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Best Magnesium Supplements in Australia 2022

Magnesium is an essential mineral required for the optimal functioning of your body. But ironically enough, your body cannot make magnesium! Hence, you need to obtain it from a balanced diet or magnesium supplements.
POSTED ON Jan 25, 2022
# NAME Price / Number of tabletsTotal magnesium per tablet (mg)Type of magnesium Possible benefits (According to brand)Dose (Recommended by brand)
16.26 AUD / 120 133Magnesium citrate Supports energy production and nervous system function 3 capsules daily with food
25.90 AUD / 90135Magnesium citrate, magnesium malateSupports heart, muscle, bone, and lung function 1 capsule one to three times daily
27.49 AUD / 240100Magnesium lysinate glycinate chelateSupports bone, heart, nerve, and muscle functioning and magnesium levels2 tablets twice daily
52.92 AUD / 9048Magnesium L-threonateSupports memory and cognitive function3 capsules daily
22.65 AUD / 90200Magnesium taurate Supports heart, nerve, and muscle function2 tablets daily
39.99 AUD / 30 151Magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium amino acid chelateRelieves disturbed sleep and mild anxiety, and support muscle relaxation1 tablet at night with evening meal
23.99 AUD / 60200Magnesium oxide, magnesium amino acid chelate, magnesium phosphateInduces restful sleep and supports muscle function 1-2 capsules daily one hour before bedtime
25.01 AUD / 100150Dimagnesium malate and magnesium lysinate glycinate chelateSupports energy production, bone, muscles, and nervous system function1 capsule daily
26.26 AUD / 60100Magnesium citrate Muscle, nerves, and calming supportDifferent dose for kids and adults
30.98 AUD / 12083Magnesium citrate Helps manage stress, release tension, and relax muscles Different dose for kids and adults
Best Magnesium Supplements in Australia 2022

These dietary supplements have risen drastically in popularity and are widely believed to bring about various benefits: From reducing blood pressure and enhancing sleep quality to boosting mood and improving blood sugar control!

But before you reach eagerly for a supplement, it’s crucial to realise this: You can obtain the recommended daily intake of magnesium through your diet alone. However, many people don’t get enough magnesium as modern diets tend to lack magnesium-rich foods. Hence, supplements may help!

With the number of magnesium supplements currently in the Australian market, it can be a daunting feat to pick the most suitable one for yourself. The predicament ends here, though!

We have collated a list of what we think are the best magnesium supplements in Australia for various uses!

Best Magnesium Supplements In Australia 2022

Here’s our list of what we think are the best magnesium supplements you can find in Australia. We’ve taken into account many factors, including the dose, possible benefits, and cost. Do note that some of these supplements contain other active ingredients as well.

And as with any other supplement, keep in mind that what works for others may not for you, and vice versa!

Best Value-For-Money

Now Foods, Magnesium Citrate Veg Capsules

Price / Number of tablets: 16.26 AUD / 120

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 133

Type of magnesium : Magnesium citrate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Supports energy production and nervous system function

Dose (Recommended by brand): 3 capsules daily with food

What’s good?
Non-GMO and quality GMP assured
Vegetarian and vegan-friendly
What’s not so good?
Fairly large capsule size

According to the brand, Now Foods Magnesium Citrate is a non-GMO magnesium supplement that helps to support your nervous system function. This dietary supplement is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is quality GMP assured, meaning that all products are consistently produced and controlled to meet rigorous standards.

Garnering 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 13,000 user reviews on iHerb, this popular supplement has assisted consumers in different areas. Users state that it has helped with various conditions, including improving bowel movement, enhancing sleep, combatting leg cramps, and alleviating stress!

Of course, success is not guaranteed for everyone as some don’t notice improvements in any area. Plus, the pills are relatively large and may pose a challenge to swallow!

Thorne Research, Magnesium CitraMate

Price / Number of tablets: 25.90 AUD / 90

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 135

Type of magnesium : Magnesium citrate, magnesium malate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Supports heart, muscle, bone, and lung function

Dose (Recommended by brand): 1 capsule one to three times daily

What’s good?
Gentle on the stomach
What’s not so good?
The powder may fall out of the capsule in some batches (unpleasant taste)
On the expensive side

Based on brand claims, Magnesium CitraMate can help with supporting optimal heart, blood vessel, and lung function in addition to maintaining bone density! Other than that, this gluten-free product may also ease the load off those who constantly battle with muscle tenderness and fatigue.

Users remark that they feel more energetic, get better quality sleep and feel more calm and relaxed throughout the day after taking Magnesium CitraMate consistently. Plus, they note that it also helps relax muscles, relieve leg cramps, and ease bowel movement. According to a few users, the product is gentle on the stomach.

Unsurprisingly, several consumers saw no significant changes post-consumption. Plus, one striking problem that several users noticed was a manufacturing issue. In some batches, the magnesium powder slips out and proceeds to coat the capsules. And this can lead to an unpleasant aftertaste!

Most Popular

Doctor’s Best, High Absorption Magnesium

Price / Number of tablets: 27.49 AUD / 240

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 100

Type of magnesium : Magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Supports bone, heart, nerve, and muscle functioning and magnesium levels

Dose (Recommended by brand): 2 tablets twice daily

What’s good?
Excellent rating on Labdoor
Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly
Chelated delivery form to improve bioavailability and GI tolerance
Great value for money
What’s not so good?
Large pill size

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium is a vegan-friendly, non-GMO and gluten-free product that functions to support your bone, heart, muscle, and nerve function (according to the brand).

What sets them apart from the rest of the competition is this: They use a patented and chelated delivery form of magnesium to enhance absorption in the gut and improve GI tolerance, meaning it’s gentler on the stomach!

This wildly popular supplement has over 30,000 to 40,000 user reviews on Amazon and iHerb, and these reviews are highly positive! Many are relieved that this supplement has helped with numerous conditions, from improving joint function and boosting sleep quality to tackling muscle soreness and spasms. Some even mentioned it helps them relax and combat acne problems!

This product has achieved an excellent rating on Labdoor. Plus, many attest that it does not cause stomach issues or digestive symptoms!

Despite that, some users notice a strange aftertaste. And one of the most significant issues that many have pointed out is the inconveniently large pill size, so you may experience great trouble chugging them down!

Life Extension, Neuro-Mag, Magnesium L-Threonate

Price / Number of tablets: 52.92 AUD / 90

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 48

Type of magnesium : Magnesium L-threonate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Supports memory and cognitive function

Dose (Recommended by brand): 3 capsules daily

What’s good?
Non-GMO certified
Readily absorbed by the brain (according to the brand)
What’s not so good?

The primary benefit this product is marketed for is improving cognitive function! Life Extension Neuro-Mag utilises a form of magnesium readily absorbed by the brain that may support memory and maintain brain health.

Because this form of magnesium has a weaker laxative effect, users who experienced diarrhoea post-consumption of other magnesium products do not have the same side effects after taking this supplement!

Furthermore, some comment that this product helps with leg cramps, mild anxiety, and insomnia! Additionally, several users observed improved memory and sharper cognitive function after consuming this product!

According to numerous users, though, this product does not live up to its claims. They notice no improvement in brain function even after using this product religiously for months. Especially at that price tag, they were hoping for more significant results!

KAL, Magnesium Taurate+

Price / Number of tablets: 22.65 AUD / 90

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 200

Type of magnesium : Magnesium taurate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Supports heart, nerve, and muscle function

Dose (Recommended by brand): 2 tablets daily

What’s good?
Non-GMO and free of major allergens (soy and dairy)
Lab-tested for quality
What’s not so good?
Larger pill size

KAL Magnesium Taurate + combines magnesium with coenzyme B-6 to formulate a dietary supplement with optimised bioavailability for targetted support of your heart, nerve, and muscles. According to brand claims, the product may assist in supporting red blood cell formation and healthy functioning of your nervous system. And to ensure high quality, purity and potency, KAL Magnesium Taurate undergoes rigorous lab testing!

While some users experienced gastrointestinal side effects such as diarrhoea and bloating from other supplements, they had none with this one! Users remark that this product has helped lift their mood, reduce stress, enhance sleep quality, and even improve heart problems (though this supplement should not replace your regular heart medications).

The most apparent downside that several consumers pointed out is the larger pill size. And needless to say, this supplement cannot guarantee success or improvement for everyone!

For Sleep

JS Health, PM+ Sleep formula

Price / Number of tablets: 39.99 AUD / 30

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 151

Type of magnesium : Magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium amino acid chelate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Relieves disturbed sleep and mild anxiety, and support muscle relaxation

Dose (Recommended by brand): 1 tablet at night with evening meal

What’s good?
GMO-free and gluten-free
Suitable for vegans
Does not contain nuts or dairy
What’s not so good?
Pills may be large for some

This Aussie-made supplement consists of herbs and minerals meticulously assembled to generate a nighttime formula that may calm the mind, soothe nerves, relieve symptoms of mild anxiety, and help you get better sleep at night! Each GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly pill primarily aims to tackle restless sleep and sleep disturbance.

Labelled as a godsend by many, PM+ Sleep Formula has garnered the approval of numerous users who managed to sleep deeply and soundly throughout the night with its help! According to them, taking this supplement before bed calms their nerves and naturally eases them off into quality sleep.

While the reviews significantly err on the positive side, a handful of users mentioned that they saw no significant benefits from taking this supplement. Plus, a few pointed out an unusual smell and aftertaste, as well as the larger pill size that can be daunting for some!

For Sleep

Nutra-Life, Magnesium Sleep

Price / Number of tablets: 23.99 AUD / 60

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 200

Type of magnesium : Magnesium oxide, magnesium amino acid chelate, magnesium phosphate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Induces restful sleep and supports muscle function

Dose (Recommended by brand): 1-2 capsules daily one hour before bedtime

What’s good?
No artificial colouring, flavouring, or preservatives
No dairy, soy, wheat, or eggs
Reasonable price (for a sleep support supplement)
What’s not so good?
Not suitable for vegans/vegetarians (Contains animal products)

Free from artificial colouring, flavouring, and preservatives, Nutra-life Magnesium Sleep combines three different types of magnesium with herbal ingredients to induce quality sleep and combat restless sleep. It’s a great candidate for those who struggle to fall or stay asleep at night!

Based on user reviews, this product has aided many in falling asleep within a shorter timespan and attaining restful and quality sleep at night. Plus, they wake up feeling refreshed and energised! Nutra-Life Magnesium Sleep has impressed many with significant results at an affordable cost, and there’s no funny or chemical aftertaste to the capsules!

However, despite consistent intake of this supplement, a few users still observe zero improvements or benefits.

Seeking Health, Optimal Magnesium

Price / Number of tablets: 25.01 AUD / 100

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 150

Type of magnesium : Dimagnesium malate and magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Supports energy production, bone, muscles, and nervous system function

Dose (Recommended by brand): 1 capsule daily

What’s good?
Suitable for vegetarians
High bioavailability
Small capsule size
What’s not so good?
Some mention of side effects from users

This product contains forms of magnesium with high-bioavailability, namely Albion® DiMagnesium Malate and TRAACS® Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate. Higher bioavailability supports a better absorption rate by the body, enhancing the beneficial effects of magnesium within the recommended dose.

Magnesium lysinate glycinate is less likely to cause gastrointestinal side effects than other magnesium forms. But a small handful of users have still experienced side effects such as stomach upset and diarrhoea with this product.

Nonetheless, many more are pleased with the quality of the product, and the smaller capsule size helps ease swallowing. According to user reviews, some have experienced better sleep, reduced leg cramps, improved mood with this supplement.

Best Gummy Supplement

Chapter One, M Is for Magnesium, Flavoured Gummies

Price / Number of tablets: 26.26 AUD / 60

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 100

Type of magnesium : Magnesium citrate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Muscle, nerves, and calming support

Dose (Recommended by brand): Different dose for kids and adults

What’s good?
Easy to chew and eat
Delightful flavour
Free from soy, peanuts, dairy, and eggs
Suitable for children (consult your health provider)
What’s not so good?
More expensive than most pill/capsule products
Might be too sweet for your liking

If you dread swallowing big pills, we have a solution for you in the form of soft, chewy, and delicious gummies! Chapter One, M Is For Magnesium, is a gummy supplement that eliminates the bore of chemical-tasting pills. Instead, it offers you a unique way to get your daily magnesium intake for muscle, nerve, and calming support!

Users attest that these gummies are easy-to-chew-and-swallow ‘treats’ with a non-sticky soft texture and a delightful raspberry taste!

Those searching high and low for a magnesium supplement for kids found exactly what they wanted in this product. But to be safe, do seek advice from your healthcare professional regarding the safety and best dose for your child before handing them these gummies!

Based on user reviews, a few warn that these gummies taste excessively sweet. Plus, you might not be too fond of the high price tag (in comparison to pill/capsule products)!

Natural Vitality, CALM, The Anti-Stress Gummies, Raspberry-Lemon Flavour

Price / Number of tablets: 30.98 AUD / 120

Total magnesium per tablet (mg): 83

Type of magnesium : Magnesium citrate

Possible benefits (According to brand): Helps manage stress, release tension, and relax muscles

Dose (Recommended by brand): Different dose for kids and adults

What’s good?
Easy to eat and chew
Gluten-free and no artificial flavours or colours
Suitable for children (consult your health provider)
What’s not so good?
May be too sweet
Low magnesium content per gummy

This vegan and gluten-free magnesium gummy supplement contains no artificial colours and flavours and is suitable for both adults and kids alike! As you can gauge from its name, Natural Vitality CALM helps replenish your body’s magnesium levels and may induce a calming effect to relieve stress and release tension.

Hooked onto its delicious and well-balanced fruity flavour, many users are immensely impressed with the great taste, texture, quality, and convenience that this supplement offers. Plus, their kids absolutely love these gummies, too! Users also mention that it works in enhancing sleep quality and combatting stress or mild anxiety.

On the flip side, a handful of users describe the flavour as strange, artificial, and overly sweet. Hence, the taste may not be your cup of tea, especially if you dislike sweet foods.

It’s best to consult a healthcare provider about a suitable dose for children.

How To Choose A Magnesium Supplement

When you take a closer look at the product labels of magnesium supplements, you may notice that different brands contain different forms of magnesium. Products may have either a combination or a single form of magnesium.

When picking the best magnesium supplement for yourself, you have to choose to cater for your personalised needs. Because each product brings about different possible benefits, a selected few of them may suit your individual needs better.

Here are the benefits of different types of magnesium!

Magnesium citrate is one of the most popular and widely distributed types of magnesium. In addition to that, research suggests that it is one of the most readily absorbed compared to other forms. Commonly, it is recommended by doctors at higher doses to treat constipation, as it has a laxative effect. Additionally, it can be utilised to restore magnesium levels in those who have a deficiency.
Magnesium chloride can be taken orally, as this form is well absorbed in the gut. Hence, it may be helpful for a diversity of conditions, including heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and low magnesium levels.  However, it may cause side effects, especially at higher doses!
Research suggests that magnesium oxide is absorbed poorly from the intestines into the bloodstream. Thus, it is not recommended to treat or prevent magnesium deficiency. Instead, magnesium oxide is better suited for conditions such as constipation, heartburn, and indigestion.
Magnesium glycinate consists of elemental magnesium plus the amino acid glycine. It is readily absorbed and may help alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia, though more research is needed to prove this. People typically tolerate this form of magnesium well, so it may be a suitable alternative for those who experience side effects from other forms of magnesium.
Commonly referred to as Epsom salt, magnesium sulfate is a possible option to treat constipation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the most delightful taste, and hence, people generally opt for other types of magnesium to combat digestive issues. Epsom salt is commonly added to foot soaks and bathwater to relieve muscle soreness. There isn’t much concrete evidence that supports this use, though!
Magnesium lactate is used to replenish low magnesium levels as it has a high bioavailability (easily absorbed by the intestines). It’s less likely to bring about digestive side effects and is generally gentler on the stomach. Because of this, it is optimal for those who require higher doses of magnesium or those who do not tolerate other forms of magnesium well.
Yet another form that is readily absorbed in the gut, magnesium malate is a great candidate for boosting low magnesium levels! There are currently some reports that this type of magnesium is less likely to cause laxative effects, which may be good news for you, depending on your individual needs. Additionally, some people note that it is gentler on the stomach.
Based on several research studies, magnesium taurate displays potential in helping to regulate blood sugar levels.  In addition to that, an animal study showed promising results as magnesium taurate managed to reduce blood pressure and heart damage in rats. Hence, researchers suggested that magnesium taurate could have cardioprotective and blood pressure lowering effects. Nevertheless, further research is warranted to confirm the benefits of bolstering heart health and improving blood sugar control!
Fetching a significantly higher price than the other types of magnesium, this form is popular among professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts and may help patients with heart disease. Some research proposes that it may help fortify your heart’s health by enhancing energy production in your heart tissues and blood vessels. But, of course, the evidence supporting these claims is limited, so it might not be wisest to break the bank and stock up on these supplements just yet.
Among the various forms of magnesium, this form is the most commonly used to support cognitive function. It may help with tackling certain conditions related to the brain, such as age-related memory loss. Still, more studies need to be conducted to confirm this. This type of magnesium has less of a laxative effect in comparison to other forms.

All this information acts as a basic guide, and often, you may observe that some products contain a combination of various magnesium forms.

Hence, it may get a little daunting to pick the best magnesium supplement that caters for your needs. To err on the side of caution (and get the best bang for your buck), it’s best to seek professional advice from your healthcare provider regarding the likely safety and efficacy in your situation!

Other Factors To Consider:

  • Dose
  • Formulation (powder, gummy, pills, liquid)
  • Value for money
  • Artificial additives (such as preservatives, colouring, sweeteners, and flavouring

Benefits of Magnesium

While one form of magnesium may be recommended over the other to treat a specific condition, magnesium supplementation, in general, has several benefits based on several studies.

It may help improve mood, reduce blood pressure, enhance blood sugar control, alleviate muscle cramps, combat insomnia, and manage migraine attacks. However, the vast majority of these benefits have yet to be conclusively proven via research. So, take everything with a grain of salt in the meantime!

Additionally, magnesium in the body may help to support bone, muscle, and nerve health. Some research also suggests that having abnormally low magnesium levels, in the long run, may increase your risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Do I Need A Magnesium Supplement?

Generally, you can get enough magnesium from your diet alone! However, those who do not consume magnesium-rich foods, such as nuts, legumes, seeds, and leafy green vegetables, may consider taking a supplement. Additionally, if you’ve been diagnosed with magnesium deficiency, your doctor may recommend you a magnesium supplement.

Men should get around 400-420 mg of magnesium per day, while women should consume 300-310 mg of magnesium daily. The dosing for children will depend on their age, and it’s wisest to seek advice from a healthcare provider regarding this.

Side Effects And Precaution

Most importantly, these supplements should not replace your current medications. Additionally, say you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking medications or supplements, or have a medical condition. In that case, seek professional advice before commencing on any of these products.

Some people may experience side effects from consuming magnesium supplements, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach upset. Overdosing or consuming excessive amounts of magnesium may lead to more severe outcomes such as coma, slowed breathing, irregular heartbeat, confusion, and low blood pressure. Hence, the more, the merrier isn’t always true!

Lastly, keep in mind that works for others may not work for you and vice versa. So, it might require some trial and error before you find something that benefits you!

Disclaimer: This article is a guide. It does not substitute any advice or recommendation given by your health professional.
Jasmine Chiam
Jasmine Chiam
Jasmine is a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) graduate and an experienced health and wellness writer. She helps craft health-related content based on her knowledge, expertise, and in-depth research. When she isn't busy writing, you'll find her baking in her kitchen or playing her favourite video games.


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  1. Jill van de Ruit
    Jill van de Ruit

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for this fabulous post. I have had this magnesium recommended, NutriDyn Magnesium Glycinate. But it’s only available from the US, with costly postage. I wondered if you’d be able to recommend a magnesium supplement that you think might match this and be available in Australia?
    Thanks in advance. Greatly appreciated. Cheers Jill

    • Jasmine Chiam
      Jasmine Chiam

      Hi Jill,
      Thanks for your question! We’ve done some research to see if any product in Australia matches the NutriDyn Magnesium Glycinate. According to the ingredients list on the NutriDyn website, the main ingredient in that product would be magnesium in the form of di-magnesium malate and magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate as patented TRAACS™. It also contains malic acid as di-magnesium malate. There’s 260mg of magnesium in 2 capsules (130mg in one). Not many other products contain this unique blend, but we found one online with a similar ingredient list.

      The Seeking Health, Optimal Magnesium also contains TRAACS® Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate and Albion® DiMagnesium Malate (which contains malic acid). This product is available on iHerb Australia and contains 150mg of magnesium per capsule, slightly higher than the NutriDyn one. Based on the product description from both brands, both may help in more or less the same aspects, such as supporting bone, muscle, and nervous system function. We’ve added some information about the product into the article, but you can find out more from their site.

      This is the closest-matching product we’ve found so far, but it would also be best to seek professional health advice about which magnesium supplement available in Australia is best for you. We hope this helps! 🙂

Jasmine Chiam
Jasmine Chiam
Jasmine is a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) graduate and an experienced health and wellness writer. She helps craft health-related content based on her knowledge, expertise, and in-depth research. When she isn't busy writing, you'll find her baking in her kitchen or playing her favourite video games.