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We Tried Out Meal Provider MACROS & Here’s What We Thought

I was recently tasked with trying and then reviewing one of our favourite meal providers – MACROS! Like many of us, I have to consider not only the food that I want and need, but the food my Fiancé enjoys too, so to figure out how couple friendly MACROS is, I invited my partner to take part in the review.
POSTED ON Feb 23, 2021

I broke down my review into four sections, the variety, the website, the packaging & delivery and the flavour, I then gave the overall experience a rating from 1-10 (10 being unfaultable).


Variety speaks to the volume and variety of dishes available on the MACROS menu. Being that I am gluten intolerant, I often find that meal providers don’t exactly have a huge variety of meals for me to choose from and if they do, they aren’t always the most exciting. Luckily, many of the MACROS dishes are gluten free, which gave me plenty of dishes to choose from this time around.

My Fiancé loves cooking, so if given the choice, won’t normally opt for ready-made meals. When it comes down to food variety, he finds that some meal providers lack originality and often opt for basic dishes like baked chicken and potatoes or dishes that he could cook himself. He was pleased to find when I suggested MACROS that there was plenty of interesting dishes for him to choose from, many of which he had never tried and wouldn’t ordinarily cook at home.


Sometimes ordering from a meal provider is easier said than done, especially if the website is difficult to navigate. The MACROS interface is simple to use and makes finding the right meal plan for your weight loss goals super easy!

There are multiple tabs at the top of the page, including the ‘MENU’ (which is pretty self-explanatory) and ‘PLANS’ which outlines the types of meal plans available. If you click on MENU, this will take you through to all of the different dishes available; you can then filter your choices by preference, intolerance and allergy (no added gluten, paleo, etc.).

Once you’ve decided what you’re after, you can then go ahead and start the ordering process. There are multiple plans for you to choose from, each focusing on different needs and goals including fitness, plant-based, family, gain and more. After you’ve done this, you can then choose how many meals you want for the week, you are then taken through to a payment page and then finally, back to the menu where you can lock in your chosen meals.

Package & Delivery

When it came down to delivery, there was only a small discrepancy! Once the items are delivered, you are supposed to receive a text message to let you know the food has arrived however, I didn’t receive the message until late afternoon. Luckily, you are able to track the delivery online, so I was able to determine fairly early that my package had already arrived. The delivery had only been on my doorstep for 45 minutes; however, this was enough time for the box to heat up on the sun.

Fortunately, the packaging was well done! The food arrived in a large cardboard box which was well insulated inside. It also contained to large frozen packages to keep the food nice and cold which meant the time in the sun had no effect on the food.


Now this is arguably the most important part of the entire review – the flavour! Not going to lie, we were a little concerned based on previous experiences with other meal providers that the flavours in the dishes may be a little bland, but I am pleased to say our assumptions were wrong and most of the food was absolutely jam-packed full of flavour.

While most of the dishes were delicious, there were one or two dishes between us which could have done with a little more seasoning, but this definitely wasn’t a deal breaker!

All in all, our experience with MACROS was a pleasant one! There were no issues regarding the ordering, packaging or delivery and most importantly, the food was delicious. MACROS is perfect if you are on the journey to weight loss, especially if you need a little bit of extra help keeping track of your calories and macros (we definitely did!). Check out the video for my final comments and to find out what I rated the experience from 1 to 10!

Georgia Marr
Georgia Marr
Gold Coast based Journalist, entertainment writer and lover of a good story with a penchant for food and beverage writing.


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Georgia Marr
Georgia Marr
Gold Coast based Journalist, entertainment writer and lover of a good story with a penchant for food and beverage writing.