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HOLY Meatballs! From taste and price reviewed!

UPDATED ON Jul 12, 2022

So I’ve just finished my workout, did chest and tri’s, smashed my protein shake down…don’t wanna miss that 30 minute window right but that didn’t stop the gurgling which I call my constantly hangry stomach!

In front of me like an enchanted unicorn was a Core Power Foods fridge with frozen pre cooked meals all with names like ‘Old School’ and ‘Double Under’ all of which have pretty decent calories and macros.

Seeing as I eat chicken every day, I chose Holy Meatballs (House-made lean meatballs with wholegrain pasta), they’re about $12 for a Corepak Menu and CoreUltra Menu which is more the premium menu.


Shove it in the microwave for 6 minutes on high and bam, the smell of tomato puree, garlic and meatball hits my nostrils and I’m STARVING!

6 minutes later…AMAZING RIGHT?


Psych! – here’s the actual meal delivered from mordor.


The quality of the meatballs definitely has that home-made taste to it but a little too much coriander and could do with a touch of salt. The wholegrain pasta on the other hand was like chewing the cap of a blue pen.

Overall, you’re getting 350g per serving, a wide variety of meals, not to mention Gelato that’s high in protein. Price is probably a little steep, personally I never feel full from these meals and I need something that’ll make me feel sated.



  • 7 dumbbells out of 10
  • Little bit steep in price for serving
  • Made in Victoria and quality of food seems good.
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