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Aldi’s My Muscle Chef Copy That’s Incredibly Good Value

POSTED ON Aug 12, 2020

So approximately six months ago, Aldi brought to the market a new range of pro meals.

They were called Pro Meals, and they had their own range, their own website and same vacuum seal technology that has made My Muscle Chef so popular. Coincidence? Not really.

Aldi are known to hire other companies to create their own products and just simply repackage them for Aldi shelves.

At some point in the last six months, Aldi then decided to change their Pro Meals name to become Foodi Fresh carrying the same meals as My Muscle Chef but for a substantially cheaper price. The fact of the matter is that these Aldi meals are for sale for only $6.95 whilst the My Muscle Chef meals go for an average of $9.95 if not more, and all you’re getting is a little bit more black beans.

Foodi Fresh Aldi Meals vs My Muscle Chef

Nicholas Cummins
Nicholas Cummins
Journalist working in news media for over a decade with outlets including 9News and the Discovery Channel.

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  1. Sue Brunskill
    Sue Brunskill

    Just started trying these meals Last week they are fantastic. I don’t want to cook again.

    I’ve throes 3 different meals and they are amazing.

    Stocked up again last night.

  2. Angela

    The Food Fresh Meals taste like rubbish! And the Chipotle Chicken now has an ingredient list a mile long! God only knows why these companies fiddle with products that are absolutely fantastic! I might add I went and tried the Chipolte Chicken with My Muscle Chef and it was no where near as good as the same meal under the Pro Meals Label! I was addicted to the Mushroom Strogonoff Pasta too!

    I’ve just written to Aldi telling them the foodi fresh meals are crap!

    • Barbara

      Rubbish! The Foodi Fresh Chicken Parmigiana with sweet potato & broccoli is totally excellent! The chicken was not rubbery and half breadcrumbs, the sweet potato was cooked ‘just right’ as was the broccoli, not overcooked and all with a freshness and home cooked flavour. I have bought for years by necessity, prepared frozen meals from all the supermarkets and I can say definitely that this is the best ever and will buy again. Excellent price, but would pay more. This is/was the only choice in that brand in my local Aldi. Would love to know what others there are?

  3. Kevin

    Are these meals still available at Aldi?

  4. Deborah Paggi
    Deborah Paggi

    I have tried a few different types of brands but I have to say!!!!! Foodi Fresh is the best brand by far. I really like it but had the chicken parmigiana sweet potato and broccoli and will be trying the others you have. I have promoted your product to so many people. I work for a large organisation and I know they will also love your products. It goes off the shelves at Aldi and I wish you put more stock out so people could buy more.

Nicholas Cummins
Nicholas Cummins
Journalist working in news media for over a decade with outlets including 9News and the Discovery Channel.