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15+ Low-Calorie Snacks From Woolworths

Searching for filling low calorie snacks? Clinical nutritionist Sarah Appleford gives her top picks of low calorie snacks you can pick up at Woolworths.
Updated on Nov 15, 2023

If I got a dollar for every time someone asked me for convenient, healthy snack recommendations, I would be rolling in it! As a nutritionist, I believe snacks can be friend or foe regardless of their calorie content.

However, if you’re looking for low-calorie snacks you can purchase from Woolworths, then grab a baby cucumber at just 15 calories per 100g and settle in! I’ve listed my favourites that I recommend to health-conscious snack lovers.

Low Calorie Filling Snacks from Woolworths

Seeking a low-calorie yet satisfying snack at Woolworths? It’s important to find snacks that don’t overload on calories. Fresh foods like baby cucumbers, carrot sticks, or apples are good options, being less calorie-dense than chips or chocolate bars.

Fortunately, there are other tasty, low-calorie, and nutritious snacks available at Woolworths. Here’s a list of my top picks, sorted from lowest to highest in calories.

Qukes – Baby cucumbers (15 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ 100% natural❌ Boring on its own
✅ Great for weight maintenance

Baby cucumbers, or Qukes, are great for calorie counters. They’re low in calories, high in water, and a good source of soluble fibre. This makes them ideal for weight loss and helping to balance blood sugar levels. Pair them with hummus for a more flavorful yet still low-calorie snack.

Just Veg. Carrot Sticks (20 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Natural❌ Some consider carrots to be rabbit food!
✅ Affordable 
Nutrient dense

Sticking with fresh, whole food options, carrot sticks are a low-calorie choice at just 20 calories per serve. They pair well with hummus or cottage cheese without significantly increasing calorie intake. Carrots are not only fibre-rich but also a great source of vitamin A and beta-carotene. They’re excellent for weight loss, blood sugar control, immunity, eye health, skin enhancement, and heart health.

Fresh Blueberries (30 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Great source of antioxidants❌ Seasonal
✅ Versatile ❌ Can be pricey
Nutrient dense

At just 30 calories per serve, blueberries are a nutritious snack choice. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, they support brain health, heart health, and blood sugar management. Plus, they’re great for skin health with their natural sweetness.

Ceres Organics Seaweed Nori (30 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Lowest-calorie packaged snack❌ Not very filling
✅ Good source of iodine
Nutrient dense

At just 30 calories per serve, seaweed would no doubt be the lowest calorie packaged snack. I recommend these as a grab-n-go snack because the texture and flavour can be just what you need to take the hunger edge off. More importantly, seaweed is a great source of iodine, a nutrient that is often lacking in our diets. Iodine plays an important role in your thyroid function and metabolism.

Pilpel Hummus (55 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Good source or protein + healthy fats❌ Easy to over consume
✅ Fibre-rich and low GI
Readily available

Hummus is the best low-calorie snack to accompany your baby cucumber and carrot sticks. Make your own or grab a tub of Pilpel or Nuffin and get dipping! My tip with any dips is to portion out your desired serve before you start munching down otherwise you’re going to be consuming way more than intended. This is especially the case if you’re mindlessly eating in front of your computer or while watching Netflix!

Umami Edamame Salad (62 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ High protein❌ May need some prep
✅ Versatile 
Low carb

Edamame, with a buttery taste and just 62 calories per serve, is a satisfying, low-calorie snack. These low-carb soybeans are high in protein, perfect for plant-based diets. They’re versatile too – try them with rice vinegar and sea salt, roasted with olive oil, soy sauce, and spices, or microwaved with soy sauce and sesame seeds. Adding coconut sugar and sea salt is another tasty option. Remember, adding flavourings will increase the calorie count.

Table Of Plenty Mini Rice Snacks Dark Chocolate Cakes (69 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Good for a sweet fix❌ Not very nutrient-dense
✅ Convenient on-the-go snack
✅ Gluten and dairy free 

Got a sweet craving? Table Of Plenty Mini Rice Snacks Dark Chocolate Cakes are a good go-to. Made with Belgian Dark Chocolate, these are great for satisfying that 3 pm sugar craving without the calories as they only contain 69kcal for four rice cakes. While they’re not a nutrient-dense option, they are convenient, tasty and the ingredients are pretty good for a packaged snack.

Sirena Tuna in Springwater (76 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Nutrient dense❌ Bit smelly for the office!
✅ High protein
Convenient & budget friendly

If you’re looking for a filling low-calorie snack option that’s going to keep your diet on track we have a winner! Tuna in springwater is only 76kcal per serve and is low in carbs. It’s packed with protein which is going to keep you feeling satisfied and your energy balanced. It also is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. My advice is to steer clear of the flavoured tins of tuna and also the ones in oil. The flavoured varieties typically contain a few suspect ingredients and will be higher in calories.

Macro Popcorn Air Popped Light (87 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Good swap for chips❌ It might not fill you up
✅ Crunchy texture & nice salty hit
Can eat a high volume for low calories

Air-popped popcorn is a handy, low-calorie snack that offers a satisfying crunch and salty hit. While this ticks the boxes when it comes to keeping your calories under control, popcorn doesn’t offer much in the way of filling you up and keeping you energised. So if you’re looking for a snack to ward off hunger and maintain productivity, this is probably not the best option. You’ll want to choose one that has a higher protein and fat content. But as a movie snack – this one is my pick.

Yo Pro Strawberry Yoghurt Pouch (88 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ No added sugar or artificial sweeteners❌ Not suitable for dairy-free
✅ Good source of protein❌ Excess waste

These guys are a great on the go protein-rich snack. At just 88kcals, you enjoy one of these yoghurt pouches without the guilt. I love that these don’t contain added sugar and they also don’t use artificial sweeteners. The sweet hit is provided by the strawberry puree, black carrot and blackcurrant concentrate as well as the stevia extract. YoPro is also available in a single-serve tub or a larger 700g container. Personally, I would suggest you opt for the container and divide it into portions to minimise waste.

Edgell Snack Time Black Beans & Corn With Lime & Herbs (90 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Good source of fibre❌ Need a spoon!
✅ Plant-based protein

The Edgell Snack Time Black Beans & Corn With Lime & Herbs are a nutrient-rich snack with only 98 kcal per serve. They provide a good balance of fibre and protein for energy and weight maintenance. Black beans, being slow-digesting carbs, won’t spike your blood sugar levels. They’re also full of micronutrients like iron, folate, and thiamin. The added corn brings a hint of sweetness, vitamin C, and magnesium.

Brancourts Cottage Cheese Classic (98 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ High protein❌ Not usually eaten alone
✅ Low carb❌ Not suitable for dairy intolerance
Packed with micronutrients

Carrot sticks looking too boring? Spice them up with some cottage cheese. It’s only 98 calories per serve. If you’re wanting to up your protein content without driving your calories up too high, this is a great option. I often recommend cottage cheese for those who do require a high intake of protein, vegetarians or those with particular body transformation goals.

Happy Snack Company Roasted Chickpeas (105 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Good chip swap❌ Contains canola oil
✅ Great on-the-go option 
Easy to portion control

Looking for a moreish savoury snack? Look no further than the lightly salted Happy Snack Company Roasted Chickpeas. These are a great swap for potato chips as they offer the same satisfying crunch without the calorie load! It’s also pretty hard to overeat roasted chickpeas as too many can be a little dry in the mouth.

Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate 85% Cocoa Block (115 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Bitter enough for portion control❌ Not filling
✅ Dairy free❌ May be too bitter for some
Quality ingredients

As a chocolate lover, I go for the darkest varieties, like 90% cocoa, which are bitter but satisfying in small amounts. This helps control my chocolate intake and reduces sugar consumption. For instance, Lindt’s 85% Dark Chocolate has only 11g of sugar per 100g, much less than their Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate. Darker chocolate may help you eat less overall due to its intensity.

Fruit + Vege Whole Food Balls (119 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Doesn’t contain dates or nuts❌ Easy to overeat
✅ Good for a sweet fix
Minimal processed ingredients 

Fruit & Vege Wholefood Balls, with a base of apple puree and sunflower seed butter, offer a lower calorie and carb option compared to typical date and nut energy balls. They’re made from just five whole food ingredients and are nut-free, making them allergy-friendly. Remember, the serving size is three balls – it’s best to stick to this to avoid overeating.

Woolworths Snack Pot Super Berry Nut & Seed Mix (137 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Nutrient-dense❌ Contains sunflower and cottonseed oil
✅ Good for a sweet fix

Thanks to their healthy fats, nuts and seeds are typically high in calories. However the Woolworths Snack Pot Super Berry Nut & Seed Mix rates not too badly at 137kcal per serve. Generally speaking, I suggest making your own trail mix as you can choose the combination of ingredients that suits you and you can save money. This particular option does well in regards to calories but note the inclusion of sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, sugar and preservatives if you’re considering these as an everyday snack.

Fancy Plants Vanilla Chia Pods (142 kcal)

What’s good?What’s not so good?
✅ Good source of fat❌ Contains sugar and natural flavours
✅ Prebiotic fibre-rich
Very filling

Fancy Plants Vanilla Chia Pods are a really filling snack that you can have on the go. A serving size is 150g so it’s a generous portion and the fat and fibre content will leave you feeling satisfied. Like the trail mix, chia puddings as super easy to make at home and can be prepped in advance. But this is a great option if you’re time poor or stuck on the run feeling hungry.

What is the Lowest Calorie Snack to Eat?

One of the lowest calorie snacks you can eat is fresh vegetables like celery or cucumber. They’re incredibly low in calories but still offer a satisfying crunch. Perfect for when you want to munch on something without worrying about calorie overload.

What is a Low Calorie Snack That Fills You Up?

A boiled egg is a fantastic option. It’s not only low in calories (about 70 per egg) but also rich in protein, which helps you feel fuller for longer. It’s a simple yet effective snack to curb hunger pangs.

What Snacks Can I Eat When in Calorie Deficit?

When you’re in a calorie deficit, go for high-fiber and high-protein snacks. Greek yogurt, mixed nuts, and air-popped popcorn are great choices. These snacks provide essential nutrients and are more likely to keep you feeling full, helping you stick to your calorie goals.


If you’re unsure whether you’re eating the right amount of calories for your needs and health goals, seek the help of a qualified nutritionist.

Why Do I Feel the Need to Snack?

The urge to snack can be driven by various factors:

  • Physical Hunger: Your body may need more energy or nutrients, especially if meals are spaced far apart.
  • Emotional Factors: Stress, boredom, or emotions can trigger snacking as a way to cope or for comfort.
  • Habit: Sometimes snacking becomes a habit, like munching while watching TV or working.
  • Environmental Cues: Seeing or smelling food can stimulate the desire to snack, even if you’re not hungry.
  • Inadequate Nutrition: If your meals aren’t nutritionally balanced, you might feel the need to snack more often.

Understanding these triggers can help in managing snacking habits more effectively.


A good indication of a nutritionally balanced meal is whether it sustains you for 3-4 hours. If you are hungry an hour or so after eating, it may be lacking in something.

If you are going to reach for a snack, ensure it ticks the boxes relating to your nutrient demands and remember to keep an eye on portion control.

If you’re eating anything out of a packet, my advice is to portion it out, sit down and eat it mindfully. Don’t make the mistake of eating out of the packet as one serving size can easily turn into two or three…

In many cases, people snack just because not because they actually need energy and nutrients. Learning to listen your body, understand it’s hunger cues and fuel it correctly is the best thing you can do regardless of your health goals.

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Sarah Appleford
Sarah Appleford
Sarah Appleford is a registered clinical nutritionist who believes achieving optimal health and wellbeing relies on living with intention.


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