Lasagna Recipes






Calories per serve

Item ID Cuisine Type Dietary info Calories per serve Title Ingredients
19225 Italian Main meal 433 One pot lasagna - 400g lean mince-- 1/2 onion-- 2 medium carrots chopped-- 1 clove garlic-- 4 lasagna sheets-- 250g low fat bolognaise sauce-- 100g reduced fat lasagna sauce-- 60g light cheese-
19197 Italian Main meal 353 Slow cooker high protein lasagna - 400g lean mince-- 9-12 lasagne sheets-- 1 onion-- 2 Carrots chopped-- 1 tsp garlic-- 300-400ml Marinara sauce-- 250g lightest Philadelphia-- 100g parmesan-- 60g light mozzarella for topping-- Italian seasoning-- Salt & pepper to season-
19186 Italian Main meal 465 High Protein Lasagna - 200g low fat cottage cheese (Brand: Emporium Aldi)-- 200g light cream cheese (brand: Philadelphia lightest)-- 30g grated parmesan-- 60-70ml low fat milk-- 1 heaped tsp Italian herbs-- 1 tsp garlic powder-- 1-2 tsp olive oil-- 1 medium onion finely chopped-- 2 carrots grated or chopped-- 1 tsp salt & pepper-- 50g tomato paste-- 500g lean ground beef (i use topside beef)-- 1 tbsp smoked paprika-- 140ml beef stock (i used an OXO beef cube)-- 1 can chopped tomatoes (400g)-- 1 tsp garlic powder, Italian herbs & salt-- 210g uncooked / 390g cooked lasagna sheets (brand: Cucina Aldi - 20g per uncooked sheet)-- 70-80g light shredded mozzarella-
19161 Italian Main meal 550 Chicken Alfredo Lasagna - 600g Diced Chicken Breast-- Italian Seasoning-- Pepper-- Salt-- Garlic Powder-- 400g Low Fat Cottage Cheese-- 100ml 95% Fat Free Evaporated Milk-- 25g Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese-- 1 Diced Onion-- 5g Plain Flour Mixed With Water-- 6 Lasagna Sheets-- 180g Low Fat Cheese-- Fresh Parsley-
19020 Unknown Main meal 552 High Protein Buffalo Chicken Lasagna - 450g Low Fat Cottage Cheese-- 65ml Buffalo Sauce (Brand: Franks Redhot Buffalo Sauce)-- 15g Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese-- 50ml Skim/Low Fat Milk-- Oregano, Garlic Powder & Pepper-- 600g Diced Chicken Breast (raw weight)-- Chicken Seasoning: Salt, Pepper, Paprika & Onion Powder-- 1 Tsp Olive Oil-- 6 Instant Lasagna Sheets (Brand: Vetta Smart Instant Lasagna Sheets - OR you can use regular lasagna sheets, just make sure to boil them beforehand)-- 190g Light or Low Fat Cheese (Brand: Bega 50% Less Fat Grated Cheese)-
18804 Indian Main meal 552 Butter Chicken Lasagna - 700g Diced Chicken Breast (raw weight)-- 140g Low Fat Greek Yoghurt-- 1 Tsp Salt-- 1.5 Tsp Smoked Paprika-- 1.5 Tsp Turmeric-- 1 Tsp Garam Masala-- 4 Diced Garlic Cloves-- 10g Minced Ginger-- 10g Light Butter (Nuttelex Light)-- 1/2 Sliced Onion-- 15g Cashew Nut Butter (optional - or regular cashew nuts)-- Same Seasonings Used For Marinade-- 500g Diced Tomatoes-- 60g Low Fat Greek Yoghurt-- 6 Instant Lasagna Sheets (Brand: Vetta Smart Instant Lasagna Sheets - or if using regular lasagna sheets boil them beforehand)-- 180g Low Fat Cheese (Brand: Bega 50% Less Fat Grated Cheese)-- Fresh Coriander-
18707 Italian Main meal 408 Easy 1 Pot Lasagna Soup - 1lb lean ground beef-- 5-6 lasagna sheets, broken up-- 1 white onion chopped-- 3-4 cloves of garlic, minced-- 2 tsp tomato paste-- Salt & Pepper, to taste-- 2 tsp Italian seasoning-- 1 jar of marinara sauce-- 1/2 cup water-- 1/2 cup of milk-- 1/2 cup of chicken broth-- Spinach chopped up-- Ricotta cheese-- Mozarella cheese-- Basil-- Lemon-- Seasonings-
18295 Western Main meal 447 Lasagna Soup - 1 tsp olive oil-- 1 chopped onion-- 1 chopped zucchini (optional veggie)-- 1 tbsp minced garlic-- 500g lean ground beef (I used 94% lean)-- Season with 1 tsp salt, pepper, paprika, oregano and chili flakes (use less flakes for less spice)-- 2 cups tomato sauce (or pizza/pasta sauce)-- 3 cups any broth (I use a low calorie beef or mushroom broth)-- 6 noodles of lasagna (broken into pieces)-- handful of chopped basil-- 1/4 cup fat free greek yogurt, plain-