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Best Ketone Testing Devices To Check If You’re In Ketosis

Wondering if you're in ketosis? You need a ketosis test kit to help! From ketosis test strips to at-home ketosis blood tests, here are the best options.
# NAME TypePrice
Blood ketone meter ~$70
Blood ketone meter ~$60
Blood ketone meter ~$60
Breath ketone meter ~$217
Breath ketone meter ~$280
Breath ketone meter ~$187
Urine strip ~$26 (100 strips)
Urine strip ~$8 (50 strips)
Urine strip ~$40 (4 strips)
Updated on Mar 13, 2024

Keto’s all about low carbs and high fats, but knowing if you’re in ketosis can be tough. Ketone testing devices are game-changers here, letting you know if you’re burning fat effectively. They help you tweak your diet to stay on track.

If you’re in Australia and keen on keeping your keto journey in check, here’s a list of 9 great ketone-testing devices to consider.

Best Ketosis Test Kits Available In Australia

Best Blood Ketone Monitor

LifeSmart Smart Blood Glucose plus β-Ketone Monitoring System

Tests: Blood glucose, hematocrit, and ketone levels

Type: Blood ketone meter

Price : ~$70

What’s good?
Store and review data via the app
1000-set memory capacity
Wireless data transfer to phone
What’s not so good?
Set-up process not very straightforward

This advanced glucose and ketone blood meter not only measures your ketone and blood glucose levels but also syncs with your smartphone (iOS and Android) for easy data analysis, offering Bluetooth for wireless data transfer. It’s a blood testing device, requiring a finger prick and a small blood sample, with results in just 10 seconds.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, it stores up to 1000 readings. Note that you need specific LifeSmart ketone test strips, and a lancing device with lancets. This meter requires a larger blood sample (1.0 μL) for ketone testing compared to glucose testing

Abbott Freestyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose And Ketone Monitoring System

Tests: Blood glucose and ketone levels

Type: Blood ketone meter

Price : ~$60

What’s good?
High-contrast screen for easy viewing
Can hold up to 1000 readings
Sleek and lightweight design
What’s not so good?
Requires a slightly larger sample of blood

The Abbott Freestyle meter, suitable for blood glucose and ketone testing, features a clear, high-contrast screen that’s easy to read, even in bright sunlight. Quick results in 10 seconds and a 1000-reading memory capacity make it user-friendly, while its compact design enhances portability.

It uses FreeStyle OptiumNeo Strips, individually packaged for hygiene, and requires a lancing device and lancets. This meter needs the largest blood sample (1.5 μL) for ketone testing among similar devices. However, users have reported frequent error readings, often due to insufficient blood samples.

CareSens Dual

Tests: Blood glucose and ketone levels

Type: Blood ketone meter

Price : ~$60

What’s good?
Slighty smaller sample of blood required
Package inclusive of lancing device and 50 lancets
1000-slot memory
What’s not so good?
Ketone strips for this brand are quite pricey.

The Caresense Dual serves both as a blood glucose and ketone monitor. It comes with 50 lancets and a CareLance lancing device, and offers Bluetooth connectivity for easy data transfer to your phone.

This device delivers ketone readings in just 8 seconds, making it the quickest among its peers, and requires the smallest blood sample (0.5 µL) for ketone tests. Like others, it stores up to 1000 readings. Users find it user-friendly and fairly accurate, and its ketone strips are individually wrapped for hygiene and stability.

Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer Green Basic

Tests: Breath acetone levels

Type: Breath ketone meter

Price : ~$217

What’s good?
App allows you to store and review your data
Self-calibrated device
Sensor can be used for a long time
Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi compatible
What’s not so good?
Device cost is expensive

The Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer, compatible with mobile devices (Android and iOS), is a reusable, non-invasive breath ketone meter. It connects via Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB, and features free software updates and USB charging. You’ll need to download the Ketonix app to store and view your readings. This device measures acetone levels in PPM and self-calibrates, eliminating the need for frequent sensor replacement.

While user reviews are mixed, largely due to varying accuracy influenced by user technique, diet, and timing, the app is noted for its simple and functional interface, with many users finding device-app connectivity straightforward.

Best Breath Ketone Meter

Ketoscan Mini Breath Ketone Meter

Tests: Breath acetone levels

Type: Breath ketone meter

Price : ~$280

What’s good?
Results displayed on device and in-app
Impressive battery life
App allows you to record and review your ketone levels and weight
What’s not so good?
Need to send in your device for re-calibration and sensor replacement every 300 cycles

The Ketoscan meter is a portable, non-invasive breath acetone analyzer that syncs with your mobile device. It allows you to track, review, and export your ketone levels and weight via an app, though it can also display results (acetone levels in PPM) directly on the device.

The meter requires only a 3-second breath test for results and includes reminders for accurate testing. Users appreciate its long battery life and app utility, noting its high accuracy standards.

Ortorex Ketone Breath Meter

Tests: Breath acetone levels

Type: Breath ketone meter

Price : ~$187

What’s good?
Easy to operate
Compact and portable
What’s not so good?
Non-rechargeable (battery-operated)

The Ortorex Ketone Breath Meter, with its simple single-button operation, is user-friendly, even for beginners. It displays test results using three LED indicators (green, orange, or red) to show different ketosis states, delivering results in about 10 seconds.

The device includes four spare mouthpieces for hygienic sharing, and users find it convenient and portable due to its compact size.

Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips

Tests: Urine ketone levels

Type: Urine strip

Price : ~$26 (100 strips)

What’s good?
Lab-grade test strips
Reasonable pricing
Quick results
What’s not so good?
Strip discolouration if not kept properly after opening

The Perfect Keto Test Strips, popular on Amazon with a 4.2/5 star rating from over 30,000 reviews, help determine ketosis through urine analysis. Simply urinate on the stick or dip it in a cup of urine to see results in under a minute.

These lab-grade strips are user-friendly, economical in bulk, and provide quick results by comparing the strip’s color with the chart on the bottle. Users appreciate their accuracy, speed, and affordability, though it’s important to keep the bottle tightly closed to prevent strip discoloration, as noted by some users.

Bayer Keto Diastix Test Strips 50

Tests: Urine ketone and glucose levels

Type: Urine strip

Price : ~$8 (50 strips)

What’s good?
Very good value for money
Strips can test ketones and glucose
What’s not so good?
Some strips may be faulty

The Keto Diastix Test Strips are dual-function, allowing you to test for both glucose and ketones (acetoacetic acid) in urine. They change color based on the concentration of these substances, with results compared to a provided colour chart.

Users on a keto diet find these strips helpful for monitoring progress, though some have reported receiving faulty strips that didn’t change colour.

Vivoo Urine Test Strips with App

Tests: Ketone levels, hydration, kidney function, liver function, pH, UTI

Type: Urine strip

Price : ~$40 (4 strips)

What’s good?
Able to test 6 different parameters
Personalised analysis via the app
App interprets your results for you
What’s not so good?

The Vivoo Urine Test Strips, unique for measuring six parameters, are paired with an app for a quick two-minute urine analysis. Simply use the strip, then scan it with the Vivoo app for an easy-to-understand result.

These strips assess ketones, pH, kidney function, hydration, UTIs, and liver function, offering personalised advice for ketosis maintenance. Rated 4.2/5 stars on Amazon, they are pricier but user-friendly, with the app providing insights into various health aspects. However, some users doubt the analysis’s accuracy, and it’s important to remember these strips don’t replace standard lab tests.

Other Commendable Ketone Test Strips

Just Fitter and Kiss My Keto Ketone Strips
Just Fitter and Kiss My Keto Ketone Strips

For a no-frills ketone testing option, the Just Fitter Ketone Test Strips on Amazon are popular, costing $19.97 for 125 strips. They work by changing color when dipped in urine, similar to Perfect Keto strips.

Another budget-friendly choice is the Kiss My Keto Ketone Strips from iHerb, offering 200 strips for just $11.37. They also use the colour change method for results.

However, users have noted that these strips might not be as reliable as others, like the Bayer Keto Diastix Test Strips, and some may be faulty. So, while they’re good value, it’s wise to interpret the results cautiously.

Keto-Mojo Ketone Tests

Keto Mojo Monitor
Keto-Mojo Ketone and Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Keto-Mojo is one of the most popular brands known for its blood glucose and blood ketone testing devices and strips. Many of their US users highly regard the Keto-Mojo blood meter as one of the most accurate in the market. However, they are difficult to find and purchase in Australia (they’re not even sold on Amazon Australia).


Lumen monitoring device

Lumen is a versatile device that tracks more than just ketosis, making it suitable for anyone on a keto diet. It monitors progress and metabolism over time. It’s also appealing for those seeking a varied diet, as keto can be limiting.

The device works by measuring CO2 levels in your breath to determine your body’s main fuel source, carbs or fat. You breathe into Lumen, and based on the readings, it provides a tailored diet plan, plus daily tips on nutrition, sleep, and exercise through its app.

User reviews are mixed, with some losing weight successfully, while others question its effectiveness and the science behind it.

Choosing A Ketone Testing Device

There are currently three main ways to test your level of ketones. We’ll compare these three methods, breath, blood, and urine, to help you gauge which method might suit your wallet, preference, and lifestyle best.

Blood Ketone Meters

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Quick results
  • Suitable for beginner and experienced keto dieters
  • Many come with apps to store data and track progress
  • Results are less likely skewed by environmental factors
  • Expensive (you’ll need to purchase a lancing device, lancets, and blood ketone test strips
  • Finger pricks to draw blood sample

Blood ketone meters are considered the most accurate for testing ketones at home, particularly measuring beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) produced during low-carb, high-fat diets. While more precise than urine strips, they’re pricier due to ongoing costs for compatible test strips and lancets, plus the initial purchase of the monitor and lancing device. If accuracy is a priority and you’re okay with the investment, a blood ketone meter is an excellent choice.

Breath Ketone Meters

  • Suitable for those who do not wish to prick their fingers
  • Does not require strips, a lancing device, or lancets
  • Painless and non-invasive
  • Results can be skewed by environmental factors and device technique
  • Device calibration and sensor replacement required
  • Devices can be quite expensive

Breath ketone meters measure acetone, a byproduct of fat breakdown, to indicate ketosis levels. They’re generally reliable, but factors like diet, smoking, alcohol, exercise, and even mouthwash can affect accuracy. While they don’t need test strips or lancets, making them potentially more cost-effective, it’s important to use them correctly and be aware of maintenance like calibration. Do your research before buying, as cheaper models might not be very accurate.

Urine Ketone Strips

  • Cheaper option
  • Easy to use and non-invasive
  • Fast results
  • Not very accurate
  • Results can be impacted by your hydration levels
  • Not suitable for those on a long-term keto diet
  • Sensitive to humidity and air (destabilises over time after opening)

Urine ketone strips are affordable and easy to use, mainly for detecting diabetic ketoacidosis in people with diabetes. They’re also popular among keto diet followers to check for nutritional ketosis. To use them, you either urinate directly on the strip or dip it in a urine sample, with the colour change indicating ketone levels. However, they’re not as accurate as blood ketone monitors, especially over time, as the body adapts to the keto diet and excretes fewer ketones in urine.

Signs You’re in Ketosis Without Testing

  • Increased Thirst and Urination: As your body enters ketosis, it sheds excess water, leading to increased thirst and more frequent urination.
  • Keto Breath: A telltale sign of ketosis is a distinct breath odor, often described as fruity or similar to nail polish remover.
  • Reduced Appetite: Many people in ketosis experience a decrease in hunger. This is partly due to the appetite-suppressing effects of the diet and the ketones themselves.
  • Short-Term Fatigue: Initially, as your body transitions to burning fat instead of carbs, you might feel tired or fatigued. This is often temporary.
  • Increased Energy and Focus: After the initial fatigue phase, many report higher energy levels and sharper mental focus.
  • Weight Loss: Rapid weight loss in the first week or two is common, mainly due to water loss.
  • Digestive Changes: Some people experience changes in their digestive system, such as constipation or diarrhea, when they first start a keto diet.
  • Insomnia or Changes in Sleep Patterns: Initially, some people on a keto diet may experience difficulty sleeping or changes in their sleep patterns.

Remember, these signs can vary from person to person, and not everyone will experience all of them. Additionally, some of these symptoms can be associated with other conditions, so they’re not definitive proof of being in ketosis.

Updates made: 1. Replaced Ketonix Basic (no longer available) with Ketonix Green Basic. The Ketonix Green Basic can connect via Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB, has a shorter startup time, and has a permanent USB cable attached. 2. Replaced Coolker Ketone Breath Analyzer (not available currently) with Ortorex Ketone Breath Meter. The Ortorex Ketone Breath Meter is affordable, compact, portable, and user-friendly.

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