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7 Best Electric Grills In Australia (2024) πŸ₯“

Effortlessly bulk prepare meals with our picks for the best electric grills in Australia, perfect for indoor grilling and meal prep.
πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (x2 for open BBQ mode) ~$540
πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (x2 for open BBQ mode) ~$320
πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—From ~$75
Updated on Mar 23, 2024

Searching for the best electric grill to take your meal prepping to the next level?

We’ve got you covered with our list of the best electric grills on the Australian market. We’ll go over the pros, cons and help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

The Best Electric Grills In Australia 2024 πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Best for Grill Pros

Tefal OptiGrill + XL GC722 Smart Electric Grill


Price (AUD): ~$320

What’s good?
Automatic sensor cooking technology
9 automatic preset cooking programs
Colour-coded cooking indicator signals the doneness of cooked food
Detachable dishwasher-safe plates
What’s not so good?
Slower cooking
Not beginner-friendly (complicated instructions according to users)

The Tefal OptiGrill stands out with its automatic sensor cooking technology.

It detects the thickness and number of items on the grill, adjusting the temperature and time for you. There’s also a handy indicator light showing when your meat is perfectly cooked. You can choose from automatic programs for different foods or use manual mode for more control.

People love how it drains fat while keeping meat juicy and tender, and its large size is great for meal prep. The removable plates are a breeze to clean in the dishwasher.

However, some find it heats slowly and isn’t the easiest to use, so checking out some how-to videos or the manual before starting is a good idea.

Best Budget

George Foreman Family Steel Grill GR25042AU


Price (AUD): ~$60

What’s good?
Space efficient and compact
Lightweight and portable
What’s not so good?
Non-detachable plates
Smaller capacity

The George Foreman Family Steel Grill is a budget-friendly option that reduces fat in meat by up to 42%. It can cook five portions at once and is versatile enough for fish, veggies, chicken, sandwiches, and even frozen food.

The grill features a removable drip tray and non-stick plates, making cleaning easier. It’s also compact and can be stored vertically. Users generally like its quick heating, lightweight design, and easy maintenance.

However, some find it hard to clean since the plates don’t detach, unlike other models.

Best For Beginners

Sage The Smart Grill Pro

GRILLING CAPACITY: πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (x2 for open BBQ mode)

Price (AUD): ~$540

What’s good?
Five pre-programmed meat settings
Can fold out into an open BBQ
Includes intergrated probe to tell you when your meat is done
Removable non-stick grills
What’s not so good?

Sage’s Smart Grill Pro, at $499, is pricey but packed with features. It has precise heating for perfect steaks and a temperature probe that tells you when to rest your meat, displayed on an LCD. Great for different meats with pre-set options, and it’s easy to clean with removable non-stick plates.

Users love its even heat, quick preheating, and large cooking area. It’s ideal for beginners and good for both indoors and outdoors, though a bit heavy. Worth the investment if you grill often, but consider a cheaper option if you’re an occasional griller

Best Lightweight

Sunbeam CafΓ© Style Sandwich Press and Maker


Price (AUD): ~$55

What’s good?
Space-saving compact grill
Non-stick plates
What’s not so good?
Non-removable plates
Smaller capacity

Meet the Sunbeam CafΓ© Style Sandwich Press and Maker, the most budget-friendly pick on our list! It’s a durable mini press ideal for breakfast sandwiches, thin meats, and toasted snacks. It features a non-stick coating, a ribbed top and flat bottom plate, and a height-adjustable hinge for thicker items.

While it’s smaller and not meant for big BBQs, it’s perfect for quick breakfast prep. It heats up fast and is easy to use. It doesn’t have temperature control, but for its price, users are pretty happy with what it can do!

Best for BBQ

Breville Sear And Press Grill

GRILLING CAPACITY: πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (x2 for open BBQ mode)

Price (AUD): ~$320

What’s good?
Operates on one-touch presets
Open BBQ mode doubles space
Temperature can be independently adjusted for top and bottom plates
Detachable and reversible grill and griddle hotplates
What’s not so good?
Bulky and space-consuming

The Breville Sear and Press Grill excels in versatility, handling everything from burgers to waffles with its non-stick, reversible plates, including a waffle option. It’s got an open flat BBQ mode for extra space and precise temperature control, with simple presets.

While it’s a bit bulky and can be tricky to clean, users love its solid build and the variety it brings to the kitchen, especially with the bonus waffle plates.

Largest Capacity

George Foreman Large Fit Grill


Price (AUD): From ~$75

What’s good?
Floating hinge for cooking thicker food
Large cooking capacity
What’s not so good?
Non-removable plates
Lettering on inner plates makes cleaning harder

The George Foreman Large Fit Grill can cook up to nine portions at once and has an adjustable rear foot for flat or angled grilling. This angle helps drain fats, and its non-stick plates make cleaning easier. It heats up 160% faster than an electric oven, has a floating hinge for even cooking of thick foods, and can be stored vertically to save space.

It’s affordable and versatile, popular for quick, large-batch cooking with easy storage. However, it lacks a handle, which can make using it a bit tricky when hot. The non-detachable plates and the embossed brand name on the cooking plate can make cleaning a bit of a hassle.

Most Versatile

Ninja Foodi Grill AG301 – 4 in 1 Cooking Appliance


Price (AUD): ~$340

What’s good?
Can grill, air fry, dehydrate, roast, and bake
Smoke-free technology
Cyclonic grilling technology means no midway flipping is required
Perfect for quick and healthy cooking
What’s not so good?
Emits small amount of smoke (based on user reviews)
Bulky, heavy, space-consuming

The Ninja Foodi Grill lets you grill, air fry, roast, bake, and more. It’s great for apartments with its smoke-free technology and cooks food evenly without needing to flip it. It comes with a ceramic-coated pot, grill plate, and crisper basket, all dishwasher-safe.

Users love it for making quick, easy, and healthy meals, even with frozen foods, and praise its consistent cooking results. It’s also easy to clean. However, it’s not entirely smoke-free with all foods, and its bulky design can make storage a bit tricky, taking up significant counter space.

What Is An Electric Grill? πŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ³

The electric grill heats up using electrical elements and just needs plugging in to start. They come in many sizes with different features for different needs. Small ones fit on countertops, and larger ones are great for outdoor parties for up to fifteen people.

electric grill for outdoor use
Image source: Canva

Electric Grill Pros & Cons πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

βœ… Minimal smoke, suitable for indoor and outdoor
βœ… Simple temperature control to prevent burning.
βœ… Just plug in to start, no extra setup needed.
βœ… Low fire risk and considered the healthiest option.
βœ… Better for the environment than other grills.
βœ… Dishwasher-safe parts for easy maintenance
❌ Electric grills don’t provide the
smoky flavour like charcoal grills do.
❌ Charcoal grills top for smoky taste,
followed by gas, with electric last.
❌ Electric grills are usually more
expensive to buy than gas or charcoal grills.

How To Choose The Best Electric Grill 🀌🏻

If you’re keen on investing in an electric grill, here are some considerations to keep in mind while you’re shopping!

  • Size: Large models suit outdoor BBQs and can feed a crowd, while smaller ones are good for meal prepping and easy storage.
  • Budget: There are affordable models with basic features like temperature controls and non-stick plates. Pricier models offer more functions.
  • Features: High-end grills might have preset programs, digital controls, extra cooking functions like air frying, and smart sensors. More expensive grills often have removable, dishwasher-safe plates, unlike cheaper models.

Are Electric Grills Worth It? πŸ€”

Short answer: Yes!

They’re a top pick for their convenience and safety, especially if you’re into indoor grilling or have limited space. With easy temperature control and minimal smoke, they’re a breeze to use.

Plus, they’re healthier and eco-friendlier than traditional grills. So, if you’re after hassle-free cooking without missing out on tasty grilled food, an electric grill could be a great addition to your kitchen!

Electric Grill FAQs πŸ‘€

Are electric grills safe for indoor use?

Yes, they’re safe for indoor use as they produce minimal smoke and fumes.

Are electric grills healthy?

Electric grills are considered healthy as they require less oil and reduce the risk of carcinogens compared to charcoal or gas grills.

How long can I store grilled meat?

Grilled meat can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days and in the freezer for 2-6 months.

What can I meal prep using the grill?


  • Sausages, chicken breast, burger patties, steak, beef slices, turkey slices, bacon.


  • Eggplant, corn, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, cauliflower, pumpkin, carrots.

Does food taste good on an electric grill?

Of course! However, the taste may differ from the traditional barbecue taste you’re familiar with. Some people would still prefer the smoky taste of meat done on a charcoal grill, but the electric grill wins hands down in terms of convenience and cleaning up.

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