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UFC Star Dana White’s Insane Weight Loss Transformation: How 53 Year Old Did It

Updated on Nov 23, 2022

President of the UFC Dana White has undergone an insane weight loss transformation and said he feels 35 again (he’s actually 53).

The incredible13kg weight loss came after a DNA analysis revealed he has 10.4 years to live if he stayed at his current health and weight levels. 

Following a ketogenic diet, in 10 weeks Dana managed to drop 13kg. 

Source: @danawhite

“I did everything he said to the letter. I lost 30 pounds, my legs were so f****d up thirteen weeks ago I couldn’t tie my shoes,” he said on the Action Junkeez podcast.

He also no longer has sleep apnea and doesn’t snore.

Given 10 Years to Live 

Dana’s amazing transformation followed a health consult with Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems, who has allegedly found a way to predict your death date based on your blood and DNA samples.

The validity of this test is questionable. 

However, Dana explained he was shocked when he was told how many years he had left to live. 

“I’m all f****ed up. Everything that can be bad can be possibly bad. He gave me 10.4 years to live,’ he said.

“This was 16 weeks ago and he said to me ‘If you don’t change these things, this is your life expectancy.’ He told me everything that was wrong with me, s*** I hadn’t even told my wife.

“And he says, ‘If you do everything I tell you to do for the next ten weeks it will change your life.’ I did everything he said to the letter, and I lost 30lbs,” said Dana.

Weight Loss Meal Plan

Dana’s serious love of food is pretty clear, especially if you watch his Lookin’ For a Fight Series. The show spends a lot of time focusing on the UFC boss’s food explorations.

His love of food was one of the main factors behind him working out. “The reason I work out is because I love food and I love (to) eat,” he said. 

Dana does not like being restrictive about his food choices. The UFC Performance Institute – the UFC’s athlete training and nutrition facility – can be used by Dana at any tie, but he said his diet choices would not sit well with the UFC’s nutritionists. 

“I would have to imagine that the nutritionist down at the PI would not be impressed by the choices that I make daily on my eating and nutrition,” he said.

Dana said he eats breakfast and lunch at the office, and dinner at home on the weekdays. He has a personal chef who cooks his meals on the weekend. 

He eats mainly a ketogenic diet, so an example of the breakfast he enjoys eating includes scrambled eggs, sausages, or breakfast sandwiches.

He also cycles his carb intake. 

Workout Routine 

To lose the weight, Dana has to intensify his workouts, so much so that he dropped 7kg in four weeks. 

As a UFC boss, he’s of course been boxing his whole life, so when he gets bored of boxing, he’ll do some weight lifting.

Here’s an example of how he trains.


Skips laterally around a boxing ring for a few minutes to warm up.


Three rounds.


Throws punch combinations on focus mitts for four to six rounds.


Runs on the treadmill.


Nine minutes.

His weight training focuses on chest, shoulders, and triceps one day, then back, legs, and biceps another, alternating heavy and light days.

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