weren’t many meals I liked. Youfoodz has a better selection of meals, and they’re not as carb-heavy, particularly the ‘clean’ options.
Tori H.29 Apr 2020
3.8 /529 Apr 2020
Love YouFoodz, very delicious and good portion sizes. I love their snacks too, you feel like you’re having a little cheat treat which helps with the cravings I get since I’m very good oriented
Kristie P.28 Apr 2020
5.0 /528 Apr 2020
Meals are a great size so much variety especially varying meats ( beef chicken pork lamb fish etc) super quick next day delivery and free delivery! Always have good discount codes we have used for the last 3 weeks ( normally only use every now and then but we have been avoiding shops) There customer service is great all packaging recyclable and good electronic communication so you know when they will arrive / when they arrived .
Brie B.28 Apr 2020
3.6 /528 Apr 2020
I’ve youfoodz quite a few times over the past couple of years to help with quick meals for late nights. Separating salads from hot items would make them better
Bridget H.28 Apr 2020
4.1 /528 Apr 2020
Variety of meals has improved. I have written in to ask why some of the discount codes don't seem to work for me but haven't gotten a response. The app has improved but could have some further minor tweaks (when I have saved payment option it won't complete the transaction for no apparent reason). Otherwise satisfied with taste, quantity and variety (bringing back buffalo chicken pizza would be awesome!)
Serene J.28 Apr 2020
4.7 /528 Apr 2020
Youfoodz meals help me keep track of my daily calories and it’s super convenient. The food is super delicious as well. I love how it is healthy and delicious at the same time.