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YEAH BUDDY Road to Recovery 8x Mr Olympia

POSTED ON Mar 08, 2016

8 x Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman recently posted a video of his recovery at the (RCRC) Ronnie Coleman Rehabilitation Camp still maintaining that beast physique!

This isn’t the first time big Ron has had to recover from serious injuries – he suffered his first major injury in 96′ from a herniated disc whilst squatting, and at the age of 50 had four spinal surgeries and a double hip replacement. The body can only handle so much, squatting 800 pounds and dead lifting 800 pounds will add ridiculous stress.


At the Rehabilitation Camp – Ronnie goes through a basic regime, getting up at 7:00 am, begins his PCT Dress for Therapy, his therapy from 8:30 am – starting out with a bit of walking and 45 minutes on the bike followed by other daily routines.

Everyday he consumes 3 meals per day, but as we all know the big man can eat a bucket of boiled potatoes and a whole chicken, LIGHT WEIGHT BABY, so double portions for big ron!

double portions

His discharge date was set for March 2nd, which Ronnie says “so in 7/8 days I’ll be walking outta here and I guarantee you I’ll have it for ya’ll to see”

The International Sports Hall of Fame was held over the weekend for which Ronnie Coleman was inducted into – a great achievement for somebody who has such determination and an inspiration to thousands! Also Y’Arnold giving him that T-800 look, I’ll be back!

award Ronnie

Watch Big Ron as he begins his recovery! You have our support all the way Ain’t nothing but a peanut babeeeehhh!






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