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We Talk Home-Made Meals With Founder Of Ketolicious Kreations Jenni French

Meal providers will forever be a convenient and delicious way to eat, but they aren’t the only option for time poor health seekers! Sometimes, regardless of our diet plan, all we want after a long day at work is a hearty, home-cooked meal which means a pre-packaged meal provider may not quite scratch that itch; that’s where home-cook Jenni French comes in.
Updated on Jun 21, 2022

Owner and founder of Ketolicious Kreations Jenni French specialises in keto-based meal plans, which are literally the definition of home cooked. Using your kitchen and ingredients, Jenni will develop an entire food plan with your preferences, needs and convenience in mind.

Based in Perth, Jenni kicked off her career in personalised cooking back in 2019 after turning her back on her 9 till 5 in favour of her passion for cooking.

“I started Ketolicious Kreations after leaving my corporate accounting career in 2019. Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I wanted to do something that could combine my love for food and my desire to help others,” Jenni said.

On her journey to help others through her love of food, Jenni became somewhat of a keto guru, incorporating the satisfaction and flavour you get from a regular home cooked meal and incorporating all of the health benefits you receive from a ketogenic diet.

What is a Keto diet?

Keto diets involve radically decreasing your carb intake and replacing those carbs with fats. In doing so, the body is sent into a metabolic state called ketosis, which allows you to use fat as an energy source rather than glucose (sugar).

Our body normally sources energy from our three Macros – protein, fats and carbs, however, mostly utilises the fat derived from carbohydrates. These carbs are converted into glucose which our body then uses as its main fuel source.

Since starting on a ketogenic diet, Jenni found that not only has she experienced plenty of great health benefits, but the diet has also allowed her to explore different recipes, with over 30 of these meals included on the Ketolicious menu.

“I started a ketogenic lifestyle over 4 years ago and feel fabulous on it. It has so many health benefits and I find the foods that you can have are just delicious and often quite indulgent,” she said

“Personally, I am a big fan of the Mushroom Stroganoff, however the most popular meal on the menu with clients is definitely the Beef n’ Bacon Lasagne.”

beef and bacon lasagne
Ketolicious Kreations

For those who are tryin a ketogenic diet for the first time, Jenni says the easiest way to get started is to keep it straightforward and manageable.

“Keep it simple and cut out the obvious carbs to begin with – bread, pasta, rice, potato, sugar and processed foods. Basically stick to fresh fruit and vegetables and you will be fine.

How does Ketolicious Kreations work?

Rather than have pre-packaged food delivered to your house, Ketolicious Kreations offers a range of home-cooked, keto meals which Jenni will prepare fresh in your very own kitchen with your own ingredients.

There are packages to suit absolutely everyone including families, singles and of course – the time poor! Whether you want to dip your toes in with a one off Ketolicious experience with just three meals for the week, or whether you’d prefer to commit to a full subscription and fill your freezer to the brim with six weekly, fortnightly or monthly cook ups, Jenni has you sorted!

With so many keto meal providers out there, Jenni says premade meals often lack the flexibility and personalisation that a person requires to successfully commit to a ketogenic diet and more importantly – stick with it!

I believe that a ketogenic diet is a personal one and one that you may need to change a bit to suit you. There are so many Keto premade meals out there however they may not suit everyone. I wanted to be able to offer a personal service where the recipes could be adjusted to suit clients needs.

Jenni says a hands-on service like Ketolicious Kreations allows for greater flexibility and customisation to suit the different requests and preferences of each customer which is especially helpful when catering for “fussy” eaters.

“A lot of my clients eat the meals with family and I often get requests for zucchini or other vegetables to be grated so they can be hidden for the fussy family members.”

Like we often do when we’re cooking for ourselves, customers often forget to grab particular ingredients needed to prepare particular recipes, however, Jenni says this doesn’t deter her from creating something spectacular.

“Our clients provide the ingredients which is how we can offer the flexibility around the recipes,” she said.

“Sometimes clients forget some ingredients and we have to improvise. I recently had a client forget the broccoli for his Cauliflower & Broccoli Bake so I had to improvise with what he had in the fridge. The meal ended up being one of his most favourites yet!”

cauli and broccoli bake
Ketolicious Kreations

“Freeze leftover fresh herbs in ice cube trays with oil and add to dishes when cooking.”

Ketolicious Kreations is currently available in Perth, Joondalup to Warnbro and outside of these service areas for a small fee, with plans to expand to the rest of WA over the coming months. So, if Ketolicious Kreations is just what you need to save time and kick start your keto diet, follow the link to check out their great packages!

Ketolicious Kreations are currently running a promotion, offering new customers $10 off their first cook when they use the code MEALPREP10 at the checkout. So, what are you waiting for? Prep your kitchen for Jenni and her Ketolicious Kreations today!

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