Ophie Ho

Online Health and Fitness Coach
Ophie is a passionate health coach supporting women to achieve their health and fitness goals both physically and mentally. If she isn't in the gym, she's probably meal prepping, drinking boba, recording a podcast or laughing at dad jokes.
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Ophie Ho

About Ophie Ho

Ophie (Ophelia) is an online health & fitness coach, creator of the Ophrequencies podcast, and the cofounder of Far East Alchemy a Milk Tea flavoured protein company.

She is passionate about helping busy women design and follow a healthy life for themselves both physically and mentally.

Drawing from her own experiences with food, nutrition, and stage time back when she competed, Ophie understands everyone is different and need their own tailored approach to help nurture progress.

You can find her posting regularly about health, fitness and mindset on her instagram @ophieho

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