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Nutritionist Review: Be Fit Food

Updated on Jul 12, 2022

If you need to lose weight quickly, The Be Fit Food meal provider may be the option for you. Founded by Dr Geoffrey Draper, a bariatric surgeon, and Kate Save, a dietitian and exercise physiologist, Be Fit Food offers an alternative to shake diets or detox teas.

This is no ordinary convenient meal provider. Be Fit Foods are a complete service offering delivery of low-calorie individual meals and snacks as well as weight loss programs and dietitian consultations.

Were the Be Fit Food meals nutritious?

  • Be Rapid – based around 800-900 calories per day featuring low carb high protein meals.
  • Be Lean – flexible program with a range of portion-controlled meals with a target of 1000-1500 calories per day.
  • Be Fit Man – a maintenance program with 30% higher protein and calories.

Be Fit Food also offer meal bundles as well as maintenance or 5:2 fasting programs.

Be Fit Food meals are calorie and portion-controlled, with a focus on low carbohydrate intake and high protein. In particular, the Be Rapid program is aiming to induce ketosis where your body switches from relying on glucose for energy to becoming a fat-burner. This can be incredibly helpful for not only weight loss, but also improving insulin sensitivity, increasing energy and achieving healthy lipid markers.

This does mean that the meals are smaller than the majority of other meal providers averaging around 240g. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why you can achieve weight loss relatively quickly but they may not be suitable for those who have a high training load, men with decent appetites or are just looking for meals to support general health.

Programs such as Be Rapid aren’t going to be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers or those who are underweight or suffer from an eating disorder. If you are currently taking medications for chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol, it is also important to speak to your health practitioner before undertaking the program.

Calories aside, the Be Fit Food meals all contain a range of whole food ingredients. A large majority don’t have any artificial ingredients, which is a big positive, and there is an emphasis on vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds across the range. This means you’re not going to be bored eating plain poached chicken, brown rice and steamed broccoli!

The main focus is on high protein and dietary fibre due to its ability to support weight loss and the fact that these foods help to fill you up. All of the meals appear to be low in sodium and low in saturated fat.

Another appeal of the Be Fit Food range is that they do cater to several dietary requirements including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. There are also some options for those following a low FODMAP, dairy or lactose-free protocol.

Overall, the Be Fit Food range may be a good option if you’re looking to achieve quick weight loss. While their focus is heavily on calorie restrictions, the meals are also nutrient-dense which means you’re not at such a risk of nutritional deficiencies. But, long term it’s not a suitable option and you’ll need to transition to maintenance style diet that can help you keep the weight off. Skip this step and return to your old ways and you’re likely to put all the weight back on and more.

How convenient is the Be Fit Food range?

Be Fit Food is a home delivery service that delivers Australia wide. Depending on your location, there may be several delivery days to choose from based on when you order. Orders over $199 receive free delivery, however, a $19.95 fee is charged for any orders under this amount.

Be Fit Food meals are also available in some retailers including supermarkets and pharmacies. A full list can be viewed here on their website.

The meals are delivered frozen with a shelf-life of 12 months. Cooking instructions are listed on the individual meals with some microwave, oven or stovetop options.

One thing that should be highlighted is the cost. The Be Fit Food programs aren’t exactly cheap. These range from $193.95 for a Be Rapid 7 days program to a 14 Day program at $419.95. Keep in mind, these do come with some added support for your weight loss journey including a measuring tape, nutrition journal and challenge support.

The individual meals are priced at $7.95 or $10.95. To conduct this review, I ordered 7 meals which totalled $94.90 including delivery.

How was the taste of the Be Fit Food meals?

The Be Fit Food meals I tried were very delicious, I just wanted a little more! The focus on dietary fibre and protein is evident in the meals and the quality of ingredients. There wasn’t a meal that I didn’t enjoy.

I loved the range and the flavours were diverse so you didn’t get bored. It’s not your typical diet food but the portions are!

But as a 35ish female of mid 60kgs (let’s keep some mystery there!), the 800-900 calories per day meal plan is much less than I would need in order to lose weight. I would be wanting to look at a daily intake of around 1600cals. As a nutritionist, I am concerned that this is too low for some and that they don’t have a plan to keep the weight they’ve lost off. Having said that, you could transition to the Be Lean plan once you’ve hit your target and enlist the support of the Be Fit dietitian to help you maintain your results long term.

Are you likely to lose weight while on a Be Fit Food program? Yes, but sustaining your weight loss after the program is key.

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Sarah Appleford
Sarah Appleford
Sarah Appleford is a registered clinical nutritionist who believes achieving optimal health and wellbeing relies on living with intention.


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