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Sometimes all you want for dinner is a toasted bagel topped with cashew cheese, smashed avocado, tomato and cracked pepper.⁠⠀
Well that's what we felt like tonight for a lazy Tuesday night quick dinner and boy did it hit the spot.⁠⠀
Gluten free bagels that are gentle on the tummy, high protein and low carb made from scratch every Sunday morning for you.⁠⠀
Fill them with your favourite salad topping, grill them with cheese or toasted with chia strawberry jam.

Kids and adults alike love them!⁠⠀
They keep really well in the freezer so our recommendation would be to order a few bags with your next order so you have some healthy lunch options over the festive period.⁠⠀
Orders close 10AM Wednesdays!⁠⠀
Fasting is a hot trend and with numerous health benefits attached, it's a trend with credentials.  From increasing our energy mood and focus and boosting our metabolism.

Beyond those benefits, research shows dietary restriction (DR) such as intermittent fasting has been shown to extend the lifespan and reduce the development of age-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. 

The coolest thing though is that it also promotes autophagy otherwise known as Apoptosis.

This is basically programmed cell suicide that is undertaken every day throughout the body. Any diseased, misprogrammed or damaged cells should be committed to death as part of our natural orderly processes. When this process doesn't happen as it's designed, that's when diseased cells can go rogue and create mayhem in the body.

Intermittent fasting is now being utilised as an important therapy for those dealing with cancer and other degenerative diseases. Amazing stuff. 

The good news is, that these benefits apply to all of us no matter our state of health.

Fasting is a cheap, effective and powerful way to boost your health in so many ways. 

How to Fast.....

1. Simply increase the time between dinner and breakfast, aiming for a 16 hour fast period. Remember that most of your fasting will be done whilst you sleep so it's not a hard ask.

2. Start with one day a week and consider working your way up to four fasting days a week. 

3. Keep up your water intake. Hydration is vital, as our system will require hydration in order to properly digest during our fast as well as detox and keep everything flowing (including our energy!).

4. Break your fast with fat! This is a great way to encourage your body to continue calling burning fat as it's preferred fuel source. Think MCT Oil, a Bulletproof Coffee, a green smoothie or big green salad with plenty of extra avocado and coconut oil. This will support your energy levels, mood, focus and metabolism whilst keeping the autophagy process active and fired up.


Are you a faster? What benefits have you noticed?
We make Chia Puddings super sexy......⁠⠀
Think velvety chocolate mousse tucked away on the bottom for you to discover, coffee infused pudding following that and pillowy vanilla pudding coming next.⁠⠀
Top that off with a hazelnut coconut crumb and you have a supremely delicious breakfast (or dessert) on the run.⁠⠀
Orders close at 10AM today.
The Game Changers documentary is making waves no doubt about it.

No matter what your dietary preference, just do it well and know the full story before diving head-on into making changes.

Chris Kresser will be joining Joe Rogan today to discuss the documentary and the cherry-picked science it's based upon.

In the meantime, he's put together a preliminary breakdown of some of the biggest flaws with the content.

It's important to note that the documentary creators are banking on the fact majority of the viewers won't go on to investigate the studies mentioned further for themselves. Be the one who does.

It's also equally important to note that the Director and Producer James Cameron has millions of dollars invested in plant-based protein agriculture business eg, soy and pea protein farms. 

Automatically that information means this documentary is hardly unbiased and that's reflected in statements that compare eating a hamburger with plant protein...... come on now.

Enjoy reading this article and make sure you check out the Joe Rogan podcast when it aires later tomorrow.

We'll sign off by saying that we consider our own diet to be plant-based and it includes meat.  The way the term plant-based is used throughout this documentary is in our eyes, misleading. Plant-based does not equal vegan. Plant-based is a diet that consists predominantly of plants. 

Plants should always make up the majority of your plate no matter what your dietary preference and a paleo or low carb diet done properly IS a plant-based diet. 

Having been vegan, even raw vegan for a period, we encourage you to explore and eat in a way that's right for your body. 

Was it right for us? No, and it's not going to be right for everybody.
Such a great point.

We often hear that lemon water affords our body fantastic detoxification benefits but it's a little bit misleading.

Lemon water doesn't 'detox' our body. 

What it DOES do for us though is -

1. Stimulate bile production and aid our digestion. 
2. Provide valuable antioxidants and Vitamin C to protect our cells against oxidation. 
3. Supports our immune system thanks to the Vitamin C content.
4. The citric acid content in lemon increases urine volume which supports proper kidney function and aids with water retention. 
5. Supports a healthy pH level in the body.
6. Stimulates the Vagus Nerve which supports all body functions and organs in the body. 

Lemon water DOES erode the enamel on your teeth which can lead to increased sensitivity, degradation, and discoloration. 

Over time your teeth will become darker which from a vanity perspective, nobody wants!

As you lose microscopic amounts of precious enamel your front teeth will lose their luster. The whiteness of your teeth is related to the reflection of light off your enamel. As you lose your enamel the light begins to show up the darker yellower dentine of the tooth. 

If you want to persist with your lemon water routine, for the love of god, drink through a straw OR a good idea would be to make up a solution of filtered water and aluminum-free bicarbonate of soda and swish it around your mouth in it for 1 minute after using the lemon water. This will alkalize the biofilm and remove the risk of losing your precious enamel.

Have the best day!
The Greek Lasagna is what Aussies refer to Moussaka as and it's not that far off the mark!⁠⠀
We have memories of our mums making Moussaka throughout our childhood so when Chef Chad suggested we put one on the menu we were sooooooo excited!⁠⠀
We have one for the vegan peeps and one for our meat lovers because no-one should miss out.⁠⠀
Think layers upon layers of zucchini, our own homemade cheezy sauce (without the cheese), slivers of potato and a rich tomato ragu with either lentils or @cherrytreeorganics Gippsland lamb. ⁠⠀
We definitely recommend heating this one in your oven and finishing with the lid off, under the grill to get that topping nice and golden. ⁠⠀
Ready and waiting for you on the menu now friends 🙌🏻
Is your food beige?⁠⠀
Food should be vibrant, rich with colour and never dull.⁠⠀
Beige food is lacking in essential phytonutrients and antioxidants.⁠⠀
Those colour pigments that make our fruit and veggies eye candy are absolutely critical for cellular health and vitality. They fight inflammation, provide the mitochondria with fuel and make sure apoptosis (cell suicide) happens when it should.⁠⠀
We're certain that the food we make for you is the most colourful and vibrant in all of Melbourne because we want all of that for you. ⁠⠀
Here's the thing, companies that promote weight loss often do it at the expense of nutritional density and that means you miss out on the whole health, LIFE-extending benefits of an anti-inflammatory, colour-rich diet. ⁠⠀
Feeling good about yourself is more than just losing weight, though that will happen naturally when you eat with us.

It's about brain clarity, less aches and pains, a happier gut, clearer skin, a better mood and all the other bits and pieces that make you a thriving human.⁠⠀
⁠It’s time to ditch the beige & boring friends!!!
You can't calorie count your way through life.⁠⠀
Where is the joy in that? How do you be spontaneous? What does that do to one's mind over the years?⁠⠀
Swap the numbers for real food made with real ingredients and fall in love with eating again.
The aroma of this dish alone is enough to make you swoon.....⁠⠀
Evocative North African spices with bursts of sweetness from apricot and dates that soak up the delicious gravy. ⁠⠀
Served alongside a bed of wild rice infused with orange zest and crushed almonds. ⁠⠀
Such a treat for the senses and a new favourite on our dinner menu just waiting for you 😊
Heads Up Friends!!

We are aware of an issue that was affecting the checkout ability for some customers.

This problem has now been resolved and we would love for you to come back and try again 😊

Orders close Wednesday 10AM.
The colour purple is one of the most powerful when it comes to the food we eat. ⁠⠀
Anthocyanins are the antioxidants responsible for that beautiful pigment and their stunning colour belies the power they hold for food as medicine.⁠⠀
Antidiabetic, antiobesity and antiinflammatory are just some of their potential superpowers. They upregulate cellular apoptosis, improve insulin sensitivity, lipid profiles and suppress weight gain. ⁠⠀
Beyond all that health jargon though is the simple fact - they make food delicious.⁠⠀
Antiageing is as simple as the food we put in our mouth every day and it will do the job much better than any expensive face cream ever will. ⁠⠀
We make living longer and healthier tastier 😋
Whilst we don't think this stat is necessarily true for Australia,  you can have the convenience of prepared food AND good health..... when you let us take care of the food 😁

We've got your back and we know that time is the one commodity you cannot buy more of. 

Let us do the nourishing so you can do the living. we feel around this time of the year when all conversations end up about football 😂
It's Juice Cleanse season no doubt about it. ⁠⠀
Last week saw our cold press juicers getting a fantastic old workout and this week looks no different.⁠⠀
Out with the old and in with the new!⁠⠀
Clear out the Winter sluggishness with an abundance of phytonutrients ready to flood your cells full of antioxidants and provide a clean sweep of your digestive system.⁠⠀
Choose from a one day cleanse option or commit to three days of nothing but juicy goodness.  ⁠⠀
Orders close at 10AM today!
We are so happy to finally be able to return back to our roots with a more environmentally friendly salad container.⁠⠀
As we shared in our insta stories over the weekend, the biggest problem for us as business owners has been a lack of green packaging options that actually work. It's not enough to be aesthetically pleasing and ecofriendly if they don't function as they are supposed to. ⁠⠀
The biggest problem for consumers however, is a lack of access to composting or recycling facilities. ⁠⠀
Victoria has 79 councils and of those, only 17 offer food organics collection to its residents or allow compostable packaging materials to be placed in Green Waste bins. It's simply not good enough.⁠⠀
Here's how to dispose of our new salad containers thoughtfully -⁠⠀
The base is 100% home compostable and biodegradable. If you have access to composting or green waste facilities that allow inclusion of compostable packaging - that's how you will dispose of it. ⁠⠀
If you don't have access to either of those - rinse your base so it is clean of food residue and place with your cardboard recycling. Our bases are made of reclaimed paper pulp and will be accepted but only if they are CLEAN.⁠⠀
The lids are recyclable only and will go with your other plastics. Please understand that at this point in time, there are no compostable lid options that work!⁠⠀
It's not perfect but it's better and we are still moving the needle in the right direction. ⁠⠀
If you received a delivery from us this week, we would love to hear any feedback on the new containers ok!

Team MGO 😊
How we like to have our Probiotic Elixir...... with a little ice and sipped slowly to relish the party in our mouth.⁠⠀
Think fermented coconut water & pineapple kefir paired with plenty of cold pressed turmeric and ginger root. ⁠⠀
It's an anti-inflammatory gold mine of goodness that super feeds your microbiome with 27 billion CFU of good bacteria per cup.⁠⠀
The most delicious antidote to allergies you'll ever encounter and sooooo good for supporting a happy gut. ⁠⠀
Orders close at 10AM TODAY folks 🌞
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