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Mr Oilympia – Australia’s Oil Problem Solved

UPDATED ON Jul 12, 2022

We all remember the exploding arms of Greg Valentino – the man with the world’s biggest arms who kept re-using the same needle to inject synthol.

Welp, Melbourne has it’s own, Mauro Relva!


Remember the days when you used to have just ‘arm’ day and do 12 bicep exercises, pyramid set, drop set superset to keep the pump! Then you’d measure your gains and a little piece of you would soar off into Olympus with Zeus! No need to do that any more – just go to your local BP, fill up your portable fuel tank and start making gainz.

I thought this crap was limited to Brazil and Murica but apparently Mauro the “Body Builder Athlete Fitness Mentor Coach” is representing us. This ISN’T what a fitness mentor does, with more than 400 followers, you’re giving out the wrong impression.

There’s no doubt Mauro works very hard, preaching a healthy lifestyle, providing supplements and advice but you’re a product of your own work and that is not a natural look! Clearly in very good shape, but why go to the extent to ruin your physique, it’s not aesthetically pleasing.


Looks like an alien facehugger trying to break free.

lulz - mauro

What do you think – is this oil use or arm implants?

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