User Reviews (22)

Natalie G.25 Jul 2020
4.4 /525 Jul 2020
Natalie G.21 Jul 2020
4.7 /521 Jul 2020
Hannah E.21 Jul 2020
5.0 /521 Jul 2020
Best meal prep service I’ve ever used. Amazing, unique and flavourful vegan options and decent portion sizes. All meals were very fresh too! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking at buying ready made meals 😊
Paige E.18 Jul 2020
4.5 /518 Jul 2020
@chefgood is a lifesaver when you’re a busy bee! I loved the Thai Red Fish Curry w/ Brown Rice & Greens! I was blown away at how flakey and juicy the fish was and the bold curry flavour really added a whole other wow factor to the dish. 🍚🐟⁣ ⁣ If your short on time and are looking for a service which conveniently deliver on Sundays....after wholesome/healthy meals, then I can’t recommend @chefgood any higher. A reliable and trustworthy service which don’t disappoint.⁣
Effie K.06 Jul 2020
5.0 /506 Jul 2020
The ingredients are fresh and high quality, portion control is perfect, I’m never left feeling hungry. They have a fantastic selection of meals week to week and the delivery is always on time.
Toby H.02 Jul 2020
5.0 /502 Jul 2020
Best meal prep company on the market. I have used chefgood for over 3 months now and I have not had one bad meal. I could not recommend the company more!
Brody K.02 Jul 2020
3.0 /502 Jul 2020
Toby H.02 Jul 2020
5.0 /502 Jul 2020
Hands down the best meals delivered to your door! Always full of flavour, offering a wide variety to satisfy even the fussiest of taste buds! Each meal is packed full of flavour and portioned perfectly for your goals whether it be to lose a few kgs or gain some.
Nadia S.16 Jun 2020
5.0 /516 Jun 2020
I have been a dedicated Chefgood customer for some months. It’s always fresh, delicious and never boring! The convenience of adjusting the menu to suit your taste is great. I recommend Chefgood to anyone wanting healthy convenient meals delivered fresh to your door!
Samara D.19 May 2020
4.3 /519 May 2020
I've been enjoying the Chef good vegan meals for weeks now and I love the convenience of having meals delivered right to the doorstep! The meals are delicious and I really like that the menu changes weekly so you can always expect something different to keep it interesting. The meals themselves are flavourful and filling.
MJ R.19 May 2020
5.0 /519 May 2020
Jessica S.16 May 2020
5.0 /516 May 2020
I love Chef Goods vegan options! Such a varied and tasty range, with great macros too - many high protein options which I love. I eat these meals for lunch and dinner during the week and its so easy convenient and delish!!!
Sharon J.15 May 2020
5.0 /515 May 2020
Chefgood is by far the best meal provider I have experienced - the range and quality of food always leaves me not only satisfied but excited to eat and the convenience and assured customer service makes the whole process seamless! The best day of the week is when I receive my Chefgood order! I highly recommend!
Sebastian G.15 May 2020
4.3 /515 May 2020
I eat a LOT :) ... Chef Good now makes up 90% of my weekly food intake and I'm thoroughly satisfied with their healthy, flavoursome range ... I get excited to go into the fridge.
Jess W.15 May 2020
5.0 /515 May 2020
Perfect macros and portion control! The dishes are all very yummy too! Highly recommend if you want to save time and have something nutritious and delicious! Definitely get the black bean burrito it’s my favourite
Jenna M.15 May 2020
4.3 /515 May 2020
Chefgood has made my life super easy. No mess and no prep! As an athlete it makes it less stressful knowing I don’t have to worry about cooking when I get home and that it’s all done for me! The thing I love is the portion control. I sometimes struggle cooking knowing if I’m cooking enough and always over cook for a village and end up eating it all, so the fact it’s all portioned out ready to go is also why I love chefgood. The variety is great and they always deliver first thing Monday morning sometimes even before I’m up so it’s all ready to go. They use a text message service that tells you that it’s coming the next day and when it has been delivered. Very organised. Overall, a great company and I’m really satisfied 😊
Jarrad D.15 May 2020
5.0 /515 May 2020
I’ve tried so many different meal deliveries in the past, this is certainly been the best. The variety and taste is always consistently good. If I’ve needed to make any changes to my order the customer service has been great
Lizette C.15 May 2020
5.0 /515 May 2020
It was my first time trying pre made meals and chefgood did not disappoint. I love their meals so much! I get excited to see the menu every week and they taste unreal. Being an athlete I love how convenient chefgood is and I highly recommend them.
Holly W.07 May 2020
3.8 /507 May 2020
I appreciated the variety of meal options and they were tasty! Just hard for me sometimes to eat a salad! But I’m glad I did because I lost a kilo the first week on Chef good so pending being able to afford it each week I’d keep it up for the convenience and results I’m getting.
Jess C.13 Mar 2020
3.6 /513 Mar 2020
My favourite thing about chefgood is that they provide salads and wraps! Most food companies only provide meals which require heating. In hot summer weather, a hot meal is the last thing I want to eat after a long day at work! The freshness and quality of the products is definitely worth the extra $$$. A few things I don’t like: 1. Paying for delivery (delivery should be free over $100) 2. Turn around time between placing and receiving an order, a week in advance is too far out!
Bronte D.29 Feb 2020
3.4 /529 Feb 2020
Used these guys for the F45 challenge. Found them tastier than Muscle Chef but they are slightly more expensive. The meals look more appetising to me and I appreciate their snacks.
Sarah S.16 Feb 2020
4.1 /516 Feb 2020
The variety of meals keeps me interested and motivated to continue progressing towards my health goals. I am never hungry as the meals are filling while also being low calorie and they are always fresh. The customer service has been exceptionally great. While not the cheapest, the quality, convenience and reliability are worth the investment.