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The Five Best Ways To Justify Those Easter Calories

It’s been a VERY long weekend full of fun, sun and most importantly, endless piles of chocolate. As alluring as that pile of chocolate eggs actually is, eventually we are going to have to get back to our regular diets full of nutritious meat and veg, minus the high calorie chocolate!
UPDATED ON Jul 12, 2022

Although it’s important we get back to eating healthy, this doesn’t mean we have to chuck out or donate the left-over chocolate we’ve accumulated over the long weekend. Eating chocolate doesn’t have to be bad, as long as you’re eating it in reasonable quantities, and you balance out your diet and health regime to make room for your Lindt bunny or Cadbury crème egg (whatever your poison).

Here’s a list of five things you can do to justify your Easter egg consumption!

1. Exercise

This one might seem like an obvious one, but we have to stress the importance of including a healthy amount of exercise into your day, whether it be an hour-long walk, a jog or some light boxing – make sure you are burning off those calories. If you are looking for faster results, high intensity aerobic exercises such as jump rope, burpees and star jumps are going to propel you into calorie burning territory.

2. Swap out your snacks

If you are munching down on your Easter egg instead of your allocated 1 cup of blueberries, make sure you are ditching the blueberries completely rather than eating chocolate as well as your regular meals. Let me be clear, we are not recommending substituting dinner for chocolate, however, we do suggest replacing those smaller snacks with a bit of cheeky choccie!

3. Eat low calorie meals 

In case you didn’t know, chocolate is extremely high in calories, that’s why it’s recommended you don’t totally gorge yourself on ridiculous amounts of chocolate in one sitting. To balance out the chocolate that you do eat, try switching out calorie heavy dinners and lunches for a low-calorie salad or wrap.

4. Fasting 

Fasting isn’t for everyone but it can be a great solution to your incessant chocolate binging. When you fast, you are essentially giving your body extra time to process the food you’ve already eaten. For example, after dinner, try fasting from 8PM until 10AM the following day, giving your body 14 hours to process last night’s dinner and Easter egg-based dessert. The amount of time you fast for is really up to you, but most seasoned fasters usually fast for between 14-16 hours.

5. Head out on a hike

If you’re not a fan of strenuous exercise, grab a friend and head out for a full day of physical activity. Take advantage of our spectacular landscape and head on out for a mountain hike or bike ride! There are plenty of different hiking locations across the country, most of which have different levels of experience. If like me, you’re not a fan of steep hills, try to take on a beginner’s trail which is usually some type of gradual incline making it far less intense on your legs!

These five tips for balancing out your Easter egg intake should help you to counterbalance the wild number of calories you’ll find in your chocolate eggs. Easter is, after all, a celebration, so don’t be too hard on yourself and try to enjoy indulging in some of your favourite chocolate treats without letting the guilt weigh you down!

Georgia Marr
Georgia Marr
Gold Coast based Journalist, entertainment writer and lover of a good story with a penchant for food and beverage writing.
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Georgia Marr
Georgia Marr
Gold Coast based Journalist, entertainment writer and lover of a good story with a penchant for food and beverage writing.
Have a question? Contact us