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The Best Low Calories Chips & Healthiest Fries in Australia (2024) 🍟

Searching for low calorie chips in Australia? Yes, they DO exist! Here's a round up of the best ones you can find in-store and online.
Updated on Mar 23, 2024

Shopping smart can help you cut calories, even with snacks like chips and fries. While chips are often high in oil and calories, you don’t need to give them up completely.

Healthy, low-calorie chips and fries exist, and we’ve rounded up the best options available on Amazon, Woolworths, and Coles.

10 Best Low-Calorie Chips 🍟

NameCalories per 100gPrice per 100gWhere to buy
Mission Original Tortilla Strips510~$1.74Woolworths
Off The Eaten Path Brown Rice Chips Sea Salt & Pepper484~$5.30Woolworths
Sunrice Brown Rice Chips Sea Salt463~$3.30Coles
The Wholesome Food Company Sea Salt Lentil Chips456~$4.20Coles
Macro Organic Corn Chips Natural451~$1.40Woolworths
Frito-Lay Baked & Popped Mix Variety Pack443~$6.20Amazon
DJ & A Shitake Mushroom Crisps425~$7.40Coles
Nutri V Goodies Salt & Pepper Crunchy Cauliflower Puffs375~$3.90Coles
Temole Avocado Chips Tomato Salsa359~$11.30Woolworths
Rutherford & Meyer Beetroot Cracker Minis With Seeds351~$4.40Woolworths

What Ingredients Are Found in Healthier, Low-Calorie Chips? 🤔

For healthier chips, choose ones with simple ingredients you recognise and no artificial colours or flavours. You should also keep these factors in mind when looking for healthier chips:

  • The main ingredient: Veggie-based chips (broccoli, beetroot, cauliflower, and mushroom) may be lower in calories compared to potato-based chips or tortilla chips.
  • The type of oil used: Extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil may be healthier options compared to vegetable oils.
  • The type of flavouring or seasoning used: Opt for chips seasoned with natural herbs, salt, or pepper.
  • Method of cooking: Baked potato chips are often healthier compared to deep-fried ones as they typically contain less fat.
  • 100g of regular potato chips is 536 calories.

Lower-calorie chips may contain as little as 350 calories per 100g, saving you over 40 calories for each small packet (25 grams) of potato chips you eat

Healthiest Frozen Chips (Fries) in Australia

Hot chips (fries) are a great alternative to chips if you’re craving a hot, savoury snack. But again, they’re not the most diet-friendly option, containing an average of over 310 calories per 100g.

But don’t worry – below we’ve listed some of the healthiest frozen chips you can find in Australia.

NameCalories per 100gPrice per 1kg Where to buy
McCain Frozen Superfries Straight Cut Potato Chips138
Mccain Straight Sweet Potato Chips135~$7.50Woolworths
French Fries Original Chips132~$2.70Woolworths
Birds Eye Golden Crunch Straight Cut Chips128~$5.60Woolworths
Strong Roots Proper Chips120~$8.50Woolworths
Coles Frozen Straight Cut Potato Chips117~$3.20Coles

Highest Protein Chips in Australia 💪🏻

Maybe you don’t want low-calorie but would prefer high-protein chips to help your gains. We’ve compiled a list of the best below:

NameProtein per 100gPrice per 100gWhere to buy
Go Natural Probiotic Chips17~$5.30Woolworths
Joy St Protein Puffs Salt & Balsamic Vinegar23~$3.18Woolworths
Momentum Protein Chips33~$11.60Woolworths
DJ&A Natures Protein Roasted Edamame46~$6.00Coles
Quest Nutrition Protein Chips56~$69.20Amazon

Calories in Hot Chips from Australia’s Most Popular Fast Food Chains 👀

How do fries from popular fast food places compare in calories? The calorie count can vary based on seasonings, flavourings, and sauces. Sweet potato fries are often just a bit higher in calories than regular fries. Here’s a calorie comparison from Australia’s top fast food joints

The calories of fries may differ from the table below. This depends on the type of fries you order from the restaurant, especially if they come with different seasonings or sauces.

NameEstimated calories per 100g
Guzman y Gomez298
Hungry Jack’s255
Red Rooster229

Meal Service Providers Offering Low Calorie Chips & Fries

Some of Australia’s top meal service providers include chips or fries in their dishes. Most of them use sweet potato fries in their menu, as sweet potatoes are nutritionally dense without being too much higher in calories compared to white potatoes.

Here’s a list of meal service providers in Australia that occasionally offer chips, fries, or wedges as part of their weekly menu.

Chef Good

Pick from various 5-day or 7-day plans, including a build-your-own, weight-loss, low-carb, high-protein, and even a no-added-gluten one. Each delicious meal is hand-crafted from fresh local produce and contains natural, whole foods (no nasty additives or fillers). Sweet potato wedges come as a side in some of their dishes.


YouFoodz offers a range of over 60 different types of dishes on their weekly rotating menu. You’ll find seasoned sweet potato fries as a side for some of their dishes. Their prices are highly affordable, and they cater up to 18 meals a week from $4.99 per serving (including shipping)!

My Muscle Chef

As one of Australia’s most popular meal service providers, My Muscle Chef offers more than 70 high-protein meals designed by their chef and nutritionist. Sweet potato wedges come as a side in some of their meals.


Macros offers different types of everyday meal plans that suit various lifestyles. This includes meal plans for weight loss (lower-calorie meals) and even plant-based meals packed with plant protein. You’ll find sweet potato wedges included as a side in a couple of their dishes.

Lite n’ Easy

Lite n’ Easy has more than 200 meals you can choose from in their seasonal menu, with no locked-in contracts and a 100% money-back guarantee on your first order. Some of their dishes come with regular potato or sweet potato wedges. 

Workout Meals

Workout Meals delivers fresh, high-protein, and low-calorie meals to your doorstep. These are designed by their qualified nutritionist and assembled by world-renowned chefs. You’ll find potato chips as a side in a few of their meals.

Bondi Meal Prep

Bondi Meal Prep caters to different dietary requirements and preferences, offering a wide range of meals, including vegetarian, keto-friendly, low-calorie, and high-protein meals. Sweet potato fries come as a side in some of their dishes.

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