User Reviews (15)

Taylor G.13 Feb 2020
5.0 /513 Feb 2020
I highly recommend Fit & Healthy Chef! They are absolutely incredible! All the staff Including the owner are so incredibly nice and helpful. They helped me to adjust my meals to slowly introduce me to vegetable as I was someone that never really liked or ate many vegetables. Now I’m someone that enjoys them on a daily basis in my meals. Also, I especially love their Slim and Maintenance package which has helped me lose a lot of weight!
Meer A.13 Feb 2020
5.0 /513 Feb 2020
After using F&HC for the first time in 2019 I haven’t looked else where. The food is fresh, the menu rotates, and the service is consistent and of high standard. Highly recommended!!!!
Nobby K.13 Feb 2020
5.0 /513 Feb 2020
Great service and the owner is amazing! Very reliable, very fresh. Taste is great, lots to choose from. Very convenient. Definitely recommend. The meals packaged well and come in a bag with ice so keeps it fresh and cool, until you can store in the fridge.
Silverine D.12 Feb 2020
4.4 /512 Feb 2020
Everything about fit and healthy chef is great. The service is excellent as they are so easily contactable and always answer my 150 questions efficently. The food is great and so fresh, the taste and the portion size is just right for my partner and I. And their food is so affordable!!! And rhe fact that they change their menu every week is a bonus!
Yolo S.12 Feb 2020
4.8 /512 Feb 2020
The team at fit and health healthy chef have been fabulous at catering for my dietary requirements. It is super convenient to have meals that taste good at a reasonable price. I can highly recommend them to anyone, whether you are an athlete or a an average Joe. Their meals have great flavour and a wide variety to choose from.
Danilo M.10 Feb 2020
5.0 /510 Feb 2020
They are doing something great. Food taste unbelievable, not like airplane food, which all the other too. Always fresh and they change the menu every week and the price doesn’t change depending of what you order.
George D.10 Feb 2020
4.7 /510 Feb 2020
The quality of their meals is fantastic and the delivery service is on point. The customer service is next to none if you have any problems the chef gets back to you straight away and resolves any issues. Would recommend fit and healthy chef to anyone that was looking for meal prep’s to be done for them
Faisal K.10 Feb 2020
5.0 /510 Feb 2020
Fit and healthy chef are absolutely amazing! They offer exceptional service with great tasting food! The prices are less than what you would normally pay for a meal. So great on value. Highly recommended!
Adam P.10 Feb 2020
5.0 /510 Feb 2020
Javier O.10 Feb 2020
5.0 /510 Feb 2020
Great flavours and recipes, easy to eat healty and know you are getting the macros you need to sustain training. Delivered weekly in time, makes it simple to eat healthy in the office.
Paco O.10 Feb 2020
4.9 /510 Feb 2020
Fit and Healthy Chef is an essential part of my day to day life. I've been eating their prep meals for close to two years now, and not only they keep it varied, they adjust to my different training cycles in the year (low carb, high protein, paleo, vegetarian) and weight-loss strategies (usually after Christmas or holidays). I don't even remember how my life was before F&HC prep meals and I never want to go back to losing that much time on the kitchen. Highly recommended!!
Jarrod M.10 Feb 2020
5.0 /510 Feb 2020
Ive tried a number of different meal prep providers over the years but none have come close to being as good as the team at fitandhealthychef, cant rate them highly enough. I have a custom diet plan for my training program and not only is it cost effective with them but really flexible when I make last minute changes week to week. Give them a try you wont regret it
Luke A.10 Feb 2020
5.0 /510 Feb 2020
I started receiving my delicious weekly meal delivery about four months ago and have managed to lose more than 14kgs (combined with regular Muay Thai exercise). For years, I thought a diet meant eating nothing remotely interesting and spending long days starving. Not here! The meals are tasty, varied and a mini highlight of each day. Another benefit is that by saving time cooking and shopping, I have more time to go to the gym and make sure I can balance my job with activity time!
Janay H.10 Feb 2020
4.7 /510 Feb 2020
I’ve been working with Fit & Healthy chef for over 8 months now and have loved the freshness and variety of the meals. As it’s prepared by a professional chef you can tell the difference between this company and others. Convenient delivery, eco friendly packaging and easy to order, would highly recommend this company!
Tash S.10 Feb 2020
4.9 /510 Feb 2020
I've been using Fit and Healthy Chef for just under a year. The food is always fresh & delicious. There is always a huge choice of meals & the menu changes each week.