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The 11 Best Low Carb Beers In Australia 🍺

Counting calories and don't want to give up your beloved beers? You don't have to with these refreshing low carb beers you can buy in Australia.
Updated on Dec 06, 2023

Can you drink beers and lose weight? Yes actually, you can. But the thing to remember is beers are pretty high in carbs (and calories), with most beers averaging at around 12g per serving.

But good news – low carb beers exist! So, if you’re on the hunt for a low carb beer that doesn’t compromise on quality or taste, we’ve rounded up the best low carb beers in Australia to keep your thirst quenched and morale high.

Best Low Carb Beers 🍻

1. Burleigh Brewing Co. – Bighead

  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Carbs: Zero
  • Calories: 88

A crisp, full-strength beer from the Gold Coast, Burleigh Brewing Co.’s Bighead is gluten-free and perfect for a summer session without bloating​​.

2. Pure Blonde – Ultra

  • ABV: 3%
  • Carbs: 1.7g
  • Calories: 92

Known for being easy to drink, Pure Blonde Ultra offers weight loss benefits due to its low calorie and carb content​​.

3. Steersman – Blonde

  • ABV: 4%
  • Carbs: 2.6g
  • Calories: 118

Winner of the gold at the Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show in 2019, this beer provides a refreshing, clean taste that’s low in gluten and carbs​​.

4. XXXX – Summer Bright Lager

  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Carbs: 2.7g
  • Calories: 94

Brewed with summer in mind, it has a refreshing bitterness and fruity undertones, using Australian hops and malted barley​​.

5. Skinny Lager

  • ABV: 4%
  • Carbs: 2.97g
  • Calories: 89

A UK-based gluten-free beer that is low in calories and carbs, and is also vegan-friendly​​.

6. Hahn SuperDry GF

  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Carbs: 4.5g
  • Calories: 99

An easy-drinking beer, the Hahn SuperDry GF is made with rice instead of traditional wheat and barley, creating a light, refreshing, and gluten-free brew​​.

7. Corona – Ligera

  • ABV: 3.2%
  • Carbs: 2.6g
  • Calories: 99

A sessionable drink with a smooth, hoppy flavour and a citrus aroma, ideal for easy drinking on hot days​​.

8. Great Northern – Original Lager

  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Carbs: 5.6g
  • Calories: 103

This beer features a subtle fruity aroma, refreshing bitterness, and a crisp finish, perfect for warm weather​​.

9. Heineken – Premium Light

  • ABV: 3.3%
  • Carbs: 7g
  • Calories: 99

Known for its smooth, bitter taste with a clean finish and a hint of citrus, Heineken Light is a health-conscious choice​​.

10. Wilde Beer

  • ABV: 3.5%
  • Carbs: 8g
  • Calories: 112

A gluten-free sparkling ale with earthy pine notes and fruity tones, offering a bitter and clean finish​​.

11. Hahn Ultra Low Carb

  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Carbs: <1.0g
  • Calories: 87

Designed for health-conscious consumers, this beer combines innovative ingredients and brewing techniques to minimise carbs while maintaining a crisp flavour​​.

Is Low Carb Beer Healthier Than Regular Beer? 🤔

Short answer: no.

Beer (and alcohol in general) is extremely high in empty calories (pretty much all carbs with very little protein or fats). So, it’s not healthy by any means.

Is it safer to consume? Kind of.

In order to get low-calorie, low-carb beer you’re going to wind up with a beer that’s also low in ABV (alcohol by volume). So in terms of alcohol content, low carb beer is better for you – but it’s still not healthy.

Low Carb Beer Alternatives 🍎🍺

Low-Carb Ciders

  • Lower Sugar Content: Many ciders are crafted to have less sugar, reducing their carbohydrate count.
  • Natural Ingredients: Often made from fermented apple juice with few added ingredients.
  • Variety of Flavours: Ranges from traditional apple to pear and berry, catering to diverse tastes.
  • Gluten-Free: A great option for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.
  • Calorie Count: Generally, ciders have fewer calories compared to regular beers.

Low-Carb Seltzers

  • Low in Calories and Carbs: Typically, seltzers have a minimal carbohydrate content and low calorie count.
  • Refreshing Taste: Known for their light and refreshing taste, making them a popular summer drink.
  • Infused with Natural Flavours: Often flavoured with natural fruit essences without added sugars.
  • Alcohol Content: Similar to light beers, making them a suitable alternative for social drinking.
  • Versatility: Can be enjoyed on their own or used as a base for low-carb cocktails.

These options are a great alternative to beer and will keep you in your low-carb lifestyle. Keep in mind, the exact carbohydrate content can vary between brands, so it’s wise to check the nutritional information for specifics.

All of these low carb, low-cal beers are available right across Australia. If you want to keep the low carb theme going and want a tasty meal to eat alongside your low carb beer, check out some of our favourite low-carb meal providers!

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  1. Al Taylor
    Al Taylor

    Pure Blonde is easily the worst beer I have ever drunk, and at 86 I have a bit of experience round the World, I have never tasted a beer from Third World Countries this bad.
    Yes it is a low Carb Beer that I was looking for but this was a very bad Bland experience.
    I have pushed my tolerance to giving it a fair go by suffering 6 of the 24 slab … I tried to give them to my next door neighbour but he politely declined with a short, sharp reply.
    So it looks like the remaining 18 are headed for disposal down the Sink.

    • Al Taylor
      Al Taylor

      Steersman Ultra Dry in ‘my opinion’ does not live up to it’s advertised performance of being “Premium Smooth Crisp Ultra Dry”
      It to me is NOT Crisp or Dry, but rather is Sweet with 4.2% alc