Discover Soulara’s Awesome New Range of Drinks (& Nab Yourself an Epic Discount)

in partnership with Discover Soulara’s Awesome New Range of Drinks (& Nab Yourself an Epic Discount)
Boost your nutrients with Soulara’s drink range
Discover Soulara’s Awesome New Range of Drinks (& Nab Yourself an Epic Discount)

Plant-based ready-made meal provider Soulara has unveiled a string of new drink offerings, including cold-pressed juices, kombucha, and coconut water.

When it comes to hitting your daily nutrient goals each day, there’s only so much food you can eat. One of my favourite ways – and one of the best ways in general – to get in those extra nutrients when I can’t physically consume any more food is cold-pressed juices.

The Soulara Cold Pressed Juice Difference

The thing about most cold-pressed juices is they are often topped up with added sugars and preserves – too much filler for my liking. But Soulara cold-pressed juices are quite literally all juice and nothing else.

For example, Soulara’s Cold Pressed Beet Treat is just 34% Apple, 28% Orange, 32% Beetroot and 13% Carrot, with the health benefits of Vitamin A, Niacin, and Magnesium.

Also new in the drinks department is Cold Pressed Carrot Top, Cold Pressed Pink Punch, and Cold Pressed Vitamin C Booster.

Pro tip: they can also be a healthy addition to mocktails or some detox smoothies!

Healing and Detoxifying Kombucha

Soulara also has an awesome range of detoxifying and healing kombucha that’s low-sugar and full of probiotic goodness. On the menu are Berry Smash, Coconut & Lime, Turmeric, Pear & Ginger, and Zingy Ginger.

Soulara’s organic kombucha range is much like its cold-pressed juices – pure goodness with premium ingredients and no added filler. For example, in the Zingy Ginger, you’ll find Purified Water, Long Aged Kombucha, Organic Fermented Glucose, Organic Green Tea, and Natural Essence Of Ginger, with the health benefits of probiotics, anti-microbial, folic acid, immune support and blood sugar support.

About Soulara

As a 100% plant-based meal delivery service operating in all major capital cities and regional areas in AU, Soulara serves chef-curated meals made from premium-quality ingredients and superfoods. It’s one of the best vegan meal providers out there, and an excellent way to slowly transition to veganism, or simply reduce your weekly meat intake.

Meal plans vary depending on how many meals you want each week, ranging from 7 to 24 meals. You can choose meals from their rotating menu that’s updated every week.

Order Today (With an Exclusive Discount!)

Soulara has an excellent offer for first-time customers where you can score yourself a very decent discount.

All you need to do is be a new customer, spend $150 and you’ll nab a whopping $32 off your order!

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Shop Soulara’s premium plant-based ready-made meals and drinks range today.

Boost your nutrients with Soulara’s drink range
Healthy with no added nasties cold-pressed juices and kombucha