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8 Best Gyms to Join in Australia 💪

Get fit and reach your goals with the best gyms in Australia. From gyms geared to weight training to the best gyms for classes and access to personal trainers, find your best fit here and now.
# NAME PriceJoining feeLocationsFree trialClasses & PT’s24/7 opening
From $17.99 p/w$0.00 (if you choose 12 or 18 month contract). Otherwise $99.00.60+5 days free YesSome
From $19.95 p/w$99 and $89.95 for an access card500+7/10/14 days depending on club SomeYes
From $15.95 p/wFrom $0 depending on club ($29 access card fee) 220+3/7 days depending on club SomeMost
From $16.95 p/w$79250+3 days SomeYes
From $19.99 p/w$99.00855 days YesMost
From $16.95 p/w$99.0030+Yes - length varies YesNo
From $16.95 p/w$1092457 daysYesYes
From $18.95 p/w$7540+5 day trial YesNo
Updated on Nov 27, 2023

Ready to get fit and smash those health goals? Choosing the right gym is crucial. We’ve done the legwork, selecting Australia’s top 8 gyms based on facilities, equipment, classes, and value. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro athlete, these gyms cater to all. Let’s dive in and find your perfect gym match! 🏋️‍♂️🏆

Best Gyms in Australia

Best for Global Access

1. Fitness First

Price: From $17.99 p/w

Joining fee: $0.00 (if you choose 12 or 18 month contract). Otherwise $99.00.

Locations: 60+

Free trial: 5 days free

Classes & PT’s: Yes

24/7 opening: Some

What’s good?
Can use globally on some memberships
Large, clean gyms
Big class selection
What’s not so good?
No week-to-week membership
On the higher end of the price scale

Fitness First, an international gym brand, has over 60 locations in Australia. They offer month to month, 12, or 18-month memberships. Some memberships include global access. Clubs vary, but most have functional training gear, weights, lifting platforms, and cardio machines. They also offer classes like Hot Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts, and Pilates (some clubs even offer Reformer Pilates).

Most locations around Australia

2. Anytime Fitness

Price: From $19.95 p/w

Joining fee: $99 and $89.95 for an access card

Locations: 500+

Free trial: 7/10/14 days depending on club

Classes & PT’s: Some

24/7 opening: Yes

What’s good?
Cost-effective membership
Over 500 locations around Australia
Open 24 hours a day
What’s not so good?
Limited classes
Expensive joining fee

With over 500 locations across the country, Anytime Fitness is one of the most popular gym franchises in Australia. With 24-hour access and security, private showers, and private restrooms, if you’re after a no-frills and no-fuss gym experience, Anytime Fitness is for you. Training facilities include cardio and floor areas, free weights and functional training equipment. There are some free classes included with memberships, but they are limited compared to other gyms but do vary from club to club.

Best for: No-frills training

3. Plus Fitness

Price: From $15.95 p/w

Joining fee: From $0 depending on club ($29 access card fee)

Locations: 220+

Free trial: 3/7 days depending on club

Classes & PT’s: Some

24/7 opening: Most

What’s good?
Has some female only classes
24/7 access
No joining fee
What’s not so good?
Smaller gyms in some locations
Limited classes

Plus Fitness is another nation-wide gym open 24/7. Basic facilities include cardio and strength training equipment, group training and personal training. Plus Fitness specific services include Functional Training Zone (30 minute classes), complimentary tailored fitness programs, and Plus on Demand classes (virtual classes accessible 24/7).

4. Jetts

Price: From $16.95 p/w

Joining fee: $79

Locations: 250+

Free trial: 3 days

Classes & PT’s: Some

24/7 opening: Yes

What’s good?
Aussie born & bred company
No lock in contracts
Access to Jetts Member App with workout programs, nutrition advice and more
What’s not so good?
Some classes run at additional cost
Expensive joining fee

Jetts is an Australian born and bred company founded in 2007. Itt was the first gym to market with 24/7 access and has since expanded to over 250 gyms across Australia.  Jetts facilities at most gyms include cardio equipment, free weights zones, pin-loaded equipment, functional training equipment and stretching zones. Some gyms also have suspension equipment and functional training zones, with some classes as well – varying from gym to gym.

Best for diverse classes

5. Goodlife Health Clubs

Price: From $19.99 p/w

Joining fee: $99.00

Locations: 85

Free trial: 5 days

Classes & PT’s: Yes

24/7 opening: Most

What’s good?
Excellent range of classes
Classes for kids
Selected clubs have child care
What’s not so good?
Pricey joining fee
Not all clubs are open 24/7

With over 300,000 active memberships, Goodlife is one of the most popular gyms in Australia. While most Goodlife gyms have 24-hour access (about 75%), others operate on varying schedules. Basic facilities are available at all gyms, including strength and cardio equipment for group and personal training sessions. There are also specific facilities only available at Goodlife such as the Emily Skye Ignite workout class, Mum and Bubs, and classes for kids. There’s also a wide range of group fitness classes like high-intensity strength and interval training, Pilates, Barre, Yoga (also Hot Yoga), T25, Body Pump, Boxing, Zumba, Cycle, Dance and Tai Chi.

Best for: Professional training services

World Gym

Price: From $16.95 p/w

Joining fee: $99.00

Locations: 30+

Free trial: Yes – length varies

Classes & PT’s: Yes

24/7 opening: No

What’s good?
Good personal training services
Modern and clean equipment
Diverse and fun classes
What’s not so good?
No 24/7 access
Limited number of clubs Australia-wide

Although there are several World Gym locations around Australia, each gym is locally and independently-owned. Amenities vary by location but typically include strength equipment, cardio machines, and group fitness classes such as indoor cycling, yoga, kickboxing, boot camp and more. World Gym also offers a great personal training service to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Some World Fitness gyms also offer women’s only workout areas, a cafe and hydromassage and recovery areas.

Best for: Small group classes

Snap Fitness

Price: From $16.95 p/w

Joining fee: $109

Locations: 245

Free trial: 7 days

Classes & PT’s: Yes

24/7 opening: Yes

What’s good?
Budget friendly gym
Intimate group classes
Outdoor group classes (in some locations)
What’s not so good?
Limited types of classes
Basic facilities

Snap Fitness is a 24/7 gym chain with locations all around Australia. Snap Fitness prides itself on its convenience, with locations that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and no long-term contracts. Memberships include access to cardio and strength training equipment, as well as a variety of group fitness classes, such as yoga and Pilates. Snap Fitness also offers personal training and nutrition coaching for those who want more personalised guidance on their fitness journey.

Best for: Amenities

8. Genesis Health & Fitness

Price: From $18.95 p/w

Joining fee: $75

Locations: 40+

Free trial: 5 day trial

Classes & PT’s: Yes

24/7 opening: No

What’s good?
Cost-effective gym membership
Some clubs offer reformer pilates
5 day free trial
What’s not so good?
Basic equipment
Not all clubs have modern facilities

Genesis Health & Fitness is a chain of gyms in Australia that offers a wide range of facilities and services for its members. In addition to group fitness classes, Genesis Health & Fitness locations often include cardio and strength training equipment, such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines. Some locations also offer additional amenities, such as swimming pools, saunas, and spa facilities. Genesis Health & Fitness also offers personal training and nutrition coaching for those who want more personalised guidance on their fitness journey. Membership options vary by location and may include access to one location or multiple locations, as well as options for short-term or long-term contracts. Some example classes include yoga, cycle class, boxing, tone and core, pilates and body pump.

How We Chose This List

To create our list of Australia’s top gyms, we combined thorough research with real-world input. We looked at Google reviews to understand what gym-goers think and added insights from fitness experts. Personal experiences also played a part in our choices. This mix of information helped us find gyms that are not just popular, but also genuinely valued by their users for good facilities and service. Our goal was to offer a list that suits various fitness needs across Australia.

Best Gyms Honourable Mentions 

We wanted to include some honourable mentions on our list of the best gyms in Australia. The below aren’t traditional gyms per say, but they are great facilities or programs to get you started on your fitness journey, especially if you’re not keen on weights and would rather group classes, high intensity training, bodyweight training or things like pilates and yoga. 

1. F45

F45 is a gym chain that does high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. They’re called “F45” because the workouts are 45 minutes long.

The workouts are designed to be functional, meaning they use movements that you can use in everyday life. They’re also team-based, so you work out with other people and use a bunch of different equipment, like dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands.

Each day at an F45 gym is a different workout, and there are over 3,000 different gyms across Australia. F45 is group classes only, meaning you can’t use the facility to do your own workouts. 

2. Orange Theory

Orange Theory is similar to F45 in that it’s a gym offering high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that last for one hour. They have a bunch of different equipment, like treadmills, rowing machines, and weights, and the workouts are designed to get your heart rate up and challenge your muscles.

They use something called the “Orange Zone” to track your heart rate during the workout and make sure you’re working hard enough. They have a bunch of locations across Australia and worldwide too. 

3. CrossFit 

CrossFit is another type of workout that involves high-intensity interval training (HIIT) using a variety of functional movements. This can include things like weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics.

The workouts are usually short but intense, and they’re designed to improve your overall fitness and athletic performance. CrossFit workouts are usually done in a group class setting, and they’re led by a coach who helps you with your form and encourages you to push yourself.

There are different CrossFit gyms across Australia, and it’s a great form of workout for beginners because you’ll learn all the tools of weight lifting and exercise in a supportive environment. 

4. BodyFit

With over 250 training studios across Australia, the BFT workout is a science-backed training program that was once reserved for elite athletes that’s now been made accessible to the average gym-goer.

BFT sessions run for 50-minutes and are typically high-energy team oriented training classes, using scientific principles of training and performance, that improve your functional strength and fitness. Similar to F45 and Orange Theory, BFT is only a group training studio and not accessible to use at your own leisure. 

5. Class Pass 

ClassPass is kind of like a gym membership, but instead of going to one gym, you can go to a bunch of different gyms and studios and take all kinds of different fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, barre, cycling, and more. You pay a monthly fee and then you can book classes at a range of different places using the app or website. It’s really convenient because you can try out all sorts of different workouts and studios without committing to just one place. It’s available all across Australia too. 

How to Find the Best Gym for You 

When it comes to finding the best gym for you, it’s important to consider your personal fitness goals, budget, and location. Here are a few steps to help you find the right gym:

  1. Determine your fitness goals: Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall health? Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve can help you find a gym that caters to your needs.
  2. Consider your budget: Gyms can vary widely in terms of membership fees, so it’s important to choose one that fits your budget. Don’t be afraid to negotiate or ask about discounts or promotions.
  3. Think about location: It’s important to choose a gym that’s convenient for you to get to, whether that’s close to home, or work. This will make it more likely that you’ll actually use it.
  4. 24/7 opening: Gym opening hours vary from place to place – some are even 24/7 meaning if you like to train at midnight, you can! Meanwhile, some gyms have short hours on the weekend or even during the week, which might not suit your schedule – so just be sure to consider opening hours. 
  5. Check out the facilities and equipment: Make sure the gym has the equipment and facilities you need to achieve your fitness goals. This includes things like treadmills, weights, and group fitness classes.
  6. Look for a gym with a positive atmosphere: It’s important to find a gym that has a welcoming and supportive community. Look for a gym with staff that are friendly and helpful, and where you feel comfortable working out.
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