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Noom: The Weight Loss App For Everyone

For us average Joes who aren’t exactly gym savvy or nutritionally conscious, losing weight and hitting those health goals can be time consuming and at times doubtful, which can make it all too easy to give up and move on, that's why Noom have gone ahead and created an app to help everyday health seekers reach their health goals and learn how to maintain these goals long term.
Updated on Jun 21, 2022

Trainers will often tell you to try food trackers and to log your exercise, but when you’re on your own and there is no one there to tell you to put down the pastry, we are likely to cave in to our cravings which means our food & exercise tracking can easily be thrown out the window.

What is Noom? 

Rather than targeting singular aspects of your health progress such as food nutrition or exercise, fitness app Noom targets your cognitive behaviour to help you develop healthier habits.

Noom provides users with a customised course which focuses on the psychology behind your habits to increase your awareness and improve your overall relationship with food and fitness. The course allows you full access to informative health articles (recommended with your personal goals in mind), one on one guidance from your assigned Noom coach and access to a food log where you can also receive feedback to ensure you find the perfect nutritional balance to reach your target weight or fitness level.


The purpose of the course is to make you an official Noom ‘Master’ – that is, someone who’s successfully completed the 10 mini courses and is now capable of self-managed nutritional balance, aware of and practicing all of the recommended healthy habits including healthy sleep prioritisation and is capable of practicing mindful eating to help promote a healthier relationship with food.

Why choose Noom?

With so many different apps out there, Noom manages to stand out from the crowd by winning over millions of health seekers who had the tenacity and endurance to complete the entire course by following all of the recommended steps.

Like other fitness apps, you can log your food and track your calories, but unlike these other apps, the food is separated into three colour coordinated categories – green for low calories, yellow for moderate calories and red for high calories which helps you prioritise your meals.

Noom colours

One of the great benefits of Noom is the shared community which allows users to seek support from other users; having the support of other people in similar situations is a great motivator to help you stay on track to your health and fitness goals.

One of the most important benefits of Noom is their ability to hold you accountable. This is enforced through multiple different methods including food logging, calorie tracking, exercise tracking and an upfront subscription payment.

How much does it cost? 

Noom provides a handful of different subscription options with the shortest subscription period being four months to ensure you give the program a decent go.

Prices start at:

  • 4 months – $159
  • 6 months – $199
  • 8 months – $219
  • 12 months – $249

Before paying your upfront subscription, you are given a two week free trial to get to know the app and a better understanding as to whether the program is right for you. To get a better feel for the app however, it’s recommended that you sign up for at least four months too see any real progress. $159 might sound steep, but paying a subscription will help to hold you accountable, encouraging you to make the most out of your four months, because it’s all to easy to forget about an app you don’t pay for!

Will it help you to lose weight? 

This definitely depends your commitment to the app! The program has huge potential for weight loss, however, if you pull out after the first two weeks or fail to follow the program, you won’t see the same results as those who do fully commit. Results from a recent scientific report show that of 35,921 participants, 77.9% “…reported a decrease in body weight while they were using the app”.

The app does require you to participate in various quizzes throughout the program, so to achieve any real weight loss benefit, it’s important that you complete the quizzes and supply accurate information to for any significant improvement.

It’s easy enough for us to sing Noom’s praises, so we have gone ahead and provided some real-life reviews from current & former users to give you a better idea of what to expect, based on the experience of five everyday health seekers.


These are just some of the great reviews from real life users who have committed to the course and come out the other side happier, healthier and more confident. To find out whether Noom is for you, follow the link through the website now to sign up. Good luck!

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