Enhance Your Home Leg Workouts With Rice, Tripod & Books

Posted on Apr 02, 2020 By Ophie Ho Ophie Ho

Like everyone else, I’ve been stuck at home without weights so it’s inspired me to think outside the box and create these at-home alternatives to the conventional exercises I would do in the gym 😊

RB = Resistance Bands. You can buy these from eBay or Amazon!

1️⃣ RB + Rice Bag Squats | 3 sets x 15⁠

If you’ve got a rice bag, definitely put it to good use (other than eating it!). Looping a medium resistance band around your shoulder, then under your food (like you would a cross-body bag) will help to add resistance and make the movement more challenging. Remember, time under tension (controlling the downward movement) is going to be key with at-home workouts to make sure we’re properly activating and working the muscles!

2️⃣ RB + Book – Heel Elevated Narrow Squats | 3 sets x 15⁠

Grab a thick book and elevate your heels for these narrow stance squats! Adding the resistance band to create more tension and feel free to add your own version of weights if you’d like. Elevating the heels helps us to get a better range of motion for these and puts more emphasis on our quads.

3️⃣ RB + Door Anchor Lying Hamstring Curls | 3 sets x 15⁠

If you don’t have a door anchor, you can wrap the resistance band around a pole or a heavy object! These are fantastic and I honestly felt more of a burn on these than I do on the actual machine (HAHA short people problems – this is more tailored to me!). If you don’t have resistance bands, another great way to work hamstrings are nordic hamstring curls. Either slip your heels underneath a couch or have someone hold them down for you.⁠

4️⃣ RB + Door Anchor Leg Extensions | 3 sets x 15⁠

Popping a chair against the door (or pole if you don’t have a door anchor) can simulate leg extensions! Depending on the resistance required, you can either wrap the resistance band around multiple times OR pull the chair out further away from where the band is secured to create more tension. Remember – slow and controlled is going to be your best friend here.

5️⃣ RB + Door Anchor Glute Kickbacks | 3 sets x 15⁠

Getting up off the chair and turning around now to do glute kickbacks. Leaning on the chair helps us both to have better stabilisation but also a better range of motion for the kickback. Remember to SQUEEEZE at the very top of each movement!⁠

6️⃣ RB + Camera Tripod Hip Thrusts | 3 sets x 15⁠

I unfortunately don’t have a barbell at home… so grabbing ANYTHING that resembles a stick (I’m using a camera tripod but you could use a broom or a mop?), wrap two resistance bands around each end and slide yourself underneath to simulate hip thrusts! I’ve added a hip circle around my knees for extra tension and glute activation!

💡 Other Tips

🚩Do either of these in a superset to make it more challenging!⁠
🚩Add more resistance by wrapping the band around twice ✌️

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Ophie Ho
Ophie Ho
Ophie is a passionate health coach supporting women to achieve their health and fitness goals both physically and mentally. If she isn't in the gym, she's probably meal prepping, drinking boba, recording a podcast or laughing at dad jokes.


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