Did you say Steak…or Misteak Muscle Meals Direct Taste Review

Published on March 13, 2016 by Elie

If you followed my last article regarding Muscle Meals and the process of ordering then you should know I placed an order last week.

The delivery had to be placed by Sunday midnight to arrive the following Saturday at the drop off point – in this case my local gym Dohertys.

My very first impression is why is it in a cardboard box, cooler bags are way better but then again it’s entirely up to you to pick it up and hurry home to freeze them again. There’s a gel ice pack and I got a muffin and nuts as a snack.



(picture taken with potato).

I wanted to try the Spicy Barramundi and Basmati Rice with Mango Sauce – everything is packaged individually, rice – fish and sauce.


Ideally, you want to defrost or thaw your meals before throwing them into the microwave, that was my mistake – microwaved it from frozen for a little over 4 minutes otherwise it’s about 2 minutes in the microwave when defrosted. I was very sceptical at first, I don’t like frozen pre cooked fish because of that fishy smell!


I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this first meal. Smelt really good, portion size is adequate, sauce is not so bad (depends if it you like it cold or hot).

I actually found myself enjoying this meal, the flavour is there, there’s no need for plating it up, plastic tupperware has more than enough room for the serving size and great to microwave in (BPA Free plastic bags too).


My only gripe is I found a bone which stabbed me in the roof of my mouth but that didn’t put me off finishing the meal.


What’s also great is if you’re tracking calories/macros then Muscle Meals direct have all their meals in My Fitness Pal which is brilliant for people like me.

UNFORTUNATELY, the same cannot be said about the grilled steak and Singapore noodles. It wasn’t very enticing when first opening the blue tupperware, looked raw and bloody. The steak is bland, a little chewy and the black bean sauce – ugh. Singapore noodles saved this meal, could not finish the rest – luckily I got that strawberry chocolate muffin!


There’s still 10 more meals to get through, whilst this probably wouldn’t be for everybody – I wouldn’t write it off until you’ve tried it. You may not like everything on the menu but at least you’ll know what not to order next time with the custom option.

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