User Reviews (7)

Kristine V.02 Jul 2020
2.6 /502 Jul 2020
Food was on rotation which is good for variety but not good if you want to reorder a meal the next week. Vegetables did not last as long as intended as well.
Cynthia T.14 May 2020
4.5 /514 May 2020
Katherine O.29 Apr 2020
4.7 /529 Apr 2020
Although mistakes were made for my first order they were really apologetic and listened to my concern. They made it really easy to transfer the credit to my next order which I was happy to do so.
Cameron M.20 Mar 2020
3.5 /520 Mar 2020
They are disability and ndis friendly but need more variety - very paleo and meat based. Wish their was a more local provider with more veggie and plant based options that could use with ndis
Henry S.20 Mar 2020
4.4 /520 Mar 2020
First of all, the food tastes great and is very fresh. But another important consideration for us as NDIS clients is that the staff are also great, very responsive and helpful. They are really on top of making arrangements with NDIS and it's easy to understand how payments for meals fit into an NDIS plan. Nourish'd have made dinners much easier for us without compromising on taste or health.
Bronte D.29 Feb 2020
3.5 /529 Feb 2020
These guys were a delight to deal with. However, without a discount code they are a bit expensive. Food was very fresh and of good quality. No unnecessary filler ingredients.
Rachel G.18 Feb 2020
4.8 /518 Feb 2020
Only meal provider that catered to all my dietary requirements, had great variety and amazing whole ingredients with no fillers or preservatives, as well as having real portion sizes not just snack sized โ€˜mealsโ€™!