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The Best Milk Tea Protein: Far East Alchemy, Daily Dose Co & More 🧋

Most protein powders are marketed as a high-protein drink, but the truth is that some of them have very little protein per serve. So how do you know which one to buy?
POSTED ON Mar 18, 2021

Here is what you need to know:

In the comparison table below, I looked at the top milk tea protein powders which used protein quantity as a selling point. Each products protein contents was standardised to 100g for a more accurate comparison – see the Google Sheets version with serving sizes, total costs, and more.

Per 100g Protein (g) Fat (g) Carb (g) Cost (AUD)
Far East Alchemy Crème Brulee 🇦🇺 83.4 2.8 8.6 $2.06 per serve
Far East Alchemy Matcha Ice Cream 🇦🇺 82.8 2.8 5.5 $2.20 per serve
Far East Alchemy Taro Milk Tea 🇦🇺 80.7 0.7 6.7 $2.12 per serve
Far East Alchemy Brown Sugar Milk Tea 🇦🇺 79 0.7 8.3 $2.12 per serve
MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Milk Tea Blend 🇦🇺 76 7.2 4 $1.05 per serve
Briowell 100% Grass Fed Jasmine Milk Tea 75 6.3 12.5 $2.20 per serve
Far East Alchemy Matcha Mint Choc 🇦🇺 74.2 5.5 11.6 $2.27 per serve
Boba Tea Protein Classic Milk Tea 59.4 10.7 14.3 $2.36 per serve
Boba Tea Protein Matcha Latte 58 8.1 13.9 $2.36 per serve
Subtle Nutrition Taro Whey Protein 54.5 4.5 45.5 $2.35 per serve
Subtle Nutrition Matcha Whey Protein 54.5 4.5 45.5 $2.35 per serve
Boba Tea Protein Taro Milk Tea 52.8 5.7 13.8 $2.36 per serve
Daily Dose Co Matcha Milk Tea 🇦🇺 51.5 4.5 10 $3.04 per serve
Daily Dose Co Classic Milk Tea 🇦🇺 49.5 4 16.8 $3.04 per serve
Daily Dose Co Taro Milk Tea 🇦🇺 48.5 4.3 13.3 $3.04 per serve
Subtle Nutrition Boba Whey Milk Tea 37.5 8.3 47.9 $3.41 per serve

As a reference point, a normal protein powder like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard has 77g of protein per 100g.

Marketing of high protein content

Some of these brands don’t market themselves explicitly as protein powders on their website but do use imagery of people in activewear or focus on the protein per serve that’s comparable to what you’d find in normal protein powders, but it’s only when you dig into the serving sizes you realise there’s a big difference.

For example, most products will have a label showing a protein per serve of around 24g which is typical of a normal protein shake. So logically when there’s a slight variation of a few grams, it’s easy to dismiss such minor differences. In reality though, it translates to a lot more calories because the serving size is different.

Calories in each serve

A gram of carbs contains 4 calories
A gram of protein contains 4 calories
A gram of fat contains 9 calories

Here’s a quick calculation of how much calories each of the Taro Milk Tea flavours translates to for 24g protein:

  • Far East Alchemy – 106 cal
  • Daily Dose Co – 141 cal
  • Boba Tea Protein – 145 cal
  • Subtle Nutrition – 194 cal

A typical regular sized Taro Milk Tea (no pearls) from Gong Cha has 250 calories. Chatime’s regular Taro Milky Iced Tea is 400 calories.

Fibre contents

When taking into account calories from fiber (4 cals per gram), they become:

  • Far East Alchemy – 154 cal
  • Boba Tea Protein – 256 cal
  • Daily Dose Co – 277 cal

Note: Subtle Nutrition’s labels contained errors as the sum of protein, fat and carbs per serve is higher than the serving size so it was excluded from the comparison.

Aiming for roughly 25-30g of fibre a day and keeping it consistent can help keep your gut healthy and help lower your risk of developing constipation, bowel cancer, haemorrhoids and diverticular disease.

The taste

Taste is highly subjective and you’d be hard pressed to find bad reviews online.

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Milk Tea Blend:

I am in love with this product!! So easy to mix, and tastes amazing!! I was worried to try it, in case I didn’t like it- but I’m so glad I did!

Daily Dose Co Classic Milk Tea:

As a milk tea lover this is a perfect amount of sweetness for me. I even only mix it with water but it’s delicious already. Best protein powder

Far East Alchemy Brown Sugar Milk Tea:

Purchased the big bag after going through my sample pack. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this protein is incredible! Super low carb, tasty and good for you. Perfect for after a gym sesh!

The only brand I’ve personally tried is Far East Alchemy, because Ophie (who is a contributor to this site) is also its cofounder. And just so it’s clear, this is not a paid endorsement of their brand.


I did reach out to Alric who is the other cofounder of Far East Alchemy to ask for help checking if their numbers I listed were correct – as they seemed to come out on top in almost every comparison – to ask which protein they personally recommend if it weren’t for their own:

I always saw Ghost as the brand for flavour, but not overall value. If it’s down to cost purely we’d go with myprotein.

We actually drank through about 20-30 brands worth of stuff during our initial stages to get an idea of what we were up against haha

So there you go. If you’re looking for milk tea flavours that are high in protein then give Far East Alchemy a try. If you want me to include your brand in this list, send us a message through the contact form or comment below.

George Zhu
George Zhu
Digital marketer. Gains and cuts the same weight every year.


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George Zhu
George Zhu
Digital marketer. Gains and cuts the same weight every year.