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The Best Meal Providers in Sydney (2024) 🇦🇺

# NAME Delivery days per weekCost of delivery
MMC offers three order cut off days - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.$15.00 (but free if you subscribe)
Saturday – Tuesday$12.00
Monday-Saturday (choose between 12.00am-7.30am or 8am-6pm)$15.00 (free over $50)
Sunday – ThursdayFlat $15.00 per order
Friday (metro)$14.95 (free on orders over $200)
Sunday-Saturday$15.00 (Free when you subscribe)
Wed-Fri (some areas Sat-Mon)$9.99
Mon, Wed & Fri$7.50 (free over $100)
Updated on Mar 23, 2024

With so many different ready-made meal providers in Sydney, it can be tough to know which one is best to suit your needs. 

Whether you’re an athlete 🏋🏻‍♂️, vegan 🥬, gluten-free 🚫🍞, eating keto 🧈 or whatever your situation might be, the good news is there is a dedicated meal provider out there that’s your perfect fit.

From the “best of the best” to the best for athletes, the best for vegans and more, this guide is the only guide you need to get the lay of the meal provider land in Sydney and find the best meal provider to suit your needs

The Best Meal Providers in Sydney List 👇🏻

Best All-Rounder

1. My Muscle Chef

Delivery days per week: MMC offers three order cut off days – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Cost of delivery: $15.00 (but free if you subscribe)

Delivery time frame: Order by 1pm for next-day delivery between 8am-6pm

Delivery locations: National

What’s good?
Meal plans to suit your fitness goals
Packs to suit a variety of dietary needs
What’s not so good?
Some complaints about small portion sizes
Some customers complain about delivery issues

My Muscle Chef makes it in as our recommended best all-rounder meal provider in Sydney for a number of reasons, and not just because it’s one of the top-rated meal delivery services in Australia. In fact, it’s been the number one meal delivery service on for five years in a row. What’s great about My Muscle Chef is its high level of customisation – you can choose from its goal-based plans or its weight loss-targeted fixed sets.

With 50+ high protein meals, vegan options, sustainably sourced ingredients and delivered fresh not frozen, it’s no wonder it’s such a highly rated meal provider in Sydney. All meals are low carb, low fat, low sugar meals, with additional healthy snacks and drinks optional. MMC’s team of chefs work closely with their Head Nutritionist to develop a wide variety of meals that help with weight loss and dedicated gym goers. 

Best MMC Alternative

2. Chefgood

Delivery days per week: Saturday – Tuesday

Cost of delivery: $12.00

Delivery time frame: Place an order by Wednesday 11.30pm to receive order Saturday – Tuesday

Delivery locations: National

What’s good?
Weekly rotating menu
Lots of meal plan options to suit a variety of diets
What’s not so good?
Delivery isn’t as frequent as other providers

Chefgood comes in as another highly-rated meal provider in Sydney, and a good alternative to My Muscle Chef if that provider doesn’t suit you for whatever reason. Chefgood is particularly good for weight loss as a dedicated ‘Slim & Trim’ weight loss plan, with all meals under 350 calories each. You can choose between 5, 7, 10 or 14 meals per week. They also have meal plans based on dietary requirements like vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and so on. 

Chefgood creates healthy meals with fresh seasonal produce, working with local farmers and growers in sourcing fresh ingredients. They have a new menu weekly, so you won’t get bored of the same meals over and over.

In terms of customisation, there’s not much you can add or change, but they are pretty good when it comes to dietary requirements, with all meals labelled with whether they are gluten free, vegan, dairy free and so on. They deliver nationally to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra (including regional areas).

Best Keto Option

3. A Life Plus

Delivery days per week: Monday-Saturday (choose between 12.00am-7.30am or 8am-6pm)

Cost of delivery: $15.00 (free over $50)

Delivery time frame: Order before Wed 8pm for delivery Mon & Tues, before Fri 8pm for delivery Wed & Thurs and before Mon 8pm for delivery Fri & Sat

Delivery locations: National

What’s good?
100% keto and plant-based meals
Customers suggest meals are good sizes and very filling
What’s not so good?
Some customers report issues with over-communication (spam messages)

A Life Plus is great for those following a keto diet (and really anyone with any type of dietary requirement from plant-based to an alkaline diet, and more). 

Perhaps the best thing about A Life Plus is the amount of customisation and control you have over your meals. A Life Plus is able to personalise the dishes to your goals, preferences and dietary needs by hand-cooking every one of your dishes to order using fresh, organic ingredients.

Before you purchase a Keto Meal Plan, A Life Plus calculates the number of calories, proteins and fats you’ll need to achieve Ketosis and takes your health goals (e.g. weight loss) into account.

This includes personalising your dietary preferences (e.g. Vegetarian, no gluten), and removing ingredients you don’t like (e.g no fish, dairy) all the way to your individual calorie level requirements. (e.g. I don’t want to exceed 1200 calories).

There are over 60 keto dishes rotating in the meal plans with 2 new dishes added per week. A Life Plus delivers all across Australia, too.

Best for Fitness/Athletes

4. Food4Fitness

Delivery days per week: Sunday – Thursday

Cost of delivery: Flat $15.00 per order

Delivery time frame: Order before Wednesday 9pm: For a Sunday/Monday or following Wednesday/Thursday delivery or by Friday 9pm for the following Wednesday/Thursday delivery.

Delivery locations: National

What’s good?
Offer sample boxes to try before you fully buy
Buy cooked bulk packs to mix and match your macro needs
What’s not so good?
Some customers have complained about issues with customer service
Delivery issues have also been a problem for some customers

Designed and prepared by professional chefs, Food4Fitness meals make eating healthy effortless and satisfying. They cater for specific dietary requirements with custom meals that allow you to build meals that suit your own nutritional needs. 

You can choose from signature meal packs, or select meals via a custom meal builder. They also offer the option of cooked bulk food, which is pretty neat. These allow you to mix and match a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables, to create your meals your own way. So whether your routine calls for more protein, carbs, added greens or simply more flexibility without the extra cost, you can create individual meals to suit your fitness needs

There’s also a $99 weight loss pack, breakfast and snacks, and even sample boxes in case you want to try before you fully buy.

Best for Vegan/Plant-Based

5. Garden of Vegan

Delivery days per week: Friday (metro)

Cost of delivery: $14.95 (free on orders over $200)

Delivery time frame: Order by Monday for delivery on Friday and choose between 12am-7am or 7am-6pm

Delivery locations: National

What’s good?
A great provider to help transition to plant-based eating
Great customer service & communication
What’s not so good?
Some customers complain food is either too bland or over-seasoned
Price is an issue for some customers

Garden of Vegan’s entire menu is vegan-friendly. Using certified organic, non-GMO and locally sourced ingredients, Garden of Vegan serves delicious, low-carb, nutrient-dense meals designed and prepared by its in-house team of chefs, nutritionists, and health experts.

They have a range of meal plans (like weight loss and fitness), or you can pick and choose what you want. However, the minimum order is $79.00, (or a minimum of 6 meals). You can choose meals from its seasonal menu each week, to suit your current lifestyle and customise your meal plan/box with ease.

Best Local Option

6. Workout Meals

Delivery days per week: Sunday-Saturday

Cost of delivery: $15.00 (Free when you subscribe)

Delivery time frame: Next day delivery. Choose between 12am-6am or 8am-6pm window.

Delivery locations: National

What’s good?
Satisfying and filling meals
Has own dedicated farm
What’s not so good?
Some customers complain of poor packaging
Some customers suggest food quality is hit and miss

Workout Meals is a Sydney-based provider with their very own farm in Kulnura, NSW. They use high-quality ingredients from Australia and New Zealand, which includes food from their farm. On the team are real restaurant chefs and qualified nutritionists designing the best-tailored meals to go alongside their customer’s fitness journey no matter what the workout is.

Workout Meals offers a range of “meal packs” with weight loss being one of them. Every aspect of Workout Meals is designed with the time-poor, health and fitness-focused customers in mind.

When selecting the weight loss meal pack, Workout Meals asks for some basic data like your age and activity level and recommends a meal plan based on your answers.

Best Option to Learn to Cook

7. Hello Fresh

Delivery days per week: Wed-Fri (some areas Sat-Mon)

Cost of delivery: $9.99

Delivery time frame: 8am-8pm

Delivery locations: National

What’s good?
Great mobile app
Decent size portions
What’s not so good?
Some customers complain about veggies not being fresh
Some complaints about missing ingredients

If you don’t want a ready-made meal and would rather cook yourself (without the need to shop for groceries or think about a weekly menu), then a meal kit provider like Hello Fresh is for you. 

Basically, you get all the ingredients to make the meal, a recipe card on how to make it and the rest is up to you. You can pretty easily personalise your plan size for 2 or 4 people and select the number of recipes (3, 4 or 5). 

There are around 26 different recipes to choose from each week with a large variety of options, and you can also choose recipes based on the approximate time it takes to cook (between 15 mins to 45 mins). You can also customise your meals based on dietary requirements like naturally gluten-free, pescetarian, vegetarian, low calorie, and so on.

Best for Something Different

8. ChefPrep

Delivery days per week: Mon, Wed & Fri

Cost of delivery: $7.50 (free over $100)

Delivery time frame: 9am-6pm

Delivery locations: Sydney + surrounds

What’s good?
Restaurant meals you can bulk order
Food comes in biodegradable packing
What’s not so good?
Pricier than traditional meal delivery services

While not fitness-focused by any means, ChefPrep is certainly a consumer favourite.

ChefPrep is an online marketplace that enables customers to order meals and other products, which are prepared by premium restaurants and food producers and get them delivered straight to your door.

Unlike UberEats and other restaurant delivery services, you can order your favourite restaurant meals in bulk via ChefPrep. All meals sold on ChefPrep are frozen and are delivered in freezer-safe containers, and food producers only sell long shelf-life products, too.

How Did We Create This List? 👊🏻

This list is based on personal experience with each brand, and countless hours of research from actual customer reviews on, and Trustpilot. We made our selection for the best ready-made meals and meal-kit providers based on the highest scores within each “Best of” category.


What’s the difference between meal delivery service and meal kit?

Meal kits provide you with all the ingredients you need for the meal, along with menu cards and cooking instructions. Basically, they do the shopping and meal inspo for you, and all that’s left for you to do is cook. Popular examples include HelloFresh and Marley Spoon. 

Meal delivery services or ready-made meal providers provide you with a fully cooked meal that’s ready to go (all you need to do is heat it up!)

Which Sydney meal providers offer keto-friendly meals?

Here are some of the best keto-friendly meal providers in Sydney (you can read our full guide here):

  • My Muscle Chef
  • Foober
  • A Life Plus
  • Thr1ve
  • Workout Meals

Which Sydney meal providers offer vegan meals?

Read more: Our full guide to the best meal providers offering vegan options here.

  • Soulara
  • My Muscle Chef
  • Chefgood
  • My Goodness Organics 
  • Foober
  • Garden of Vegan
  • Herbidoor

What’s the cheapest meal delivery service in Sydney?

Dinnerly claims to be the most affordable meal box delivery in Australia with meals starting at just $4.85 per meal. 

A two-person box for four nights is only $65.59 while the family box for four nights is just $84.99. Delivery costs $9.99.

Which Sydney meal providers offer weight loss programs?

There are several great meal providers in Sydney who offer meals and packages that support weight loss. Read our full guide here, otherwise here are a few of our top picks:

  • Chefood
  • Lite n’ Easy
  • Workout Meals
  • My Muscle Chef
  • Macros
  • Thr1ve
  • Be Fit Food

Which meal providers in Sydney offer NDIS support?

Read our article on the top 7 NDIS meal providers here, otherwise here are just some of the Sydney meal providers offering NDIS support.

  • Dineamic 
  • Lite n’ Easy
  • BeFitFood
  • Kinela
  • I Hate Cooking
  • Garden of Vegan
  • A Life Plus 
  • Nourish’d
  • Good Meal
  • Gourmet Dinner Services
  • Tender Loving Cuisine
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