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8 Best Rice Cookers In Australia (2024) 🍚

Nothing beats the pure satisfaction of digging into the perfect bowl of steaming hot, fluffy rice. Here are the best rice cookers in Australia to nail your rice every time. 🍚
# NAME Cooking functionsPrice (AUD)Capacity (uncooked rice)
Cooking or steaming rice, cooking sushi rice, sticky rice, porridge, and cake, fast cook, reheat, and automatic keep warm$20010 cups
Cooking or steaming rice, steaming foods like vegetables or fish$597 cups
White rice/mixed, quick cook, sushi rice, brown rice, porridge, keep warm function$379Around 2-3 cups
Quick cook/steam, white rice, brown rice, porridge/soup, keep warm$995 cups
Automatic keep warm and steaming function$758 cups
Auto-cook programs for brown rice, white rice, quinoa, and more $1305 cups
Glutinous rice, brown rice, mixed rice, germinated brown rice (GABA), multi-cook, porridge, keep warm function$35010 cups
White rice, quinoa, brown rice, porridge, clay pot rice, slow cooker function, steaming, cake/bread$24910 cups
Updated on Mar 23, 2024

Cooking rice can be tricky, often ending in undercooked or mushy results. The solution? A rice cooker. It simplifies cooking and cleaning, perfect for rice lovers and meal preppers.

With countless options on Amazon and in stores, choosing one can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best rice cookers in Australia, along with a handy buying guide to help you choose.

Best Rice Cookers In Australia 🏆

Best Large capacity

Breville The Smart Rice Box

Cooking functions: Cooking or steaming rice, cooking sushi rice, sticky rice, porridge, and cake, fast cook, reheat, and automatic keep warm

Price (AUD): $200

Capacity (uncooked rice): 10 cups

What’s good?
Fuzzy logic technology (can cook different types of rice)
Ceramic-coated PFOA-free inner pot
Programmable digital timer (to preset cooking times)
Simple user interface for preset programs (brown rice, reheat, quick cook, etc)
What’s not so good?
Etched markings on the inner pot are hard to read
Keep warm function may be too hot (based on user reviews)

In the realm of advanced rice cookers, the micro-computerised model stands out. It utilizes fuzzy logic technology to adjust cooking temperatures, ensuring each type of rice, from sticky to sushi rice, is cooked to perfection. These cookers often come with a PFOA-free inner pot and user-friendly features like an LED display and a simple program panel. They’re ideal for meal prep due to their large capacity. However, reviews are mixed, with some users highlighting its versatility in cooking different grains and others pointing out flaws in the keep-warm function and difficulty reading pot markings.

Sunbeam Rice Cooker And Steamer

Cooking functions: Cooking or steaming rice, steaming foods like vegetables or fish

Price (AUD): $59

Capacity (uncooked rice): 7 cups

What’s good?
Simple one-push single button operation
Comes with steamer insert
Has a non-stick pot
What’s not so good?
Steam outlet is positioned next to the handle

If you’re on a budget, the Sunbeam rice cooker is a solid choice. It boasts a simple, one-push button operation without specific preset programs for different grains. It includes a steaming tray, which is a bonus for cooking vegetables or fish while your rice cooks. The non-stick inner pot and condensation collector add to its appeal, although some users caution about the steam vent’s proximity to the handle, which can be a safety concern.

Best Mini

Japan ZOJIRUSHI Rice Cooker 0.54L NS-LLH05-XA

Cooking functions: White rice/mixed, quick cook, sushi rice, brown rice, porridge, keep warm function

Price (AUD): $379

Capacity (uncooked rice): Around 2-3 cups

What’s good?
Microchip-computerised (can handle various types of rice)
Detachable lid for easy cleaning
Compact and space-saving
What’s not so good?
Small capacity for price
Requires Australian plug adaptor

For aficionados of brown rice and other special grains, the ZOJIRUSHI rice cooker is a popular pick. It’s especially appreciated for its even heat distribution and a detachable lid, which makes cleaning a breeze. However, its smaller capacity might not be ideal for those who need to cook large batches, making it more suited for smaller households or individual use.

Panasonic SRDF101WST Rice Cooker – 5 Cup Capacity

Cooking functions: Quick cook/steam, white rice, brown rice, porridge/soup, keep warm

Price (AUD): $99

Capacity (uncooked rice): 5 cups

What’s good?
Fuzzy logic technology (for various types of grains)
Simple one-touch operation to select from 4 preset programs
5-hour keep warm feature
What’s not so good?
Lengthy cooking duration
Water tends to pool and accumulate around the lid and edges (no condensation catcher)

Panasonic offers another microchip-based rice cooker, acclaimed for its ability to produce perfectly fluffy rice. It features a dome-shaped lid to prevent moisture buildup and a variety of cooking programs to cater to different needs. While praised for its easy one-touch operation and versatility, some users find its cooking times for brown rice excessively long, and the dome-lid design can be tricky to clean.


Cooking functions: Automatic keep warm and steaming function

Price (AUD): $75

Capacity (uncooked rice): 8 cups

What’s good?
Affordable price
Comes with a toughened glass lid for easy monitoring
What’s not so good?
Rice burns and sticks to inner pot (according to user reviews)

For those needing a larger capacity without a hefty price tag, the Set And Serve rice cooker is a viable option. It’s appreciated for its simplicity and the auto shut-off feature that kicks in after five hours, helping to prevent overcooking. However, some users have experienced issues with rice sticking to the pot, suggesting a bit of a learning curve in finding the right cooking ratios.

NutriBullet Everygrain Cooker

Cooking functions: Auto-cook programs for brown rice, white rice, quinoa, and more

Price (AUD): $130

Capacity (uncooked rice): 5 cups

What’s good?
Auto-cook program for different grains and steaming
Comes with a non-stick pot
Has delay start and keep warm features
What’s not so good?
Takes a while to cook
Non-detachable lid can be difficult to clean

The NutriBullet Everygrain Cooker is user-friendly, with automated programs for different grains and a steaming basket included. It’s noted for its set-and-forget convenience. However, cleaning can be challenging due to the non-detachable lid, and some users report steam accumulation issues.

CUCKOO Rice Pressure Cooker 10 Cups CRP-P1009S

Cooking functions: Glutinous rice, brown rice, mixed rice, germinated brown rice (GABA), multi-cook, porridge, keep warm function

Price (AUD): $350

Capacity (uncooked rice): 10 cups

What’s good?
Designed to handle different types of rice (including germinated brown rice)
Voice navigation built-in (English, Korean, and Chinese)
14 safety features
11 cooking functions
Auto steam-cleaning feature
What’s not so good?
Very expensive

At the higher end of the spectrum, the CUCKOO Rice Pressure Cooker is celebrated for its array of functions, including the ability to cook germinated brown rice, which is nutritionally superior. It features unique aspects like voice navigation and an auto steam-cleaning function, making it a versatile and convenient choice. While the price is steep, users who make full use of its capabilities find it a worthwhile investment.

Panasonic Premium 10-Cup Rice & Multi Cooker

Cooking functions: White rice, quinoa, brown rice, porridge, clay pot rice, slow cooker function, steaming, cake/bread

Price (AUD): $249

Capacity (uncooked rice): 10 cups

What’s good?
16 auto-cook programs
Detachable inner lid and steam vent
Large capacity
What’s not so good?
Flimsy steaming basket
Lengthy cooking duration based on reviews

If you’re looking for a product that has the right balance between price, features, and function, then this rice cooker may just fit the bill.

This Panasonic rice cooker comes with 16 different programs that enable you to whip up a range of different grains and ingredients, including brown rice, porridge, and quinoa. You can even choose your preferred texture of white rice (hard, soft, and regular).

Based on user reviews, this rice cooker is easy to operate and delivers impressive results each time, especially at its current price point. It also has a handy timer and a keep-warm function. However, some users have pointed out that the steaming basket is a little flimsy and does not feel durable.

How We Made This List of Best Rice Cookers ✅

To create our list of the best rice cookers, we’ve relied on a blend of our own experiences and thorough research.

We’ve dedicated hours to reviewing the features of each of these rice cookers, looked at customer feedback and analysed online reviews, ensuring our choices are well-informed and reflective of what real users think.

Is Cooking Rice in a Rice Cooker Better Than Boiling It? 🥵

Cooking rice in a rice cooker differs significantly from the traditional stovetop method. With a rice cooker, you can avoid common issues like boiling over or burning the bottom of the rice. It’s a ‘set and forget’ approach, allowing you to focus on other tasks while the rice cooks perfectly.

Plus, rice cookers often come with added functions for cooking various dishes like Hainanese chicken rice, congee, and even cakes, in a fraction of the usual time.

How To Choose The Best Rice Cooker 🤔

When choosing the best rice cooker, consider these key factors:


  • Assess the right size based on your regular usage. For those who meal prep or have larger families, a bigger capacity (like 10 cups) makes sense.
  • Smaller households or less frequent rice consumers might prefer a 3 or 5-cup cooker.
  • The right size is crucial: too little rice can affect cooking quality and damage the cooker, while too much can cause messy spillages.

Rice Types and Additional Features

  • Think about the types of rice you’ll cook. Most cookers handle white rice well, but for brown or special varieties, choose carefully.
  • Some cookers have preset programs for different grains like quinoa, oats, sushi rice, or even porridge and congee.
  • Features like steaming trays add versatility, allowing you to cook vegetables or fish alongside rice.

Versatility and Multi-Functionality

  • Multi-cookers are an excellent choice for those seeking more than just rice cooking. They often include slow cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, sautéing, and warming functions.
  • These models can replace several kitchen appliances, saving space but may come with a higher price tag.

Type of Rice Cooker

FeatureTraditional/Conventional Rice CookerJar-o-mat Rice CookerMicro-computerised Rice Cooker
OperationOne-push (on/off button)One-push button (on/off) plus automatic switch to keep-warmComputer chip for temperature and settings adjustments
Keep-Warm FunctionAutomatic switch to keep-warm after cookingAutomatic switch to keep-warm after cookingProgram-based, automatic adjustments
Lid TypeMetal or see-through glass; may allow heat escape leading to uneven cookingHinged lid that seals tightly, preventing heat escapeVaries, often tightly sealed for optimal cooking
Heating ElementLocated at the bottomPresent at the bottom, sides, and sometimes the inner lidAdjusts temperature throughout cooking for consistent results
Ease of UseGenerally easy, best for plain white riceSuitable for plain white rice, better heat distributionVersatile, suitable for various grains and dishes, offers steaming or slow cooking
Special FeaturesLimited additional featuresPrevents crusting of rice, more even cookingOptions for brown rice, white rice, porridge, oats, quinoa; ‘quick cook’ in some
Best Suited ForSimple rice cooking needsThose preferring quality white rice cookingUsers seeking versatility, convenience, and a range of cooking options
SizeCommonly more compact and petiteCommonly more compact and petiteVaries, often larger due to additional features

Instant Pot: Offers a wide range of cooking functions but its preset rice program is generally best for long-grain white rice.

Multi-Function Rice Cooker: Features fuzzy logic technology with programs for different grain types like brown, sticky, sushi rice, or risotto, allowing for customised cooking processes for optimal quality.

Choosing the Best Inner Pot for Rice Cookers 🫕

  • Non-Stick Coating Concerns: Non-stick (often Teflon) pots are easy to clean but there were past concerns about health risks from chemicals like PFOA. However, Teflon has been PFOA-free since 2013, making it generally safe as it doesn’t reach harmful temperatures in rice cookers.
  • Alternatives: For those still cautious, options include stainless steel pots (durable but not non-stick) or ceramic pots (non-stick and chemical-free).
  • Ease of Cleaning: Most rice cooker pots are dishwasher safe for convenience.

Additional Rice Cooker Features to Consider 👀

  • User-Friendly Design: Look for simple one-touch operations. Many come with accessories like measuring cups and recipe booklets.
  • Brand and Durability: Opt for reputable brands for better quality and longevity. Proper care and maintenance are key to the appliance’s durability.
  • Budget Considerations: Balance your budget with the need for quality. Cheaper models may not always be the best value.

Why is the Zojirushi Rice Cooker Popular in Australia? 🇦🇺

The Zojirushi rice cooker has gained popularity in Australia for its consistent performance and ability to cook a variety of grains perfectly.

Known for its superior quality in preparing brown rice and other special grains, it stands out for its even heat distribution and user-friendly features.

The detachable lid for easy cleaning and its suitability for small households make it a practical choice for many. Its ability to consistently deliver perfectly cooked rice with minimal effort has made it a favoured appliance in Australian kitchens.

Best Rice Cookers Australia FAQ

How long can you store cooked rice in the fridge?

You can generally store rice (all types) in the fridge for up to 3 or 4 days. [4]

How do you store cooked rice safely?

If you don’t plan on eating the rice immediately, the safest way to store cooked rice is to pop it into your fridge, preferably within an hour after the cooking process is completed. It’s best not to leave the cooked rice sitting around at room temperature for more than an hour. [5]

What’s the best way to reheat overnight rice?

Many rice cookers come with the option for reheating. If you’re meal prepping for the entire family, then you may wish to store the rice in a separate airtight container and then pop it into the rice cooker for reheating before serving.

However, if you’ve split your rice meals into individual portions and containers, you can use the microwave to reheat the entire meal. No matter which method you use, ensure that the whole batch of reheated rice is piping hot throughout to protect yourself and your family from food poisoning bouts.

What’s the general ratio of rice to water?

When using a rice cooker, the general ratio of rice to water is 1:1 for standard long-grain white rice, though this can vary. It’s best to follow the instructions provided in the manual, as this ratio may differ between models.

How many servings does one cup of uncooked rice yield?

One cup of uncooked rice weighs approximately 200-230g, and this varies depending on the type of rice you’re cooking. Generally, one cup of uncooked dry rice can serve around two to three adults.

How do you tell if your cooked rice has gone bad?

Some telltale signs of spoilt rice can be drawn from examining the texture and smell of the rice. Look out for red flags such as:

  • Mould (presents as green, black, or blue spots)
  • Slimy or gooey texture
  • Strange or displeasing smell
  • Extremely dry, hard, or crumbly texture

In any of these instances, it’s best to discard the rice and whip up a new batch to eliminate any risk of food poisoning.

Which type of rice is the healthiest?

If you’re looking to kickstart your meal prep journey with healthier rice dishes, the more nutritious options would be black rice, red rice, and brown rice. These are loaded with nutritional compounds that confer several health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, oxidative stress, cholesterol levels, and blood fat levels.

If you love rice as much as we do, dropping some funds to purchase a good and durable rice cooker will be one of the best investments yet! Why? Well, because cooking rice does not have to be a fuss or hassle!

Find a rice cooker that suits your personal needs best, and before you know it, this trusty companion will take its place as your loyal and indispensable kitchen sidekick!

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