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Muscle Meals Butter Chicken Review & Pictures

UPDATED ON Jul 12, 2022

We’re back at it again with Muscle Meals, this time doing the Lite meal plan, 12 x 250gram  meals at 2 meals per day. The macros provided or more so these meal plans are best suited for Weight loss and that’s commonly seen across all meal prep companies.

I opted for the first meal plan primarily because of space in my freezer and I don’t want to eat 24 meals for the sake of this review ha! For this meal plan I went default on all options as I’m not overly fussed and it’s not my first time experiencing Muscle Meals Direct.

Version 1. Qty: 1, Unit price: $109.35, Total: $109.35


– Meal 1: Salmon Fillet 100g, Brown Rice 100g, Lemon Vinaigrette

– Meal 2: Grilled Beef Steak 100g, Singapore Noodles 100g, Black bean Sauce


– Meal 1: Grilled Chicken Breast 100g, Brown Rice 100g, Dianne Sauce

– Meal 2: Tuna Salad 100g, Wholemeal Pasta 100g, Red Vinaigrette


– Meal 1: Barramundi Fillet 100g, Sweet Potato 100g, Lemon Vinaigrette

– Meal 2: Lean Lamb Chipolatas 100g, Sweet Potato 100g, Mint Yoghurt Sauce


– Meal 1: Tuna Salad 100g, Brown Rice 100g, Lemon Vinaigrette

– Meal 2: Butter Chicken (Thigh) 100g, Basmati Rice 100g, Curry Butter Sauce


– Meal 1: Spicy Barramundi 100g, Basmati Rice 100g, Mango Mint Sauce

– Meal 2: Kangaroo Mince 100g, Brown Rice 100g, Tangy BBQ Sauce


– Meal 1: Portuguese Chicken 100g, Sweet Potato 100g, Spicy Peri Peri Sauce

– Meal 2: Tuna Salad 100g, Brown Rice 100g, Lemon Vinaigrette

First up, 100g Butter Chicken (thigh pieces) with 100g Basmati Rice and Curry Butter Sauce, again everything is the same if you’ve read my original review, everything is packaged in vacuum sealed bags, try to thaw out as long as you can as it makes for easier heating and heat your sauce separately.

Each Muscle Meal is nicely packed and labelled
Butter chicken, or 2girls1cup?

What I liked about this meal is that they used thigh pieces, I always have my reservations about reheating frozen chicken breast because of that ‘dry’ taste, however this meal retained its full flavour, well marinated with the slightest hint of spice in the chicken and a nice buttery sauce to compliment the meal. My only gripe is the rice was a little tougher than I expected and nothing the sauce didn’t fix. Preparation is really easy, reheat for 1:30, drain the excess fluids and mix together in the BPA free containers. For a 250g meal, it wasn’t filling but I would definitely eat this meal again and I’m disappointed I didn’t select this more than once, instead I’m stuck with Tuna Salad for the week!!!

Note: I probably wouldn’t use all the sauce as there’s quite enough flavour but each to their own.

This meal under the lite plan costs $9.13 and has

  • Protein:25.2g
  • Carbs:27.2g
  • Fat:15.8g
  • Energy:1,537kJ / 366cal

Overall I’ll give this meal a solid 8/10

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