Sofia Toumbas

BHSc Dietetic Med
Online women's coach working with athletes and pre/post natal clients. Currently finishing her Dietetic Medicine degree and former writer for Women's Health & Fitness Magazine Australia.
Sofia Toumbas

About Sofia Toumbas

Sofia Toumbas is a qualified online women’s coach for over 10 years who holds a Diploma of Fitness, a Post Graduate Diploma of Education, and is currently finishing her Dietetic Medicine degree.

She finds passion in helping women and parents develop constructive habits, positive relationships, and passionate learning objectives with food and nutrition.

As a former bikini competitor, Sofia applies the athlete mindset to her coaching approach, encouraging her clients to exhibit passion, focus, and commitment to their health goals.

She believes that food is more than just fuel for the body, but also cultural, social, and emotional, and strives to help her clients treat their relationship with food with as much care, understanding, and communication as they treat their life relationships with.

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