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Butter Chicken With Saffron Pilaf (My Muscle Chef)

Updated on Jul 12, 2022

Knock Knock! Who’s there…Buda…Buda who..Buda this chicken for me won’t you!

PFFFFFT Michael Scott

A few days a week, I manage a store in the city whilst the others I work behind a desk in the burbs and on those city days, I typically buy precooked meals from the local IGA which currently stocks Fitness Outcomes, My Muscle Chef & YouFoodz. Love the YouFoodz brownie bars!

Fitness Outcomes on special
Fitness Outcomes on special
My Muscle Chef
My Muscle Chef

I opted for the butter chicken with saffron pilaf – if you’ve read my other posts, I’m typically a safe eater and choose chicken more often. It’s like going to a fancy restaurant and still looking for the chicken parmigiana even though you told yourself you’ll try something different today.

Before heating My Muscle Chef

butter chicken with saffron pilaf before
My Muscle Chef Butter Chicken with Saffron Pilaf Heatwrapped

Depending how/where you purchase these meals from they can either be heated from ‘fresh’ or heated from frozen. Into the microwave for 2 minutes on high and the plastic film didn’t expand like it instructed on the reverse side of the packaging so I zapped it for another 30 seconds and we were done.

My Muscle Chef Butter Chicken with Saffron Pilaf heated
My Muscle Chef Butter Chicken with Saffron Pilaf – Heated

Realistically it’s not too bad, I mean what do you really expect with chicken and rice?

Everything was heated perfectly, no cold bits and no crunchy peas like you do 2 minute noodles. The chicken was actually tender and softer than I expected it to be for a meal sitting in the fridge albeit being a little on the bland side. Unlike a good steak, chicken needs marinating and spicers, and when cooked right – it really does make that much of a difference to the entire meal.

Serving size is very much similar to a lot of other meal providers and about the same as what I would pack for lunch sitting around 360g serving size. Whilst it is on the dearer side depending where you purchase from, the website is about $9.31 vs IGA $9.99 it still provides you with a decent meal. I didn’t feel full and I could have definitely gone for another meal but today I didn’t as I brought my own food to compare.

Fitness Outcomes Butter Chicken with Saffron Pilaf Nutritional Information
Fitness Outcomes Butter Chicken with Saffron Pilaf Nutritional Information

The bottom line

Overall, I think this is a strong 3.5/5, it has decent calories for a meal of its size, whilst a little higher on the carbs that I would prefer. For comparison, I would typically consume the following for lunch:

  • Jasmine Rice 125g
  • Chicken Tenderloins 180g
  • Broccoli, Carrots & Cauliflower 100g

Giving me a total of:

  • P: 61.3g protein
  • C: 42g protein
  • F: 8.8g
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