User Reviews (7)

Jen B.15 Jul 2020
4.4 /515 Jul 2020
The fact that they are fresh and not frozen, no preservatives, chemicals or added sugar is what made me consider trying a life plus. What has kept me ordering is not just the food its self but the service. A lot of options to choose from. One of the things they do is ask you if there is anything you cant eat or would like to avoid and add that to your profile. I chose a meal not knowing it had avocado in cause I didn’t read the description when ordering and when I got the meal it had a sticker on it saying no avocado which was so great. Massive thumbs up and would highly recommend.
Stacks F.12 Jul 2020
4.7 /512 Jul 2020
Best delivery meal service of its kind Keto meals from A Life Plus were the most delicious meals I've had from a food delivery service yet. And I've tried a few of their conpetitors. The other very valuable service they offer is delivery later in the week. Lots of services want orders placed 10-14 days in advance and I cpuld place mine on Monday night and get it delivered on Friday. Had great results on the scales too. Will definitely continue intermitent use. Saves lots of time and I enjoyed being able to pick my meals. I think being able to pick multiples of my favourites is about the only thing I'd change. And I'm sure they'd happily accommodate such a request manually.
Prem U.26 May 2020
3.6 /526 May 2020
It was perfect. I like it most. I recommend everyone to use it because it gives the wonderful results. Excellent product, reasonable price everything perfect. I would like to give 10 out of 20
Kate S.08 Mar 2020
1.1 /508 Mar 2020
Terrible One of my meals was mouldy and a few meals had raw beef! The meals were delivered at 1 am in extreme heat and when found on the doorstep at 7am it was no longer cold if it was in the first place. The management did not believe me, despite me providing them with photographic evidence and offering for them to come and collect the contaminated food to have it tested. The management would not refund me. They are extremely arrogant and rude. Very sad experience and terrible customer service, an absolute waste of money. I paid for contaminated food and was not believed or compensated. I really wanted to support this company and loved the way they came across on the website, they seemed to know what they are doing but please don't risk it. Currently being investigated by food health authorities.
lauren W.26 Feb 2020
2.9 /526 Feb 2020
Some meals were very nice, others not so much. Not the best variety. I found I was still hungry after eating a meal. I didn't keep using them for that reason.
Sophia F.05 Feb 2020
1.3 /505 Feb 2020
Honestly the worst meal prep service I have ever used. Tried them due to them offering keto macro specific meals however the meals were horrible, flavorless and did not keep fresh. Customer service was difficult to deam with.
Katie J.05 Feb 2020
2.6 /505 Feb 2020
The food was very small portions for very expensive price. The meat was all off and bad cuts. And the food that was edible was very bland. nConvenient, but awful.