Tea Health Benefits

Good for:

Boosting immunity
Reducing inflammation
Improving heart health
Enhancing mental alertness
Supporting weight loss

Watch out for:

Caffeine sensitivity
Staining teeth
Interference with iron absorption
Possible contamination
Overconsumption leading to health issues

Tea is a popular beverage that has been consumed for centuries due to its numerous health benefits. It contains antioxidants that help to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and improve heart health. Tea also contains caffeine, which enhances mental alertness and supports weight loss. However, it is important to watch out for caffeine sensitivity, staining of teeth, interference with iron absorption, possible contamination, and overconsumption leading to health issues.

Adding it to your meal plan:

Tea can be incorporated into meal planning and prepping by using it as a base for smoothies, adding it to oatmeal or yogurt, or using it as a marinade for meats.

Related foods:

Other foods that share similar health benefits to tea include coffee, dark chocolate, and berries. A plant-based option that shares similar benefits is green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale.”

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