User Reviews (8)

Moana J.31 Jul 2020
4.5 /531 Jul 2020
I buy these meals each week from my local spud shed and they are delicious. Such a variety of meals jam packed with flavor! I tried to buy through their online portal but they're more expensive than through spud shed.
Emre T.14 Jul 2020
5.0 /514 Jul 2020
Ben L.07 Jul 2020
4.8 /507 Jul 2020
Pooja G.04 Jul 2020
4.5 /504 Jul 2020
Will P.20 Mar 2020
0.7 /520 Mar 2020
I brought one of each of their meals from spud shed as an alternative to my usual core powerfoods which raised in price. The first meal I opened had something inedible in it. I contacted the company on Facebook to try arrange a credit and they ghosted me, I even have screen shots showing the read message and non response. Avoid them like COVID-19
Georgia Y.16 Mar 2020
3.6 /516 Mar 2020
I enjoyed these meals especially the curry! I think they are probably priced a little high compared to the other brands I’ve tried value wise. Would love a little more variety and flavour.
George Z.12 Feb 2020
4.0 /512 Feb 2020
Have even these started appearing in local supermarkets like the Coles in Tooronga. Very similar to Muscle Chef. Generally tastes pretty good and has a pretty good variety. A little small for me, but it's good for portion control.